July 2024

Socials 9 Chapter 4 Test

Chapter 4 Test Monday May 28 –

Last 5 blocks will be spent on Chapter 5 ……. this material will be on Final Exam June 15th

Socials 9 Final Exam

Socials Final Exam is June 15th:

Please bring 2 pencils and eraser and the text book to hand in before the exam …… Textbook collection will happen before the exam …… Thank you.

100 multiple choice questions

Chapters 1-5 Horizons text: Please complete all Review Masters for these chapters …… Areas of focus […]

Socials 9 Hwk March 6

Please complete questions pg. 59 1,2a.b.,3…….

And read pg 67 -72 please create notes or webs for each section……..

Due Thursday March 8

Socials 9 Hwk Feb 8

Please read pg. 115-121 and draw Figures 3-21 pg. 117 and Figure 3-31 pg. 118…….

Quiz on Tuesday Feb 13 on the two diagrams (Figures 3-21 and Figures 3-31)

Socials 9 Mid-Term Exam

The Mid-Term Exam will take place on February 6;

Part 1:

80 multiple choice questions

Chapters: French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, American Revolution, Chapter 1 (Horizons) to page 24, and Chapter 3 (Horizons) to page 111……..

Please create a “Cheat Sheet” double sided for bold terms and notes you have created from the above chapters…… as […]

Socials 9 Hwk Jan.18

Please complete reading “Immigrant Experience” and complete:

pg. 22 #1,2 and three terms listed in the booklet in the box above……

Please complete Prince Rupert’s Climate graph on pg.105

First page of Activity Sheet 3-5 (question 1,2) : Effects of Altitude on Temperature

Due Date: Monday Jan. 22

Socials 9 Hwk Jan. 12

Please complete Climate graph and Canada Tour Map (Question 1.a) pg. 16) ……. only plot the cities listed on pg. 11-13, include:

the 5 great lakes plus 4 other lakes, 5 rivers and 2 mountain ranges on the Canada Map……..

Due Date: Tuesday Jan. 16

Socials 9 Hwk Jan.8

Please complete chart for pg 99-101 of Geography of Western Canada as well as bold terms from the list given……

Read booklet pg 1-4 and complete activities including map on pg. 10 of Canada

Map of should include:

title, scale, legend and all labels (places, bodies of water) that are on page 10!

Due Date: […]

Socials 9 Chapter 10 Test

Part 1:

bold terms to define and some multiple choice questions

Part 2:

Please focus on these two questions :

reasons that the Americans went to war with the British in the American Revolution ….. major policies of British rule in New France after the treaty of Paris

* these will be answered in essay […]

‘Child Labour’ mini research post

Please post your research below on the region your group selected. Please list all group members at the top of the post with the title …….

Due Date: 9:00 pm, Friday December 15