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Tuesday, April 10

ELL Reading: We read Chapter 1 of Fatty Legs today, and then worked through the first 10 reading comprehension questions of the chapter. Next class we will finish the questions and learn about imagery. 

ELL Social Studies: Today was the French Revolution Unit test. 

2-1 S.S 8: I did a homework check, and then went over the notes assigned for homework with students. Then, students practiced brainstorming inquiry questions that had something to do with what we have learned in the past two classes – the colonization of Canada, French explorers, search for the NW passage, the fur trade, the Jesuits, the Coureur De Bois, etc. Then, students created an Inquiry question brainstorming web to flesh out their question further. Students were given the rest of class time to start on their new set of notes: Pg. 236-244. I did not give out a template this time, so please ensure you follow the template we have been using to stay organized. This set of notes is due at the beginning of next class, Thursday April 12th. 

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