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Alex H.
How the Wolf got his howl
Wolf was staring at the Moon. Wolf was sad. He wanted to communicate with the Moon.
One day, he saw Dog. Dog was barking at the Moon. Moon said “hello Dog”. Wolf was jealous.
He tried to bark but nothing came out. Dog felt sorry for wolf. Dog wanted to teach Wolf how to bark.
Dog taught Wolf over and over and over, but poor Wolf could not bark. But he kept trying and trying and trying.
Finally, Wolf tried to bark one last time and a big sound came out of his mouth. But it was not a bark. It sounded like a big “ah ooooh!” When Moon heard it, he said, “Hello Wolf!” Wolf was very happy.
Because Wolf kept trying, he was able to communicate with Moon.
By Alex H.
Division 1
Amanda L.
How the Rabbit got his Long Ears
One day, turtle was talking to himself. He was asking questions about where he lived. Rabbit heard Turtle talking. Rabbit hopped to Turtle and Turtle asked “Where do I live?” Rabbit replied, “Turtle, you live in the swamp.” Turtle slowly walked to the swamp and fell in the muddy water. Rabbit was laughing when he saw Turtle fall in the swamp. Raven saw that Rabbit was being mischievous. Raven flew down to Rabbit and said, “Rabbit, I saw what you did there. You told a lie to Turtle.” Rabbit said “I’m sorry, I thought Turtle lived in the swamp.” Raven, however was smart. He knew that Rabbit was just having fun with Turtle. Raven thought of a punishment. Raven gave Rabbit ears that grew every time he lied. Now, every time Rabbit lies to someone, his ears grow longer.
By Amanda L.
Division 1
Brian T.
How Raven Learns to Catch Salmon
One day Raven was flying above a forest and he was starving. Then he noticed a river with plenty of salmon to eat. Raven found some salmon on the ground next to that river and he decided to fly towards it. Raven returned to the same spot 5 days in a row and ate all the salmon that was left on the ground next to the river. On the fifth day, however, orca came out of the ocean to confront Raven who had been stealing his food. Orca told Raven not to eat all of his salmon. Raven explains to Orca that he’s starving and that he can’t catch his own food. Raven apologizes to Orca because he didn’t know that half of the salmon that he ate was Orca’s salmon. Orca wasn’t mad, but he was calm and said that it was okay because he was going to teach Raven how to catch food his own food so that he can get food for himself instead of stealing other animals food. Orca shares some of his food with Raven. Then Orca teaches Raven how to catch/hunt for salmon. First he has to fly up and fly above the river until he sees a salmon jumping up and down then he has to dive down and hold the salmon in his beak. Then Raven tries it and he’s not successful. But, Raven keeps on trying even if it takes him one or four months to be successful. Then one day, he succeeded to catch 2 salmon. Raven thanks Orca and tells him that he will not be greedy anymore.
By Brian T.
Division 1
Bryan L.
How Racoon Got His Stripes
One day Racoon was starving and saw a cabin in the forest and there were dead fish on the ground. He walked up to the fish and ate all of them. The next day Racoon did the same thing. One day Octopus overheard Old Man complaining about racoon stealing his fish. Octopus turned into a Raven and watched Racoon. Raven flew to Racoon and told him “Racoon can you please stop eating Old man’s fish?” Racoon replied “NO! Mind your own business Raven” and continued to eat Old man’s fish. Racoon continued to eat and eat which led Old Man to starve.
So one day Racoon was resting on the beach Raven turned back into an Octopus and sprayed Racoon with ink as a punishment for stealing fish. When frog walked by he welcomed the new animal because he didn’t recognize Racoon. Racoon said it’s your friend Racoon but Frog did not believe him. So Racoon tried to wash it off but couldn’t. So Racoon went up to Octopus and asked him to take it off but Octopus refused take it off. Racoon asked “why?” Octopus said “you are stealing fish from Old man and I will not take it off until you learn your lesson” no one knew Racoon, When he came back to his family they told him to get away because they didn’t recognize him. He felt all alone because no one recognized him so he stopped taking fish from Old Man and went to get his own fish instead of taking Old Man’s own fish. When Octopus saw, that he took the ink off and Old man got his fish back and wasn’t hungry anymore Racoon learned not to be greedy.
By Bryan L.
