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Monday December 11

2-1 S.S 8: First I collected the homework. Then, I gave a mini lecture on Portuguese exploration while students filled in a guided note package. Students were given the rest of the class to work on a worksheet about the effects of Portuguese exploration. They were asked to consider the immediate and long lasting effects of the way the Portuguese treated the native people of Africa, India and Brazil. They were asked to use ethical judgement to evaluate this.

2-4 ELL S.S: I did a homework check and then we went over the answers to the homework. Then, I gave a mini lecture on Transportation, Factories and Working Conditions during the Industrial Revolution while students filled in their guided notes. Afterwards, we did a simulation of what it was like to work in a cottage industry compared to a factory. No homework!

2-3 ELL Reading: Partners read a current events article to each other in turns. Then, students were to finish their vocabulary and hand in to me. After that, they were to work on:

  • Pg. 54 #1-10
  • Pg. 55 Exercise A
  • Pg. 56 Exercise B
  • Pg. 57 Exercise C
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