Notable Alumni

King Edward High School

August 11, 2020

               1928 Olympics: 100 metre final. Percy Williams is the runner 3rd from the right.     PERCY WILLIAMS – OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST Percy Williams, one of Canada’s most celebrated athletes, was a student at King Edward High School.  After being stricken with rheumatic fever when he was 15, he was advised to avoid [...]

Britannia Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Angelo Branca; (C) Barbara Howard; (R) Dave Barrett   Angelo Branca  (1903 – 1984) Angelo Branca was born in a tiny community on Vancouver Island to Italian immigrant parents. In Vancouver, he attended Lord Strathcona Elementary School and Britannia High School. He befriended others like himself, who belonged to ethnic minorities, and [...]

David Thompson Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Ronald Deibert; (C) Annie Liu; (R) Austin Wang   Ronald Deibert (born 1964) Ronald Deibert is a world-renowned professor of political science. He is the Director of the Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. He was a co-founder of the OpenNet Initiative and Information Warfare Monitor projects. He has served on [...]

Eric Hamber Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Jenny Kwan; (C) Kristin Kreuk; (R) Scott McNeil   Jenny Kwan (born 1967) Jenny Kwan came to Canada from Hong Kong with her family, when she was age nine. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, she worked as a community legal advocate in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. in 1993, Kwan was [...]

Gladstone Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Ken Lum; (C) Warren Cann; (R) Wayson Choi   KEN LUM (born 1956) Ken Lum was born in Vancouver. He grew up in the Strathcona neighbourhood and began his schooling at Admiral Seymour Elementary. He has gained international recognition for his work as an artist and an educator. He has worked in a number of media including painting, [...]

John Oliver Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Walter Gage; (C) Eileen Dailly; (R) Jim Pattison   Walter Gage (1905 – 1978) Walter Gage was born in Vancouver in 1905. After graduating from John Oliver  High School, he began a career at the University of British Columbia which lasted fifty years. Gage graduated from UBC with a BA in 1925, and an MA in 1926. During his career at UBC, [...]

Killarney Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Milan Lucic; (C) Jenna Talackova; (R) Avan Jogia   Milan Lucic (1988 – ) Milan Lucic is a professional ice hockey player. He was born in Vancouver to parents who immigrated to Canada from territories of the former Yugoslavia. Lucic began his career in hockey in 2004-2005 playing for the Coquitlam Express. In 2007, he was drafted [...]

King George Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Percy Saltzman; (C) Elsie MacGill; (R) Mary Livingstone   Percy Salzman (1915 – 2007) Percy Saltzman was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to parents who had immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine in 1911. In 1925, they moved to Vancouver. While attending King George Secondary, Salzman proved to be an outstanding student. He came first in the [...]

Kitsilano Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Kathleen Heddle, (C) Ryan Reynolds, (R) Sarah Strange   Kathleen Heddle (1965 – ) Kathleen Heddle was born in Trail, B.C. In 1991, she teamed up with fellow rower, Marnie McBean. In their initial race, the Canadian pair beat the defending world champions. Later that year they won gold at the world championship. In 1992, they [...]

Lord Byng Secondary

August 10, 2020

(L) Doreen Patterson Reitsma, (C) Eric Nicol, (R) Stan Douglas   Doreen Patterson Reitsma (1927 – 2000) Doreen Patterson Reitsma was born and raised in Vancouver. In 1951, she became the first woman from British Columbia to enter the newly created Postwar Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Navy. Patterson Reitsma began basic training [...]
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