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Evaluation – Tomorrow! Disc8

I know, it’s rare. A paper test. Yikes. Changes of state pressure-force-area calculations All of the presentation topics and the notes you took.

DiSc8 – Space There are so many cool and interesting things to learn about space. Choose a topic related to space. Create a history flowchart for your topic. Include a projection to the future. Do this in PREZI and embed into…

DiSc8 – REALLY Small Stuff Questions How do scientists know that atoms exist? Have they seen them? How? What is inside an atom? What is a molecule? Can we break atoms?

Unbelievable Eye

This is hands down the most disgusting and interesting I can’t turn away but I’m going to puke.

DiSc8 – Cameras, Mirrors and Lenses

Make the room into a pinhole Camera. Make a telescope. Make a microscope. Make a periscope. How does an x-ray machine work? What is a CAT scan? What is an MRI? What is ultrasound? For each of these technologies, do…

DiSc8 – More about Eyes

Cool Animal Eyes Simulations for reflection and refraction Inside your eye Assignment – draw a single sketch of light leaving the sun, reflection off an object and entering your human eye to be “seen” by your brain. On paper.

Di Sc8 – Human Vision

How do humans see? What is inside your eye? Why do some people wear glasses? Are there different kinds of glasses? How does laser-eye-surgery “fix” your eyes? Telescope? Microscope? Radioscope? x-Ray? MRI? Assignment Today: Your blog post… What are your…

Thursday Nov 20th – Away

Sorry, gang. Not feeling great. career strategies 12 (303) – I have most of your shared docs and have already assessed your folders. I’ll reply to your “plans” in the next day or two. Continue with your projects.  …

Diffusion – Disc8

Welcome to September 2014 – Sc8m

Hurrah! The strike is over so lets do some cool science! Some housekeeping items: You are at my blog. This is the starting place. Bookmark it. Moodle is where the course notes, quizzes, marks and links are. The online curriculum…