Preparing Your School for a Major Anniversary

Schools often use major anniversaries of the year of their opening – the 25th, the 50th, the 75th, and the 100th – to celebrate their history and accomplishments. Here’s a link to a video showing celebrations at Shaughnessy School on the occasion of its 100th anniversary (October 05, 2019).


Experience has shown that the success of these events rests on the following:

  • A school staff committed to hosting a successful event.
  • The involvement of a parent group working in partnership with the school staff.
  • Lots of planning and preparation beginning a year or so before the actual event.
  • Promotion of the event among former students and staff, and throughout the local neighbourhood.
  • News releases provided to local media.
  • A well-organised Open House day.
  • A school archives that can supply historical items for school displays
  • Measures for maintaining the security of displays during an Open House.
  • A special event such as the opening of a Time Capsule (see video)
  • Follow-up planning to ensure that items are returned intact to the school archives.


Photo collage of Shaughnessy School’s Open House: