Sexual health class next week

Grade 9’s, a reminder that you will have your Sexual Health class next week (Day 2 May 29th and Day 1 May 30th). The school nurse will be leading the class that day. You do not need to change into PE strip.

For your information, please review the following to get an idea of the connection to the provincial curriculum:

Big Ideas:

  • Healthy choices influence our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Curricular Competencies:

  • Assess factors that influence healthy choices and their potential health effects
  • Create strategies for promoting the health and well-being of the school and community
  • Create and assess strategies for managing physical, emotional, and social changes during puberty and adolescence


  • Healthy sexual decision making
  • Potential short-term and long-term consequences of health decisions, including those involving nutrition, protection from sexually transmitted infections, and sleep routines

Core Competencies:

  • Communication: Acquire, interpret and present information
  • Critical Thinking: Question and Investigate
  • Personal Awareness and Responsibility: Well-being
  • Social Responsibility: Contributing to community and caring for the environment

Fitness Testing week of May 23rd

Fitness Testing runs the week of May 23rd. Remember to bring water if it’s warm out (and appropriate clothing if it isn’t).

Day 2:  5 Lap – Tuesday, May 23rd & Indoor testing  Thursday May 25th

Day 1: 5 Lap – Wednesday May 24th & Indoor Testing Friday May 26th

Also, don’t forget to bring your $5 for the Martial Arts & Zumba classes! Dates will be posted here next week.