Grade 10 CPR

Grade 10 girls,

Here’s the link to the Firefighters’ CPR Manual which you will need to study for your written assessment/test:

CPR Manual

Chapter 4 (heart attack & stroke) – Please make sure you read this before class on April 10th. It’s important as there is a lot to cover).

Reminder, we have CPR April 6, 10 and 12

CPR fee is $30. Please pay Ms. Matheson before April 12th.

Track & Field practice this weekend

Track & field team members,

We will have a mandatory team meeting Tuesday April 3rd at lunch re: April 4th meet at PG. Please let me know BEFORE this what events you will be competing in at the meet. See your page above for events run that day. I also need to know if you will NOT be attending.

Here are your workouts for this week. Please try and fit it in either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Sprinters and Jumpers:

  1. warm-up jog and stretch (dynamic stretching is best)
  2. running drills (A’s etc. walk, skip, butt kickers, high knee run each for 10m. 2-3 times each. If you remember them, good. If you don’t know these, no worries)
  3. Strides (75% half-way between a jog and a sprint) – 3 x 50m Work out: – Repeat 150m
  4. Work out:
  • 4 x 150m (at 80%). Try and run at a faster pace here. Do a 150m (this is less than half the track. So start at around where the benches are near the parking and go to finish line.) Walk back and repeat. Make sure your heart rate is down and your breathing is normal by the time you get back to start the next 150.
  • Cool down with one lap slow jog and stretch after.

Middle Distance (800m & 1500m):

  1. Fartlek – 20 minute run total doing the following: Jog/Fast run at 80% for around 50-100m then slower pace for double that distance (more so if you are getting tired near end). Or if you have a sports watch, you can run 80% for 20 sec then jog for rest/recovery for 1 minute. Do this on and off for 20 min. You can do this on the sidewalk/a trail or on the track.

Spring Break track training

Hi all,

Sorry for the late post….

If you can try and squeeze these workouts in over the next two weeks, great. Make sure you rest a day in between. I’ve included lots of interval training, depending on your distance. Sprints = 100, 200, 400. Middle distance = 800, 1500 (although the 800 really is a sprint, but I separated the workouts this way).

Sprinters will do “Interval training” = intense efforts followed by equal or slightly longer recovery time.

Middle distance will do Fartlek runs =

Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. Fartlek runs are a very simple form of a long distance run. Fartlek training “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.” Fartlek – Wikipedia

CLICK here for the workouts: track training – spring break 2017

Happy training!

Ms. M.

Indoor Track Meet relay list

Grade 8’s & 9’s, the list of the relays from which you can choose is below:

Grade 8 Events:                                    Grade 9 Events:

  1. Obstacle Course                           Obstacle Course
  2. Pongo-Bat Relay                           Over-Under Relay
  3. Tug-O-War                                     Tug-O-War
  4. Olympic Torch Relay                      Rugby Dribble Relay
  5. Skittle Bench Relay                        Skittle Knock-down Relay
  6. Figure 8 Relay                                Figure 8 Relay
  7. Dizzy Izzy Relay                             Jump & Duck Relay
  8. Circle Relay                                    Circle Relay


Fitness Testing Week & Vball Quiz

All students, your fitness testing is this week. If you are absent Monday or Tuesday, you will be making it up the very next class. If you are absent for this, please see me to arrange a time to complete the testing. This all must be done by March 1st.

Also Day 2 classes, your volleyball written quiz is Wednesday, Feb. 22nd.  Day 1 classes, your volleyball written quiz is Thursday, Feb 24th.  Again if you are absent for this, you MUST see me to arrange a time to make this up (by March 1st).

Vball notes are posted on your page above.