About Us


Beginning in 2004, a group of retired teachers and administrators began volunteering their time to preserve the history and legacy of the Vancouver School District.

This project was managed by a steering committee composed of retired teachers and school administrators. The steering committee operated under the authority of Vancouver School Board.

Initially, the goal was to establish a physical space somewhere in Vancouver that would be open to the public. Visitors would be able to view historical photos, documents, and artifacts to learn about the history and accomplishments of public education in Vancouver.

Such a centre remains an ambition. However, for the past several years, efforts have focused on the following:

  • Creation of a District Archives located at the Vancouver School Board Education Centre (public access is limited).
  • Creation of a digital Archives featuring photos held in the District Archives
  • Encouragement and support to schools seeking to create their own Archives and celebrate their history and heritage.
  • Creation of a website dedicated to celebrating the history and heritage of the Vancouver School District


VBE Archives and Heritage Committee

Current Members:

  • Derek Grant (Chair)
  • Carol Gordon
  • Rob Moore
  • Chris Zak

Former Members

  • Rob Best
  • Tom Brunker
  • Kate Cassidy
  • Ruth Downs
  • Dr. Len Drugge (past Chair)
  • Grace Eadie
  • Neil Horne
  • John Minichiello (past Chair)
  • Noreen Morris
  • Phil Moir
  • Al Patterson
  • Sheila Pither
  • Neil Stuart
  • Lou Rosse
  • Karen Till
  • Adele Tremblay
  • Duane Woodside
  • Betty Yeung
  • Barbara Walker
  • Penny Tong
  • Janet von Siemens
  • Bev Seed
  • Gina Kolson

A special thank you to Eirian Vining, who designed this website and provided considerable follow-up support.