Physical literacy…why our kids need this!

Physical literacy…what is it? In short, it’s teaching our children fundamental movement skills. These are things like running, jumping, throwing and catching. When kids know how to move, they can enter into a variety of physical activities and sports. They can PLAY with confidence. Studies show with this competence comes confidence and with that, the motivation to be active for life.  Without this development and confidence, the threat is that “many children and youth withdraw from physical activity and sport and turn to more inactive and/or unhealthy choices during their leisure time (”

Parents/guardians & students…I’ve posted below two recent articles from the Globe & Mail on the idea of physical literacy and how it can help kids in all aspects of their lives, including academically.

Why we must teach children how to move:

How physical exercise helps to get students intellectually fit:

Here’s a key quotation from one of the articles. It really resonated with me, both as a teacher of adolescents and as a parent of young children myself…

“I like the term “physical literacy” because it emphasizes that it’s not just about developing athletes. Physical literacy leads to kids being more skilled, confident and motivated to move. Children who are physically competent are also better off cognitively, emotionally and socially. Learning to be comfortable in your body is essential for the athlete, but also the rocket scientist or writer in the making.”