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Thursday, April 12



ELL Reading: We started with creating our Anticipation Guide. This is where students try to make a guess at what will happen in the next chapter of the book. Then, students worked on the last half of the chapter questions. At the end of class we went over the chapter questions together to make sure they had a full understanding. 

ELL S.S: We started a new Unit today – Government Reform and Canadian Confederation. Students were assigned a worksheet to fill in that investigated the problems that were occuring in both Upper and Lower Canada. This assignment is due next class, Monday April 16th. 

2-1 S.S 8: We started our introductory inquiry project today. Students picked groups, chose a topic, and then worked together to create their inquiry questions. Once they had a good inquiry question created, they worked on a brainstorming web that will help guide them with their research for the project. Then, they came up with an action plan for how they would tackle the work for the project. The project is due April 24th – they will be presenting their findings. 

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