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Mini Science 8

Sc 8 – 6.1 PowerPoint Sc 8 – 6.2 PowerPoint

Nov. 22 – Review, Chapter 1 Quiz next class.

Make sure you are ready for your quiz!

Thursday will be a data book check for your science fair!

Nov. 20– The cell membrane

Nov. 8-18– onion cell lab. Lab report due Monday!

Nov. 6- Cell analogy poster due! Finish in class!

Nov. 4- Work on cell analogy poster

Oct. 24- Finish Microscope lab.  Quiz next week(Thursday) on microscope parts, use, set up and safety(general)

HW: get started on your science fair project! Some of you still need to re-submit a proposal.

Oct. 22- Sneak peak at section 2 ,cells

Oct. 18: Microscope Skills – maybe start microscope lab – finish discussing science fair proposals

Oct. 16: Finish scientific method rocket experiment.

Assignment: Please read section 1.1 in your science 8 text book.  Then answer the reading check questions on a separate piece of paper (there are 2 question sets)

Oct. 11 – Scientific method over view

Poster/Works Cited Due

Science Fair Proposals Due

Oct. 7-9 Grade 8 Camp- all grade 8’s away

Oct. 3 – ONE MORE LIBRARY DAY! We will cover citations in more detail. Meet in Library. Please try to finish and print your poster today!

Poster must be handed in with works cited no later than October 11

Oct. 1 – Last day in Library- COLLAB DAY! shortened class, meet in library!

Sept. 27 – Library for poster assignment- meet in library!

Sept. 25 – Library for poster assignment

Sept. 23 – Lab Equipment, Sc. Method

Sept. 19 – Safety Package, Intro to Library Assignment

Choose a topic on “How Students Learn” we will be in the library for the next 3 classes!

The Science of Learning

Sept. 17- Course outline, Safety, Science Fair.

HW: Work on safety package, have at least ONE idea in your idea generator for your science fair project.

Science Fair Ethics Info HERE and HERE

Sept 9-13- Strathcona

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