Division 1
Dakota W.
How Eagle Learned to be Courageous
One day long ago, long before Eagle was known as the mightiest and most brave bird, there were a couple of young Eagles. One day they were having a conversation while they were soaring high in the sky above their territory. Female Eagle started the conversation by saying “Eagle, are we ready to start, well… umm… raising a family of our own?” Male Eagle replied “Hmmm, maybe I’ll think about it.” They enjoyed about another five minutes of their flight and then spent the rest of their day by the nearby stream trying to fish for salmon and succeeding with two pretty fine salmon each.
Finally just right before sunset while they were flying back to their forest, Male Eagle answered ‘’YES! I think it is time to start raising a family of our own.” Female Eagle said “I think we shall start mud collecting and twigs for our nest tomorrow, early in the morning perhaps just after dawn.” And as they had planned they started collecting the material for the nest a little after dawn. Then they did more twig and mud collecting the following day, and every day after that.
Just after dawn their nest started taking form then it was completed by Male Eagle. The nest was ready just in time for the eggs which were laid a couple days after the nest was completed. There were four baby eagle eggs. Almost a week and a half after Female Eagle laid the eggs Male Eagle tried his best to hunt for both himself and Female Eagle because Female Eagle had to do the job of keeping the eggs warm.
The eggs hatched and there were two male and two female baby eagles. Male Eagle was now Father Eagle and Female Eagle was now Mother Eagle. Baby Eagle has two sisters and one brother. After months of Mother and Father Eagle trying to teach the baby eagles life skills to be able to live independently, all the eagles except one knew how to fly and or hunt salmon. One day Father Eagle grew impatient and forced Baby Eagle to try flying. He flew but he fell half-way down to the ground because he didn’t know how to believe in himself yet.
Baby Eagle lay there for days starving until a young girl wandering in the forest looking for berries for her village’s feast, noticed Baby Eagle and gently lifted him up and took him back with her to her village. (The village was next to the forest she lived in). After she nursed him back to health and fed him lots of salmon she told him “Don’t fly or hunt and just rest until you get better.” She noticed that he could not fly or hunt like the rest of the eagles. She told him one night “Never lose hope, never lose hope.” She kept repeating this until he fell asleep.
That night he had the most magical dream about his siblings flying off and learning how to hunt. He magically learned how because he dreamed of his brothers and sisters learning how to fly. The next day he was inspired to fly and hunt. To this day Baby Eagle stays mighty and courageous because of one normal village girl.
By Dakota W.
Division 1
Derek N.
How Wolf Got Its Food
One day in the Great Bear Rainforest, a wolf was setting up a trap. Wolf had been using them for a while, but now, Wolf realizes his traps are not working because the animals have gotten used to them. As a result, Wolf has no food to eat and he’s starving. He needs a new technique but is afraid that he might get hurt fighting with other animals. Meanwhile, a hunter hears Wolf complaining a kilometer away. Hunter runs to Wolf. ”You look like you need help,” says the Hunter. “Yes, I need help badly,” Wolf replies. Hunter tells Wolf to respect nature by not capturing animals with traps. He also teaches Wolf to sneak up on animals rather than capture or attack them. The Hunter takes Wolf to one of Wolf’s unstable and unsafe traps. “Look Wolf, your traps are designed to capture and never let go,” he says. “Yes, that’s the point,” Wolf replies. “I want you to try the new techniques that I taught you,” Hunter informs. “It would be better for nature,” Wolf tries it for a month, but in the beginning he is not successful. As Winter arrives, Wolf’s perseverance finally results in him learning how to gather food. Today, Wolf knows how to hunt quietly, and how to respect all living things.
By Derek N.
Division 1
Erica L.
How the Salmon got his scales
One day a long time ago, Salmon had no shiny and strong scales, Salmon was an easy predator.
One day in the ocean, Orca was on his daily swim to find food. Naturally Orca always tried to eat salmon because he was so easy to find, although he was much faster than Orca. Today Orca had no energy to chase Salmon so he said with a wicked grin “just wait and see Salmon, just you wait.”
Up above in the sky, Eagle was listening to Orca and heard his devious plan, Eagle felt sorry for salmon so eagle hatched a plan.
