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Math 8

Dec.6-Review for Percents Quiz

Percent Review Key

Dec. 2-6-Sales tax and Discount project- DUE FRIDAY DECEMBER 6th

5a – Sales Tax project_2019

Nov. 26– Sales Tax and Discount

Nov. 22- Worked on textbook questions from last class. p-252 -3,7,12,15,16,18. Please have these corrected (using the back of the book) and completed for next class!

Nov. 20- mark worksheet from last class together. Worksheet on percents today. Percents part 2 Lesson

3b – calculating percents continued

Nov. 18– sorry I was away! More on percents!

Nov. 6- Practice for Math test on Fractions

You may bring a simple calculator and a one sided study sheet

Answers to review key: review key

Nov. 4– order of operations practice

lesson on word problems

HW: Finish puzzle sheet!

Oct. 28- Order of operations-


Oct 22- Dividing fractions

5b-Dividing Fractions

Oct. 18- Add/Sub With fractions Quiz + Lesson on multiplying mixed numbers

Oct. 16: Stations and models activity

Quiz Next Class- Short! You should be able to add and subtract fractions with like and ‘un’like denominators! You should be able to add and subtract two or more fractions.

Oct.11- Multiplying Fractions with models

3-Multiplying Part 1

Please complete last page of notes for homework

Blank notes are found here –> 3-multiplying with models

Quiz on Adding and Subtracting FRIDAY Oct. 18

Oct. 7-9-Away for Grade 8 Camp

Oct. 3- Adding and subtracting fractions. Scavenger hunt

2-Add_Subtract Fractions

HW Puzzle Sheet one side only!- DID YOU HEAR ABOUT…do this puzzle ONLY

Oct. 1- Equivalent Fractions, LCM, Common denominators. Practice in class.

Equivalent Fractions One Note

1b-LCM and Common denominator

Sept. 27– Finishing task (Finish Review Worksheet From Last Class) + START FRACTIONS UNIT

Sept. 25 – Order of Operations Review

Order of Operations

Sept. 23 – Multiplying Integers/Dividing Integers Mult_Div Integers

Assignment: Finish puzzle sheet!

Sept. 19 – Modelling Add/Sub Integers 1- Add_Sub Integers with models

Assignment: Complete handout, last 2 pages 5 – add sub integers assignment

Sept. 17 – Integer Review – Adding and Subtracting

Learning Intentions

5b – add sub integers key

Assignment/Practice: If you understood adding/subtracting integers relax!

If you are having trouble, try the first page on the puzzle sheet.

Sept. 13 – Present would you rather group activity (data plans)

seating plan/course outline/textbooks/house keeping and some class/group-work

Sept. 11 – Mrs. Power’s first day! group activity, present tomorrow!


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