Month: April 2013

For Math 9A Just click on Start on the screen, don’t need to sign up for anything! battleship game for adding/subtracting polynomials

Sc8 – Inquiry Project

Sc8 – Earth Day! It is time to do a quick checkup on your blogging and reporting on your questions. I expect to see: Your colourful poster (take a picture of it) Your questions and the proposed method to find…

Absent for SERT Training

So, I am away being recertified to rescue you in the event of a catastrophe like an earthquake. Fun. First class – Business Ed 8 – Here is the assignment: based on last class where we spent the time exploring…

Natural Water Systems Teaser Videos

Tsunami httpv:// RockSlide httpv:// Sinkhole httpv:// httpv:// All around the world, water is changing the planet. Ask one interesting question. Locally, in Vancouver, water systems plan a big role in our lives. Ask one more interesting question.

Step 2 of iOS app building