Web 11/12 – Greetings from Sun Peaks!

Welcome Back!

I was going to post some video, but the visibility is pretty low here so all you get is fog. Perhaps, later today.

For the next two days, I would like you to do some research. I have attached a PDF file here. Download it and complete it. For today, I would like you to survey a school website in Vancouver eg. King George, Killarney, etc. Just one.

For next day, choose a site from another district (not in Vancouver or a Private School).

Open it in Acrobat and fill in using the typewriter tool.

When you get out into the real world and especially the business world – everything is paperless and the reasons are obvious…cost…portability and search.

Dp 11/12 – October 20th, 2010

Greetings from Harbour Centre Downtown!

I am at a conference to discuss 21st century learning with superintendents from all over and ways to change how we teach and learn to make school more relevant and engaging. Also, to see if we can form a partnership with a Surrey school. Very cool.

For today, I have put tutorials on the S drive in the Handout Folder in Su. Look for it.

Review the tutorials as they will help you learn the Lightroom software – at your own pace. I know I move very quickly in class and I am aware that it can be very overwhelming. Mastering the software for this course is very crucial to becoming a better photographer. How? Remember the focus of this course is to make pictures and the more time, “hands-on” time you get to practice the better you become. But the software is there to help you organize your images as well as optimize.

No test, no pressure, just learn. But at this point you should know that the familiar you are with the software the more time you will save.

Blogging from the bus

The power of mobile device.

Had a journalism moment a few minutes ago. While waiting for the fourth bus, the previous three passed us by completely full, the cops for cancer cyclist passed us by. A couple high-fived our grade 8 students as they cruised by.

So, what did I do. I pulled out my camera to snap a few pics as they made their way pass our school.


It is…all a matter of perspective. Part of being a teacher is helping students see different perspective to help them formulate their own ideas and opinions. In photography, we use different perspective to communicate a way of looking at something that may not be so obvious or straight and narrow.

This year, I have a number of goals and values I would like to instil in my students. One being, the ability to look a situation or problem and figure out a method of generating a workflow. In this case a digital one.

For example, students are required to make a collage for their ePortfolio. What is the process? Where do I begin?

For people (students) who have an innate ability to logically think things through or familiar with processes – this is easy, but for most people this is not innate. It has to be taught and this is where the mentor comes in. The mentor is not there to do it for them, but to guide them along and offer advise based on experience to help students make informed choices and generate engagement strategies for tackling a task.