Dp 11/12 – October 20th, 2010

Greetings from Harbour Centre Downtown!

I am at a conference to discuss 21st century learning with superintendents from all over and ways to change how we teach and learn to make school more relevant and engaging. Also, to see if we can form a partnership with a Surrey school. Very cool.

For today, I have put tutorials on the S drive in the Handout Folder in Su. Look for it.

Review the tutorials as they will help you learn the Lightroom software – at your own pace. I know I move very quickly in class and I am aware that it can be very overwhelming. Mastering the software for this course is very crucial to becoming a better photographer. How? Remember the focus of this course is to make pictures and the more time, “hands-on” time you get to practice the better you become. But the software is there to help you organize your images as well as optimize.

No test, no pressure, just learn. But at this point you should know that the familiar you are with the software the more time you will save.

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