Month: January 2013

iOS for High School Students

What a great beginner tutorial site! Start here!

ICTX 11-12 Course Promo

ICTX 11-12 Course Promo Do the inner workings of software interest you? Do you have a great attention to detail? Does staring at a computer screen for a career sound like how you want to spend your day? Then ICTX…

iPad Basics for Parents

iPad Basics httpv:// Gestures Notability Apps Camera/Video Settings Parental Control :: Family Technology Management Questions

Gr9 Electives Tour

Gr9 students can ONLY apply for Multimedia 10. (Sound, graphics, video) [Keller, Francom, Su, Chan] Kitty Say What? httpv:// The TV Show httpv:// But in gr 11 and 12 options are music composition, games programming, web design, yearbook, media arts, digital…

Career Prep Presentation 2013

Career Prep Presentation 2013 Career Tipster Resume Writing :: Career Exploration :: Job Interview :: Working! Job Interview httpv:// Dirty Jobs httpv:// Career Prep is a 4 credit course (the same as other full year courses) spread over 2 years…

Reading About Radio Waves

Here is the Discovery Ed document (pdf) for the AM-FM reading. Two more review quizzes! – Waves then Reflection/Refraction

sc8 – ch 6 – eyes

Review plant and animal cells. watch Ted talk on Prosthetic eyes hwk=choose 4 animals to compare to humans with respect to eyes. make a chart with eye position, eye size, can they see colour, resolution (how good or how far…

ICTX Java Programming

So that was your first taste of Java. Not too hard I hope. Most of you were successful right away. Remember, copy the Greenfoot files from Data drive to your local computer and remember to save your scenarios to your…

Sc8 Midterm

So today we did the refraction of light through water. you should now know how light bends, how to draw straight lines and how to measure with a protractor.   Homework :: Finish all of ch5 in the workbook