Month: September 2013

Notes for my Week Away

Hey gang – I am away for the whole week with Mini-school (Bamfield) IDS11 – 309 – You are all working this week on your 5 class independent study. You have been away but get back into the groove. On…

Di Sc9 – Bamfield Pre-Research

On your blog, create a post addressing these topics/ideas Where is Bamfield? – [a C- answer is “on Vancouver Island”. an A+ answer include a google map with directions and approximate times] What does it look like? [Description and pics.…

DI Sc9 – Statics

Hands on day. Here is what you are observing: Movement of electrons positive and negative How to view charge How to measure charge Vandengraff generator Make a post with pics or video of the phenomenon.

DI8 – Finish the Gummy Bear Lab

The questions and format for the post is written on the boards in class. Observe, document and explain the events to the best of your ability.

DI8 – Parts of a Cell

Browse the resources on Moodle to learn about parts of a cell. Compare animal and plant. Include functions of the parts. Also include a link or two to external resources to help your studying.   Cool video of inside a…

DI Science 8 and 9 – Rapids of Doom

Congratulations! After helping me to “debug” my event for the Wonder of Reading, you participated in it. Please blog about your experience. Here, I will be a bit more specific: 1. Describe the event – there is a pic from…

DI Science – Day Two

Overview of the topics we need to cover this year. Link to BC Education Potential projects or areas of interest related to curriculum. Gr9 – Electricity::Reproduction::Chemistry::Space Midterm/Final/Evaluation(marks) Sign up for moodle.   Gr9 – Bamfield! Duke of Edinborough?

Welcome to DI Science – Mr. Spence

This is the starting point of every class. You will have your accounts, google drive, moodle and various other resources but I usually put the days plan up here and any homework/project expectations. Marks will be 100% in moodle.…