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STEM 2016 Application

STEM 10 I’ve invited you to fill out the form STEM 10 Application (for Sept 2016). To fill it out, visit: *************************************************************************** STEM 9 I’ve invited you to fill out the form STEM 9 Application (for Sept 2016). To…

Unity 3D – Mobile Dev

Here is the start of mobile development. Now that you have the idea of writing code for the computer, I’d like to create something for a mobile device.

STEM 9 Math Midterm

Math Midterm grade 9. Gang, here are the official topics on the midterm exam in 2 weeks. It is the same exam for all grade 9 students. It has 2 parts. Long written answers with NO CALCULATOR Multiple Choice WITH…

STEM 9 notes for Mr.Spence week away

STEM 9 Math Solving equations with one unknown. Khan Academy. I have booked room 303 – ask around for a key (or at the office)! The students have a khanacademy login. The link above is the concept for these…