CPR Manual posted – grade 10s

Grade 10’s, here is the link to your on-line CPR manual: https://sites.google.com/vanffcpr.org/cpr-resource/resource/manuals

You only study Part A (up to and including Part 5-choking).

A reminder, both blocks, that your course runs during our in-class blocks – May 1, 3, and 7. If you miss one, you cannot get certified.

In this course you will be learning:

  Safety – to ensure that no further harm comes to you or to anyone else,

The Emergency Response Plan – to manage any situation,

CPR – for patients with no breathing,

How to Recognize Heart attacks and Strokes – to get someone to the hospital before CPR is necessary, and

Treatment for Choking – to clear the airway of a person who can’t breathe.

When to use this:

 Level A Course (Adults): 

 The skills you will be learning on this course are for patients eight or older.  Children and infants require different first aid techniques.

Dragon Boating May 25th

Grade 10’s, your Dragon Boating field trip has been booked for Friday May 25th in the afternoon (blocks 1-1 & 1-2). This runs behind False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island. First 19 in each class will get to attend and then the rest will be put on a waitlist. Cost is $15. Please return forms and fees by April 25th.

CPR booked Grade 10’s

Grade 10’s, your CPR classes with the Vancouver Fire Department have been booked. Please make note of these dates and try not to miss one or you cannot get certified:

May 1st, May 3rd and May 7th.

Cost of the program is $30. Please pay Ms. Matheson the first week back from break.

Archery videos

Grade 10’s, see the below Archery “How To” videos for some valuable tips.  The instructor is Nu Sensei and his descriptions of technique are broken down well for beginners. Note, he stresses to NEVER draw and release a string without an arrow in it. It is called Dry Firing and is very bad for the bow.

You have two more classes left to practice. Skills assessment runs Monday. November 27th

And here’s another one that’s really informative (if you have 20 mins to spare to watch):


Archery & Minor Games start

Term 2 Units have started.

Grade 10’s you will be doing Archery in the South Gym. Meet there for attendance. Archery Notes have been posted to your page above. In addition to the usual participation mark out of 20, there will be a quiz and skills assessment this unit

Grade 8’s you will be doing Minor Games in the East Gym. We will also meet there for attendance,


Fitness Week and end term make-up work

Grade 8s and 10’s. This is your fitness assessment week. We will be doing indoor Tuesday and a run/make-up work Thursday.

Grade 8’s, you have a Remembrance Day assembly after silent reading and during 1-2 Thurs. Nov 9th. You will get changed AFTER this.

The week of November 14th, I will run make-up sessions at lunch Nov 15th and 17th. It is up to YOU to see me about any missed work, skills, quizzes or fitness testing.