John Oliver Secondary School Ms Ink

Monday, April 16th

ELL Reading: We started with learning about Imagery – imagining a picture in your head when you read. We found three sentences from our book where imagery is used. Then, students drew what they saw when they read those parts. After, we started reading Chapter Two of our book – we didn’t quite get to finish so we will read the rest on Wednesday. 

ELL S.S: We started by going over the homework that was assigned last class – The Rebellions Worksheet. Then, we went over The French Revolution Test. No homework. 

2-1 S.S 8: We met in the library to work on the Arrival in Canada inquiry project. Each group had to have their action plan completed in order to access laptops and begin researching. Remember, this project is not going to be as large as others – keep focused on your research and be concise with your findings. Project is due April 24th. 

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