Hi Everyone,

We will be using teams classrooms for our classes now. You are all being added to the classrooms, but it will take another day or so for the classes to be complete. You will need your office 365 account to log into the teams classrooms. Please ensure that you have sent the school your current email. You should be receiving an email stating instructions on accessing your office 365 account and changing passwords if your password does not work. 

Once the classes are complete, I will start posting information on our teams classroom.  Looking forward to connecting with everyone soon! 🙂




ALL Classes

  • I hope that everyone has had a safe, and relaxing spring break, while practicing social distancing to keep our communities safe.
  • We are in the process of discussing and developing an online method of class instruction, and I will post more information later this week.
  • In the meantime, please check the school website for any updates, or emails that may be sent from the school. 
  • Stay safe 🙂 

Chemistry 11

  • BLK 2-2: Lab worksheet due tomorrow :Wednesday (Feb 26).
  • BLK 1-3: Finsh ALL  4.5 practice problems 
  • 4.2 QUIZ (Classifying Reactions): BLK 2-2: FRIDAY & BLK 1-3 MONDAY
  • BOTH BLOCKS: LAST CHANCE to complete test corrections: Friday at lunch and MONDAY AFTER SCHOOL

Chemistry 12

  • Finish Hebden 3.6 questions AND worksheet given in class.
  • BLK 1-1: make sure you have the worksheet as well.
  • TEST CORRECTIONS:  Thursday during your spare block or block discussed with me earlier this week. Anyone else, come see me Friday at lunch.
  • ACID-BASE QUIZ 1: MON / TUES (MAR 2 / 3)