Celebrating 143 Years of Public Education in Vancouver

  • Chapter Four: 1931 – 1950

    Military officers inspect girl cadets on parade at Kitsilano High School (1944).   The two decades beginning in 1931 were dominated by two events: a disastrous stock [...]
  • Chapter Three: 1911 – 1930

    Vancouver Technical High School as it looked shortly after it opened in 1928. For many years, it was the largest technical school in Western Canada. Only boys attended the [...]
  • Chapter Two: 1891 – 1910

    Vancouver High School: Senior Class (1892)   1. Introduction  During these two decades, Vancouver experienced a population explosion and rapid economic growth. [...]
  • Dawson Annex School

    By Greg Wasko Back in the day if you were growing up in the west end of Vancouver you were either a Roberts kid or a Dawson kid depending on which elementary school you [...]

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  • Click photo for full-size view. “Hastings Mill School’s first teacher was the daughter of the master mechanic of the mill. She had come to British Columbia from New York [...]

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Vancouver School District History

Famous Grads

  • Percy Williams, one of Canada’s most celebrated athletes, was a student at King Edward High School.  After being stricken with rheumatic fever when he was 15, he was [...]

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