Project Rome by Adobe

You need Adobe Air and you need to download it or use the web app. From initial play it looks promising. I give it a high rating for ease of use, but once again I am a super geek as you already know. Also, if you are already an Adobe user and I am, the transition is easy.

Currently, it is free for preview. Download it give it a try and we can discuss in class the different uses. Another tool for your digital media workflow.

John Oliver School App

Remember I talked about doing this, well it is done. Woohoo!!!

After a couple of months of research, planning, building and go through the Apple Developers Application process, my modest app is now live and available on the iTunes App Store. Of course, if you are an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad user, you would know that you can download over the air from you App Store App on you mobile device. Do a search for John Oliver School App.

What did I learn? If there is a will, there is a way. Very cliche, but true.

Being a life-long learner, I can tell you that you will never stop learning and the more challenging goals or projects are more rewarding. That said, I will tell you that my motto has always been “what I don’t know today, I will learn tomorrow.” In this case, it was many tomorrows. I am excited to have this done and even though there are a couple of bugs, how many schools have their own app?

You can learn almost anything you want on the internet these days, but you have to be self-directed and self-motivated.

Time, of course, is always a limiting factor, there is never enough time.

However, if you use technology effectively and efficiently to help you manage your time, you’d be surprised how much you more you can accomplish. That said, just because you can – doesn’t mean you should. Brain breaks are health for you. I am going to take a brain break for a while before I begin development on version 2.0.

Sorry, no plans for an Android or Blackberry version. But don’t let that stop you from taking the challenge.

Any takers?

Dp 11/12 – October 20th, 2010

Greetings from Harbour Centre Downtown!

I am at a conference to discuss 21st century learning with superintendents from all over and ways to change how we teach and learn to make school more relevant and engaging. Also, to see if we can form a partnership with a Surrey school. Very cool.

For today, I have put tutorials on the S drive in the Handout Folder in Su. Look for it.

Review the tutorials as they will help you learn the Lightroom software – at your own pace. I know I move very quickly in class and I am aware that it can be very overwhelming. Mastering the software for this course is very crucial to becoming a better photographer. How? Remember the focus of this course is to make pictures and the more time, “hands-on” time you get to practice the better you become. But the software is there to help you organize your images as well as optimize.

No test, no pressure, just learn. But at this point you should know that the familiar you are with the software the more time you will save.

IT 9 – Destination Imagination

Hi folks,

Today, you and your group need to decide which challenge your group is going to tackle. Please include this info into our shared google docs file. At this point, you and your group should have read through all the challenges and discussed which two are the best challenges that meet your groups interests as well as strengths. That said, you need to feel comfortable about taking risks.

After you have evaluated the two and discussed in-depth, now it is time to choose one. Remember, once your group decides the decision is final and your group has to see it through.

Draw up a proposal with a framework and a timeline. Assign roles and ensure that everyone participates. This is a collaborative effort. Have one person create a calendar and share it with the group and myself.

At the end of class, have one group member email me to give me a progress report – include all documents, proposals and research.

REDU-Rething/Reform/Rebuild Education

LET’S REDU from Redu on Vimeo.

REDU stands for rethinking, reforming and rebuilding US education. Powered by people and technology, REDU is a movement designed to expand and encourage the national conversation around education reform by providing information and resources to learn, a community platform to connect, and tools and initiatives to act.