Month: November 2013

Disc8 – Ted Talk Forum

Browse to Moodle and look at the Immune System – Ted Talk Forum. Part 1. watch a TED talk about the human body – write a 3-4 sentence summary and post as a discussion item Part 2. Reply to 3…

disc9 – power generation

  Questions 1-6, be prepared to answer in class next week.   Do the list on the back of the sheet handed out in class. (q7)

Disc8 – Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun Log in with ID and password from the email. The week of November 13-16, 2013 are a series of articles about the immune system. Read them! First Second Third Fourth other articles  

Di Sc8 – The Immune System

How does the immune system work? Why do we get vaccinated? How does that work? Make a vocabulary list of the new words – antibody, antigen, vaccine, … etc … How does your body fight infections? Please do some reading…

Di sc9 – Making Lights

Well, I thought it would be a cool idea to make lights in the same way that we made batteries (and that worked great!). But in the true sense of science, we failed. Not even one light. Phoooey! It is…

Destination Imagination – Sc8 Groups of 2-7, choose a challenge that we develop a solution to over the next 4 months. Present it in a competition setting in March (on a Saturday) and we go from there. Maybe we have a winner from…

Di sc8 – Ted talks  Look at some of the cool science going on. Our next topic area is immunology (how our bodies fight infection)     Nobel Prize Winner talk (5 min) Brain Tricks #7 Keith Barry and #10 Ken Robinson  

Battery competition

Make a battery that will give the highest voltage. Lemons More lemons… Potatoes Salt water Coke? Sprite… And the winner is….

Tuesday Nov.5

Di-sc9 :: A little light experimenting. How do we make a lightbulb? You were supposed to check it out at home. What do you need? AC or DC? Battery or straight from the wall? Does this affect the material choice?…