Duke of Edinburgh


The purpose of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is to motivate young people between the ages of 14-24 to set goals, to explore new activities, to pursue current interests and to challenge themselves to make a difference in their lives.

The award was founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and currently runs in over 130 countries and has engaged over 7 million young people to date.

There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  To earn an award you are required to fulfill criteria in four different categories:  Service, Skills, Adventurous Journey and Physical Fitness.  For more details, please visit www.dukeofed.org.

The John Oliver Digital Immersion Mini program introduces the program to our students when they enter Grade 9.  Our outdoor adventure field trips and our class visits to the Bamfield Marine Science Centre qualifies for the Adventurous Journey component for the Bronze Level.  Some of our outdoor trips may also meet the Silver Level criteria.

We would like to acknowledge and honour our students that have successfully completed an award level and have received their award certificate and pin.



2017 – Emily Chu, Evelyn Pun

2016 – Kayla Jang

2015 – Jason Hong, Matthew Hong, Grace Ng

2014 – Devin Johal, Cameron Ng, Jacy Mark, Kevin Pun

2013 – Pritpal Chauhan, Brandon Jang, Nick Pun

2012 – Srilakshmi Narayana

2011 – Tasha Johal

2009 – Johnathan Senn



2015 – Brandon Jang, Camron Ng, Kevin Pun

2014 – Pritpal Chauhan, Nick Pun

2013 – Srilakshmi Narayana



2016 – Nick Pun, Kevin Pun

2015 – Srilakshmi Narayana



The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award can be counted for school credit:

Level School Credits Code
Bronze 2 grade 10 credits UDE 10
Silver 2 grade 11 credits UDE 11
Gold 2 grade 12 credits UDE 12

To receive your credits take your approval letter or certificate to your school administration.