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Mini Science 9

BC9WBCH08_Sec2  BC9WBCH08_Sec3

Microsoft Word – Sc 9 notes 8.1  Microsoft Word – Sc 9 notes 8.2   Microsoft Word – Sc 9 notes 8.3

Nov. 22- Being Reproduction Unit. Review of the Cell/DNA

Finished Elements Video

Complete handout. Data book check for science fair on Thursday

Nov. 20- Video- hunting the elements

Nov. 18- Chemical Bonding Quiz

Nov. 12– Lewis Diagrams, balancing chemical equations.

Nov.6- take your kid to work day, see you next week! Remember to read and try lewis diagrams handout!

Nov. 4– Covalent compounds

HW Lewis Diagrams!

Oct. 24- Naming and formulas Lesson. Lab?

Oct. 22- Quiz Chapter 2. Start naming/formulas

Oct.18-  Review atoms/ions bohr drawing. Review for quiz.  Start types of atomic bonding

Sc9_Elements_2.1 Sc 9 – 2.2 PowerPoint Sc 9 – 2.3 PowerPoint_2019

Check out pages 72-73 of your workbook to review for your quiz

Quiz Outline

Oct. 16: Bohr models of atoms and ions.

Lesson Notes:Sc 9 – 2.3 PowerPoint_2019

HW: finish worksheet , get project proposals finished or tweaked!

Worksheet – Atomic Structure, ions, isotopes, diagrams

Oct. 11: Periodic table foldable model. Periodic table trends related to atomic structure.

Oct. 9- Periodic Table Cut outs.

HW: Do a little research on 2 models of the periodic table. Is one better than the other? Do you prefer one over the other? Be prepared to share with the class.


Oct. 7 – More on the periodic table(Mrs. Power away)

Oct. 3 – Intro to the periodic table-Being Meyer and Mendeleev

HW: Read section 2.2 and complete the reading check questions on page 57 of your textbook

Oct. 1- Away For English

Sept. 27 – Sc. Method Oreo Lab-Finish Self Assessment

Start Chem Unit

HW: Be thinking about science fair proposal!

Sept. 25- Sc. Method Oreo Lab

Sept. 23- Safety Quiz, Scientific Method, Science Fair

-Assignment, think about the Oreo Lab!

Sept. 19 –  Short class, Terry Fox Run and Parent Walk About night

Safety- Quiz on Sept. 23 30 marks

Sept. 17- Safety package, due Thursday

Science Fair! Get on those ideas & Proposals!

Ethics Info Here 

And Here

Sep 9-13-Strathcona


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