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Friday May 4

2-4 ELL S.S: I gave a short lecture that reviewed Canadian Confederation. As well, we talked about the British North America Act. Then, students completed a worksheet that covered these topics. The worksheet is due next class, Tuesday May 8. 

2-3 ELL Reading: Today we watched “The Secret Path” – a digitized version of Gord Downie’s book about Chanie Wenjak, an Indigenous boy who ran away from Residential School in hopes of going home. He died trying to go back home. It is a beautiful story that shows how absolutely destructive and devastating residential schools were to Indigenous people. It is a great companion story to “Fatty Legs”, the novel we have been studying. 

2-1 S.S 8: Students investigated the merits of different explorers today. Students worked in groups and each chose an explorer of Canada to learn more about. Then, they had to choose who they thought was the BEST explorer based on some criteria we made, and they had to provide evidence to prove it. This was in in class activity – no homework over the weekend! 

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