The next day Orca sneaked up on Salmon, but all of a sudden Eagle swooped down and poured a liquid on Salmon, who began to grow a beautiful armor of orange scales. When Orca tried to eat salmon nothing happen to Salmon but Orca lost some of his teeth, he tried again and again to eat Salmon but he ended up losing all his teeth. Orca learned a valuable lesson not to bully people or animals. Salmon was so happy that he had strong scales and he could camouflage. And that is how salmon had his scales.
By Erica L.
Division 1
Giordano M.
How the bear got mad at the humans
In the forest a long time ago, a bear was hunting for food for his family when he saw a bunch of hunters hunting for other bears. Bear got angry and went home to tell his family. His family was also angry so bear went out to find those hunters. When he found the hunters he said with anger: “Stop hunting our kind”! “Fine, we promise we will not hunt any more bears” said the hunters. So the hunters fled and went away. Bear accepted the promise and went home. The next morning bear could not believe his eyes when he looked around the forest. He saw the hunters hunting for more bears! So bear got even angrier. So bear went straight to the hunters and said “You broke your promise and now you will get what you deserve”. So bear smashed the ground with his fists and hit the ground so hard, grass came out of the ground. Since bear was still angry, he used the magic in his hands to make one of the hunter’s kids to come in his hands. All the hunters said “No do not hunt our kids. We swear we will not hunt any more bears”! So bear made the kid go back to where he came from and the entire group of hunter’s ran away in fear. And that is how Bear got mad at the humans.
By Giordano M.
Division 1
Gregory L.
How Raven Catches Fish
One day Raven was flying over the lake complaining about how he can’t catch any fish. “These fish sure like me today,” Raven said in a sarcastic voice. Then Raven sees Seawolf catching and eating all the fish in the lake. Raven flies toward Seawolf “Hello Seawolf, I was wondering if you could use your powers to knock the waves up so I can catch all the fish just like you?” asked Raven. “Sure, I can help you catch fish by knocking up the waves with my powers,” Answered Seawolf. So the next day, Raven saw that the waves were high in the air. “Now this is what I want to see” said Raven. Raven flew toward the lake and ate all the fish he could eat. Everything was going great but the waves were soaring so high in the air that the waves were landing on the village, and the houses were getting wrecked. “What have I done I’m ruining the village “Just so I can catch and eat fish” Raven thought in his head. Raven then flew to the place where Seawolf was knocking up the waves. “Seawolf”! Cried Raven “Can you stop knocking up the waves”. The waves are going up so high that they are destroying the village” said Raven. “Ok, I shall stop knocking the waves up” answered Seawolf. “Now, I understand that I cannot be selfish. “My actions affected others,” said Raven.
By Gregory L.
Division 1
Jason L.
How Octopus Got Eight Legs
One day, Raven was soaring in the sky when he noticed Octopus tearing up buildings with his strength. Raven flew down and heard Octopus saying, “I am the strongest and most handsome creature. “Yes, only I Octopus has talents,” yells Octopus. “I am the best, giant, human,” says Octopus. “Stop destroying things right now! If you don’t, you will get punished,” yelled Raven. Octopus smiled and grabbed Raven with his two strong legs and threw him into a tree, leaving him dizzy. When Raven recovered, all the buildings in the village were destroyed. Raven flew to Octopus with all his might and turned him, using his magic powers, into a small eight legged freak. Octopus changed rapidly from a giant human to a tiny eight legged worm. Octopus tried to lift up Raven but he was too weak. Octopus swam into the dark ocean, where he could protect himself from bigger fish that could attack him. Owl came to help Octopus when he heard him weeping. He saw Octopus on the beach crying. Owl asked “What’s wrong?” “Raven turned me into this!” he replied as he turned around. “My life is a lot harder now. Bigger fish are attacking me, and I can’t even defend myself. Creatures are also a lot scarier. I just wish my life could be the same as before. I promise that I will change my ways. I’ll even help the villagers build their buildings again.” added Octopus. “Octopus, I think you finally understand what you were doing wrong. I believe that you need to apologize to the villagers.” said Owl. Octopus nodded and understood what he needed to do. The next day, he went back to the village and apologized, and then he helped the villagers rebuild their houses. Raven came by and heard this and decided to turn Octopus back to his normal self. Octopus, however, still needed his eight legs to help the villagers rebuild their houses faster. Raven simply nodded and used his magic powers to give Octopus his eight legs once again.
