Bamboo Bike – Hanging the parts and a test ride


After a month of cutting and gluing, it was time to put some parts on and see if it would hold my weight. Note for next time : the BB is directional. You have a 50-50 chance to guess it right. I lost. I have to tighten the BB forward. Nothing a little locktite won’t cure but I’ll have to remember in the future if it ever needs replacing.



So what is left to do?


I rode it for 2 days. Home, to school, to the pub. I flatted, I rimmed it home.

Now it sits stripped of all its parts and awaits the finishing touch. I’m going to wrap a bit more :: for cosmetic reasons. Then grins and sand so it looks really smooth. Lastly, I have an epoxy 2-part finishing sealer to keep my frame looking beautiful for a long time.

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