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Unity 3D – Mobile Dev

Here is the start of mobile development. Now that you have the idea of writing code for the computer, I’d like to create something for a mobile device.

Looking for a Google Job? Read here… – Software Engineer IV: $192,357 USD

Corona University Sample Code

So, we have made a game. You even modified it to be more “your own”. Now you are thinking about an app for yourself. Here is a link to a million sample codes that you can use and modify.…

Starting Corona on your own – Tutorials

Please follow this tutorial today:–mobile-21457 –call me over to view your work– You finished early? Here is a look at the next step… Ray Wenderlich tutorials (the game breakout)

Javascript Evaluation

Regardless of the level you came to the class with, you should be able to do a few things. Start on task 1 and continue until your brain explodes. Each task builds on the previous. Open computer, not open friends.…

Build a Corona Game

Soccer Keep Up – Easier–mobile-20227 Helicopter – Harder–mobile-21216 Choose one or Create your own! Due before March Break. Here is a couple of more ideas–mobile-20638