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Tuesday January 16

PSA for all Socials 8 and 9 classes – please remember the re-test is tomorrow after school starting promptly at 3:15. Please come to my room around 3 to get settled and prepared to write. 

2-1 S.S 8: Students worked in groups and shared their research they did on finding a conflict in the world today that had to do with religious differences. Then, we played a game a Kahoot to review what we had learned in the past 3 classes. Afterwards, students were given the rest of the period to work on a question package about the English Reformation and the Tudors. They were to split up the work among their group and share their answers in order to work together to get the package finished. The question package is due Thursday, Jan 17. 

Question package: The English Reformation and The Tudors


2-4 ELL S.S: I gave a lecture on The Revolutionary War, where I focused a lot of time on the difference between Patriots and Loyalists. We also talked about Propaganda and what it was used for at the time. Then, students were given an assignment to make their own piece of propaganda as either a Loyalist or a Patriot. Students will have more time next class to complete their propaganda poster, then they will hand it in at the end of class. 

2-3 ELL Reading: We did silent reading for about 20 minutes, then we moved on to finish up some exercised out of our work book. The new exercises to finish today were:

  • pg. 78 Exercise D
  • pg. 79 Exercise E and F 
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