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Mini Science 8

Sept. 21- Please be working on your library poster.  You will have time in class Thursday to finish. Please hand in safety package if not already done!

Have fun at Keats!

Sept. 25– Gr. 8 camp, no classes.

Sept. 27– c104 computer lab, finish assignment

Oct. 16- Start Chapter 1. Intro to biology and the microscope. Some self directed time while we discuss science fair proposals.

Oct. 18- Microscope lab! Next day lets discuss the cell and cell parts.

Oct. 23- complete microscope lab, discuss intro to chapter one worksheet.

Remember to come speak to me about your science fair proposal if it needs work.  If it has been approved GET STARTED!!

HW: 3 questions about cells, Microscope Quiz Monday!

Oct. 25: Start cells today!

HW: study for Microscope quiz- labeling, function, general procedures.

Finish sketch of an animal cell, with function definitions.


2.Cell membrane







9.Endoplasmic reticulum

10.Golgi body




Oct. 29: Microscope Quiz! Continue with discussion on cells.

Dec. 10: Continue with project (Due Tuesday December 18), answer 3.2 questions from pre-reading handout.

ppt for more info Sc 8 – 3.2 PowerPoint

March 6: Chapter 4 light quiz Friday

Sc 8 – 4.1 PowerPoint Sc 8 – 4.2 PowerPoint Sc 8 – 4.3 PowerPoint

for review try the chapter review on page 164-165


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