Chemistry 11

  • BLK 1-3: 3.6 Review should be completed! Complete practice quiz 5 (on the other side of practice quiz 4)
  • BLK 2-2: COME SEE ME THURSDAY AT LUNCH OR AFTER SCHOOL, NOTES ARE POSTED on the course page. You should have the practice questions for 3.6 COMPLETED  for NEXT CLASS (answer key is posted on course page)
  • MOLE QUIZ #2: (3.5-3.6): Jan22 / 23 (WED/THURS)
  • CHAPTER 3 MOLE TEST: BLK 1-3: TUES, JAN 28 & BLK 2-2: FRI, JAN 31

Chemistry 12

  • Solubility lab this week
  • MINIS:  complete 3.5 wksht (on course page) AND  you need to come in MONDAY (tommorrow) at LUNCH to write 3.5 entrance slip/ hw Quiz. Bring your pre-lab to have it checked.
  • BLK 2-1: Bring your PRE-LAB AT BREAK to have it checked 
  • EVERYONE: THE  FIRST PAGE OF THE LAB IS POSTED ON THE COURSE PAGE,  which contains the solutions involved in the lab. Use  your PRE-LAB and  MAKE A PLAN  (flow chart) of  the PERCIPITATION tests you can do to identify the solutions.  You cannot just simply test all the solutions with each other, as time is of essence You need to use your time wisely during the lab days. Come to class with a plan.