Div 7

Andrew Y.
How Wolf Got His Sharp Teeth
One cloudy and foggy day in the forest, Wolf was sitting by himself feeling sad and lonely. He was hungry because he had round teethwhich were no good for hunting. He wished for sharp teeth. So, he asked Raven for help.   Raven said yes but Wolf had to dig up the soil in the vegetable garden with his sharp claws.Wolf really wanted to have sharp teeth so he worked hard digging up the soil. The garden was very big and it took Wolf seven days to finish the job. At long last, the job was done and Raven gave Wolf his sharp teeth.
Wolf was happy because he did not have to go hungry anymore. Wolf also learned that he must work hard to earn his sharp teeth.
By Andrew Y.
Division 7
Angela C.
How Rabbit Got His Long Ears
It was spring. Many years ago in the forest, Rabbit lived with his neighbours, Wolf and Eagle.Eagle told Rabbit not to steal carrots from Wolf’s garden. Rabbit did not listen to Eagle. Rabbit did not listen because he could not hear very well. His ears were just too small.
Eagle asked Rabbit why he did not listen to him. Rabbit said it was because his ears were too small and he couldn’t hear very well. Eagle decided to help him. Eagle transformed Rabbit’s small ears i nto big, long ears.From then on Rabbit could hear much better and he stopped stealing from Wolf’s garden.
By Angela C.
Division 7
 Bea M.
Bea Therese Margaux_Mondido
How Butterfly Got Her Big Wings
Once upon a time in spring, Butterfly was in the meadow collecting nectar. As she was flying from flower to flower,Butterfly saw Tarantula, the bully, hurting Ladybug. Butterfly felt sorry for Ladybug and wished she could protect her.   Butterfly had small wings so she couldn’t help Ladybug. She decided to ask Raven for help. Raven gave Butterfly big wings so she could spread her wings to protect Ladybug. Raven also gave Ladybug little wings so she could fly away from Tarantula, the bully.   Now both Butterfly and Ladybug were happy because they both learned how to protect themselves and others.
By Bea M.
Division 7
 Brianna L.
How Frog Got Her Legs
One spring, Frog was swimming in the pond by himself. Then, other animals such as the duck, beaver and turtle decided to join in. After that, even more animals decided to live in the same pond.Frog became more and more frustrated as more and more animals came to the pond. The pond was just too small for everyone. And the pond was too small to have enough food for everyone. Frog became very sad because he was very hungry. He started to cry.
Eagle was watching from a very tall tree. Eagle wanted to help Frog. He gave Frog legs so Frog could walk to a different pond, a bigger pond.
Frog learned the lesson that to survive, he had to move to a bigger pond that had more food and living space.
By Brianna L.
Division 7
 Diana G.
How Crane Got His Long Neck
One day in the summer at the beach, Crane was looking at the moon. He loved the moon. He wished he could reach the moon but his neck was too short. He asked Raven to make his neck longer so he could reach the moon. Raven said yes and made Crane’s neck longer.Crane was very happy with his long neck. At the same time, the more he looked at the moon, the more he wanted to have the moon all to himself. Raven said, “Nobody can have the moon to himself. It looks like I need to teach Crane a lesson.”Raven decided to make Crane’s neck even longer. In fact, Raven made Crane’s neck so long that it went all the way to Jupiter. Crane begged Raven to make his neck normal length again. Raven said yes but Crane had to learn that the moon is for everyone.
Crane learned his lesson and agreed with Raven that the moon lighting up the evening sky is for everyone.
By Diana G.
Division 7
 Felix Z.
How Halibut Got His Eyes
One summer in the ocean, Halibut was swimming by himself. He was sad because he had no eyes. He could not hunt f or food to feed himself and his family. He decided to ask Raven for a pair of eyes.Raven said yes but he asked Halibut to do something for him first. Halibut had to use his tail to make ten homes for baby fish eggs to hatch in. Halibut really wanted to have eyes so he worked long and hard to build the nests with his tail. There were many, many baby eggs and it took Halibut ten days to make all the homes. At long last, Halibut’s job was done and Raven gave him eyes.Halibut was happy because he and his family did not have to go hungry anymore. Halibut also learned that if he wants something, he must work hard to earn it.
By Felix Z.
Division 7
 Gabriel F.
How Wolf Got His Sharp Claws
A long time ago in the dark, dark forest, Wolf was relaxing and lounging around lazily. He became hungry and waite d impatiently for his dinner to be served to him.The other animals did not like Wolf’s behaviour because he was not doing his share in the pack. Eagle decided to teach Wolf a lesson.Eagle gave Wolf sharp claws. With his sharp claws Wolf started hunting non-stop for days and days. He became very tired. He went to Eagle and asked Eagle for help. Eagle said yes but Wolf had to do his fair share in hunting for food for the pack.
Wolf learned his lesson. From then on he did his fair share of work.
By Gabriel F.
Division 7
 Isaiah W.
How Wolf Got His Claws
One day in a dark forest, Wolf was hunting. Wolf couldn’t hunt. His paws had no nails. They were covered with fur only. It was very difficult to hunt and he became more and more hungry.Raven was flying above and he saw how sad Wolf was looking. He decided to help Wolf. He made claws for Wolf by using four sharp rocks for paws and nails. Now Wolf had sharp claws for hunting.Wolf felt good because now he could hunt and he did not have to go hungry anymore. Wolf learned that Raven was a good friend. Wolf was thankful.
