John Oliver Secondary School Ms Ink

Thursday, February 15

1-3 ELL Reading: Students started off with 15 minutes of silent reading. Then, we read two stories from our workbook. Students were to finish their vocabulary paragraphs, and then work on Activity A, B and C. 

1-4 ELL S.S: We started a new unit – the French Revolution! We watched a documentary to give students some background knowledge on the Revolution. Next day we will be finishing our testing. 

2-1 S.S 8: Students submitted their homework and then were given their new textbooks. Then, students had most of the period to read pg.31-35 of the textbook and answer 12 questions. They were able to work with a partner or two. For the last 15 minutes of class, students wrote an exit slip – they had to imagine they were living in the 17th century and explain if they would support the King’s rights or Parliament’s rights and provide three reasons why. No homework!  

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