Month: November 2012

BE8 Day2 Practice, 1min, English, Tigers in the Wild :: Then we see how fast you are!   Gimp – Graphics Image Manipulation Program (an open source version like PhotoShop) Filters, Distorts, Celebrity pic! Post to Blog

BE8 DAY one

Welcome to Applied Skills, Business Ed rotation. We will be learning all about computers, networking, and basic functions required to succeed at JO as well as in the business world. Log into the computer. Username is student number. This can…

End of term and making body parts

Check out Moodle for the official line on your term one marks. While you are there, why not do one of the quizzes you forgot? It still counts!   hwk today is to watch the TED talk about replacing body…

iPad Sc8 – link to your Blogs

Here is the page where I go to view your blogs – I asked for you to send me your link 2 weeks ago. Only 4 people submitted links that I could use, 2 people bad links and 20 people…

ICTx End of Term

I am putting your marks into Moodle – login I expect that on your blog you have 2 different finished products – the scratch game and the gamemaker game. This means, 3 assignments for term 1.

Sc8 Viruses

Hwk is ch3.1 in BC Science 8 How do Viruses attack your body? How does your body defend itself? What does your body do when the virus gets inside?

FilmFest Next Wed

Don’t forget to sing up for the movie you want! Avoid disappointment! tickets @ reel canada