Dragon Boat field trip

Grade 8’s, your Dragon Boat field trip forms (2) and fees ($15) are due May 30 (1-4) and June 3 (1-3).  This is the hard DEADLINE!

Dates for Dragon Boating: June 13 (1-4) AND June 17 (1-3). These are double blocks so we will go in the morning and return at lunch.

Term 3 Smart Goals & Fitness assessment

Grade 8’s and 9’s, your Term 3 mini assignment is due June 3rd.

If you did not get one in class or forgot yours, here it is: Smart Goals term 3

Fitness Assessment is next week, June 3 and 5. We will do the 4 lap (8s) and 5 lap (9s) Monday and the indoor fitness Wednesday. Any missed class will be made up Friday or the following week. Bring water and a hat when we are outside.