Python Programming – IDS Core Coding Component

So, as part of the “digital” in DI, over the next 5 classes or so, you will explore the basics of programming. I know some of you are competent. Sit back and relax and help others around you.

The University of Waterloo has an excellent community outreach for learning Math and Computers. We will follow their introduction to programming (using Python) online. You don’t need to install anything. Just a browser.

Here is the main learning page for UWaterloo courseware.

Here is a direct link to the Basics of Programming Using Python.

Basically, over the days, I expect:

  1. Introduction, First Steps
  2. Built In Functions, Storing and Using Information
  3. Creating Functions, Booleans
  4. Branching
  5. Building Better Programs

Complete these to my satisfaction and that is VERY GOOD. [a ‘B’ for your marks]

Do more, better and you will exceed my expectations [‘A’]

Lets begin.

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