Celebrating 150 Years of Public Education in Vancouver

  • King Edward High School

                   1928 Olympics: 100 metre final. Percy Williams is the runner 3rd from the right.     PERCY WILLIAMS – OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST Percy [...]
  • Britannia Secondary

    (L) Angelo Branca; (C) Barbara Howard; (R) Dave Barrett   Angelo Branca  (1903 – 1984) Angelo Branca was born in a tiny community on Vancouver Island to Italian [...]
  • David Thompson Secondary

    (L) Ronald Deibert; (C) Annie Liu; (R) Austin Wang   Ronald Deibert (born 1964) Ronald Deibert is a world-renowned professor of political science. He is the Director of [...]
  • Eric Hamber Secondary

    (L) Jenny Kwan; (C) Kristin Kreuk; (R) Scott McNeil   Jenny Kwan (born 1967) Jenny Kwan came to Canada from Hong Kong with her family, when she was age nine. After [...]

Notable Alumni

Alternative Education