Welcome back!

Hello students and parents/guardians! Welcome & welcome back to JO!

This year, I am excited to be teaching Physical & Health Education 8 and Physical & Health Education 9. Please check this blog often for up to date info on units and class work. I will only be working on Day 1’s. If you need to reach me outside of classroom hours, I can be found in the South Gym (my office is just past the gym) or please see the “contact me” page above on this blog for further details.

2019/2020 Course Outlines can be found in the pages above. Please click on the tab for your class or here:  JOPE 8-10 Course-Outlines2019

Locks: Please remember to LOCK UP all items in the change room lockers. Theft does occur. You can buy locks from your PHE teacher for $10. This is one of the best investments you will make at JO! You cannot bring your backpacks to class because we are often changing facilities and your teacher is not responsible for items left unattended.

Phones: Phones are not allowed in the PHE classroom. You must leave them in your school locker or lock them up in the change room locker room.

JOPE Clothing:  The PE Department will be taking orders for JOPE clothing (gym strip) this week. Please click on the link for the order form (which includes clothing options & prices).

Navy JOPE T-shirt   $15 

Navy JOPE Shorts    $15 

Navy JOPE long sleeve T-shirt   $20 


All orders and payments (cash or cheque) must be in to your teacher by Friday, September 13th. If you paid your homeroom teacher, please bring your receipt to me (your PHE teacher) and I can submit your item and size request. If you paid on-line, also let me know this and we can get you sized.  If you have any questions, please see your individual PHE teacher.