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Thursday January 18

2-1 S.S 8: I gave a short lecture on the ways England became a Nation State while students took notes. Then, I gave an introduction to Equiano – a slave who eventually wrote a book about his life. Students were put into groups and each given a excerpt from his book – they examined the primary source and worked together to fill in a “Using primary source as evidence” worksheet. Then, each group shared what their excerpt was about. No homework!

2-4 ELL S.S: I handed back the Industrial Revolution Unit Test and went over where students could improve. Studying habits need to get better for all students, and all students need to put in their best effort during class as well as during tests. Then, students had the rest of the period to finish their Loyalist or Patriot propaganda poster.

2-3 ELL Reading: I brought in a new batch of books for students to read for silent reading. Then, we read a new story called “Perseus” on pg. 82-83. Students were to work on vocabulary and pg. 84 #1-10.

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