John Oliver Secondary School Ms Ink

Monday, February 26

2-3 ELL Reading: We started with 15 minutes of silent reading and then went on to discuss what we have learned from our elders. Afterwards, students continued their work on the current vocabulary assignment. 

2-4 ELL S.S: We went over the worksheet from last class. Then, students worked in groups to evaluate the three major rulers of the French Revolution. They evaluated them in many areas, and then had to rank them from best to worst. Next day, students will be writing an entrance slip using this work. 

2-1 S.S 8: Students worked on a handout that investigates what occurred after Charles I was executed. Students were encouraged to finish this handout in class as it would help them with their take home performance assessment. This unit, we have focused on learning two skills – how to form a logical argument, and how to read and understand primary sources. Students will have to demonstrate these skills on their take home performance assessment. The performance assessment is due February 28 at the beginning of class. 

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