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Wednesday December 13

2-1 S.S 8: I collected homework from students. Then, I gave a lecture on Spanish Explorers and the horrible ways they treated the First Nations Peoples of the Americas. We discussed how Columbus was a slave trader, intentionally spread disease and intentionally murdered First Nations people. Many other Spanish colonists acted in this way as well. Then, we analyzed political cartoons that questioned Columbus’s fame – should such a horrible person have an american holiday dedicated to them? 

No Homework 

2-4 ELL S.S: We talked about child labour during the Industrial Revolution and watched a part of a documentary that told the horrible stories and experiences of these children. Students took note of 5 examples of how children were mistreated in the workplace. Afterwards, I started a short lecture on the Environmental impacts of the Industrial Revolution. We will finish this next day and begin to review for our TEST ON TUESDAY DECEMBER 19!

No homework 

2-3 ELL Reading:

  • Vocabulary
  • Pg 54 #1-10
  • Pg 55 Exercise A
  • Pg 56 Exercise B
  • Pg 57 Exercise C
  • Pg 58 Exercise D
  • Pg 59 Exercise E and F
  • Pg 60 Activity B – answer all questions. 
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