By Isaiah W.
Division 7
 James N.
How Moose Got His Long Antlers
One day near the lake in the forest, Moose was feeling sad because he was being bullied by Wolf. Moose wished his antlers were longer so he could protect himself. He decided to ask Raven to make his antlers longer.Raven said yes but Moose had to plant one hundred trees in the forest. Moose really wanted his antlers longer so he worked long and hard to plant the one hundred trees. It took Moose ten days to finish planting all the trees. Raven was very happy with Moose’s work. He made Moose’s antlers longer.Moose was happy because he could now protect himself from being bullied by Wolf. He also learned that if he wants something, he has to work hard for it.
By James N.
Division 7
 Jane C.
How Fox Got her Pretty Sunset Colours
One day in a cottage, a girl asked her father, “Father, why do we have so many fish in this village? And why do we have so many foxes with sunset colours in the forest nearby?” Her father smiled and told the little girl the story why.“A long time ago in the forest nearby,” her father said, “there lived White Fox. There were no fish in our village and in our river. But White Fox wanted to help us and the other animals. White Fox knew that fish would only come during sunset. Sunse t was the time when we and the animals get together to worship our spirits. White Fox decided to ask Eagle for help. Eagle said yes but he messed up a spell to make the sunset move to a different time of the day. Instead sunset appeared at all different times. White Fox was walking along and the messed up sunset colours splashed on White Fox and transformed White Fox into a sunset coloured Fox. Her sunset colours now could make the fish come whenever she wanted. From then on, we and the animals have been forever grateful for Fox with the pretty sunset colours. We do not have to go hungry anymore.”By Jane C.
Division 7
 Jeriah G.
How Orca Got His Sharp Teeth
One day in the ocean, Orca was swimming sadly. He had round teeth and could not hunt for food very well. He was sad and hungry all the time.One day, Orca went to catch fish and the fish slipped out from his mouth. He didn’t feel good about it. He asked Raven for help.Raven said yes but Orca had to use his tail to build one hundred homes for the baby fish eggs. It was hard work and it took Orca one hundred days to build the one hundred homes. He worked long and hard. At long last, he finished his work. Raven rewarded his hard work by giving him sharp teeth.
Orca was very happy. He could now hunt with his new sharp teeth. He also learned that when he needs help, he can always ask for it.
By Jeriah G.
Division 7
 Kendrick W.
How Orca Got His Sharp Teeth
One summer in the deep blue sea, Orca was swimming unhappily. “I wish I had teeth so I could hunt,” he thought. Orca decided to borrow Salmon’s nice round teeth. He went to see Salmon and asked to borrow his nice round teeth. Salmon said yes and started pulling out his teeth for Orca.Orca put on Salmon’s teeth. He loved his nice round teeth very much because he looked pretty with them. Also, he could now hunt for his food. He decided to keep the teeth for himself.Eagle saw what happened and transformed Orca’s nice round teeth into really sharp teeth. Orca did not look pretty anymore. However, he could hunt much better with his sharp teeth.Orca learned the lesson that beauty is not as important as returning what you have borrowed to the rightful owner.
By Kendrick W.
Division 7
Kya P.
How Owl Got His Big Round Eyes
A very long time ago in the forest, Owl was sleeping in a tree. Birds were supposed to work together to build nests for their babies.Owl slept in. Eagle decided to teach him a valuable lesson. Eagle said, “Since you like to sleep in, why don’t you hunt at night?” Owl said, “My eyes are too small to hunt at night.” Eagle then made Owl’s eyes big and puffy. Now Owl looked funny. Not only did Owl look funny with his big round eyes, he also had to hunt alone at night.Owl was not happy to hunt alone at night. He learned the lesson that it is important to keep an appointment by showing up on time.
By Kya P.
Division 7
Natalie Y.
How Owl Got Her Sharp Beak
One night in the forest, Owl was sitting in a tree feeling sad. She had a round beak which was not very good for hunting. She could not hunt very well and was hungry all the time.Owl decided to ask Eagle for a sharp beak. Eagle said yes but Owl had to build ten nests for the forest’s baby birds who had lost their parents. Owl really wanted a sharp beak so she worked long and hard to build the nests. It took Owl ten days. At long last, Owl’s job was done and Eagle gave Owl her sharp beak.Owl was happy because she would not have to go hungry anymore. Owl also learned that building nests for baby birds who had lost their parents was actually a very good thing to do.
By Natalie Y.
Division 7
Simon C.
How Owl Got His Wings
In a time long ago in the forest, Owl was sitting unhappily because he had no wings. He wanted to fly. He wanted to hunt for his own food.   Owl asked Eagle for wings. Eagle said, “I will give you wings. But you must first build twenty nests for the forest birds who have lost their parents.”Owl really wanted to have wings so he could fly. So, he worked hard and built the twenty nests. At long last, he finished building the nests and Owl gave him wings so he could hunt for his own food.Owl was very happy. He now had wings and could hunt for his own food. He also learned that it was a good thing to help the forest birds by building them nests.
By Simon C.
Division 7