It is…all a matter of perspective. Part of being a teacher is helping students see different perspective to help them formulate their own ideas and opinions. In photography, we use different perspective to communicate a way of looking at something that may not be so obvious or straight and narrow.

This year, I have a number of goals and values I would like to instil in my students. One being, the ability to look a situation or problem and figure out a method of generating a workflow. In this case a digital one.

For example, students are required to make a collage for their ePortfolio. What is the process? Where do I begin?

For people (students) who have an innate ability to logically think things through or familiar with processes – this is easy, but for most people this is not innate. It has to be taught and this is where the mentor comes in. The mentor is not there to do it for them, but to guide them along and offer advise based on experience to help students make informed choices and generate engagement strategies forĀ tacklingĀ a task.

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