Chemistry 12

  • I am NOT at school Tuesday, so you will have to come pick up your labs Wednesday.  Please ensure that you pick up labs by the end of the week.
  • Labs DUE:  Mon / Tues Feb 4 / 5 
  • MIDTERM EXAM: WED / THURS Feb 6 / 7 (40 MC questions AND 4 WRITTEN questions)

Science 10

  • chemistry review package AND worksheets due: Monday, Feb 4
  • MIDTERM EXAM:  Monday, Feb 4 (do NOT be late for class)
  • MIDTERM EXAM:  58 MC questions
  • Energy Project due: in a couple of weeks.  I will be giving you a checklist to make sure you have included the necessary information.

Chemistry 12

  • Blk 2-3: 3.5 Qualitative Analysis worksheet given in class on Tuesday should be complete, as well as 3.6 Ksp questions assigned in class on Thursday.
  • Blk 1-4: Complete pre- lab  and finish anything from Monday and Wednesday’s class.
  • Minis:  You will be writing the quiz you misssed (3.1-3.4) and entrance slip (3.5) on Monday  at lunch. . Notes are posted on the course page.

Chemistry 11

  • MOLE QUIZ  #2 (3.5-3.6): (Blk 2-4) Mon, Jan 14 & (Blk 1-2) Tues, Jan 15
  • Minis: You are writing the quiz too! 
  • Minis: This is what you should complete over the weekend: 3.6 Review questions (see notes on course page for the questions), AND mole concept review # 20ac, 21c, 22-28, and practice quiz 5 (on the back of practice quiz 4, which you already have)