CPR Manual posted – grade 10s

Grade 10’s, here is the link to your on-line CPR manual: https://sites.google.com/vanffcpr.org/cpr-resource/resource/manuals

You only study Part A (up to and including Part 5-choking).

A reminder, both blocks, that your course runs during our in-class blocks – May 1, 3, and 7. If you miss one, you cannot get certified.

In this course you will be learning:

  Safety – to ensure that no further harm comes to you or to anyone else,

The Emergency Response Plan – to manage any situation,

CPR – for patients with no breathing,

How to Recognize Heart attacks and Strokes – to get someone to the hospital before CPR is necessary, and

Treatment for Choking – to clear the airway of a person who can’t breathe.

When to use this:

 Level A Course (Adults): 

 The skills you will be learning on this course are for patients eight or older.  Children and infants require different first aid techniques.

Track & Field Updated Schedules & Entries

Track & Field Team Members, click on these links for the updated prelims and city finals schedules:

2018 Preliminaries Schedule Final Copy

2018 City Finals Schedule Final Copy

Here the John Oliver Entries. Please make sure you are in the correct event:

JO Prelims Entries

There is a team meeting Tuesday, May 1st at lunch in the South Gym. This is MANDATORY if you want to compete at the prelims. You must attend!

Dragon Boating May 25th

Grade 10’s, your Dragon Boating field trip has been booked for Friday May 25th in the afternoon (blocks 1-1 & 1-2). This runs behind False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island. First 19 in each class will get to attend and then the rest will be put on a waitlist. Cost is $15. Please return forms and fees by April 25th.

Bus directions to Point Grey

Track & Field team, here are the transit directions to our meet at Point Grey Secondary on April 4th. Please remember to sign in and out with Ms Haysom (near the long jump pits)

Bus Departing From John Oliver:
2:55pm – WB E 41 AVE AT FRASER ST
On Route:
43 UBC
Travelling To:

Get off the bus by the McDonalds on West 41st and the Boulevard. Walk north along the Boulevard and you will see the school & track on your right hand side.

Go Jokers!