By Jason L.
Division 1
Jela L.
How the Butterfly Learned to Fly
One day in the village, Butterfly decided to look out at the clouds. She then noticed many animals with wings flying, but since she didn’t know how to fly, she walked to the forest and started to flap her wings. While Eagle was flying up in the sky Eagle heard Butterfly crying and complaining so he swooped down into the forest. Eagle asked Butterfly “Why are you crying?” Butterfly said “I can’t fly! Every animal with wings in the village can!” Butterfly suddenly said “Eagle, can you make me into a bird like you?” Eagle then replied “Okay, but your flying will still be the same.” Butterfly replied “Oh, what do you know Eagle?” Eagle gave in to Butterfly’s wishes and concentrated his powers to transform Butterfly into an eagle like himself.
But even as an eagle Butterfly still couldn’t fly. She realized that trying to be someone other than who she is, is not the answer. Butterfly went and asked Eagle to transform her back into a butterfly and if he could help her learn to fly.
After many years of practicing Butterfly finally reached her goal and learned to fly with Eagle’s help and her own determination. Butterfly also learned that you can do many different things if you try very hard and have help from some friends.
By Jela L.
Division 1
Jela L.
John Z.
The Wolf That Tried His Best
One day in the woods, Wolf was racing with a group of wolves when he started to get mad. Raven was watching Wolf. Raven flew down and asked Wolf, “how come you’re so mad every week?” Wolf answered, “Because I always lose the race”. Wolf didn’t think that he could ever win. Wolf told Raven that there is going to be a prize for first place. “I’m not even going to try to win”, thought Wolf, “because I do not even have a chance to win”.
Raven asked Wolf if he wanted any super powers to which Wolf replied yes. Raven said that he will give him super powers if he trains hard and tries his best to win. Raven had a plan. Raven gave Wolf powers but Wolf didn’t know that the super powers only lasted for one day. And since the race is next week, Wolf wouldn’t have the powers during the race.
For the next seven days, Wolf trained hard for the race with his new special powers. On the day, Wolf was very confident of his abilities. Once the race started, Raven watched Wolf win from the top of a tree. After winning. Wolf was so happy and he came over to thank Raven for his help. Raven told Wolf the truth. He explained that he had done it on his own without any special powers. Wolf was surprised but happy with his effort. Wolf decided to share his prize with Raven.
By John Z.
Division 1
Karen W.
How the Turtle got its Shell
One sunny day, Turtle was crawling around the ocean. He wasn’t the only one there. Squirrel was sitting on the tree nearby chewing on acorns. Squirrel sees that Turtle only has a wrinkled back so he decided to “play around” with Turtle.
So suddenly out of nowhere, Turtle felt something pointy and hard on his back. He turned around and realizes that Squirrel has thrown an acorn at his sensitive back. Turtle asks, “Squirrel? Would you stop throwing acorns at my back? I’m getting a lot of acorn dents!” Squirrel replies, “No way! This is way too fun! You can’t stop me because you can’t catch me! Ha Ha!”
Turtle tries to run away from Squirrel but as you know, turtles are slow. So Turtle crawls to the King of Wishes, Orca, for help. Turtle slowly enters Orca’s lair. Turtle has this uneasy feeling, and that is fear. Turtle is scared of Orca because Orca is huge! Turtle starts to turn around and crawl out of Orca’s lair.
Outside the lair, Turtle sees Raven. Raven notices Turtle’s frightened face and asks Turtle,” What’s wrong Turtle?” Turtle replies,” Squirrel has been throwing acorns at my back. I was going to ask Orca for help, but I’m too scared of him. Now I don’t know what to do!” Raven thinks about it and finally says,” Turtle, you should be taking risks and be brave. I think you should just overcome your fear, take a deep breath and just walk in Orca’s lair. Anyway, this is for your good, isn’t it?” Turtle nods. Turtle takes a slow breath and crawls into Orca’s lair.
Orca hears some footsteps and booms,” Who’s there?” Turtle replies.” It’s me, Orca. I have come to get something to protect my back because Squirrel kept on throwing acorns on my back.” Orca says, “Very well. I will now give you a hard shell to protect your back.” Orca does his magic. When Turtle blinks, there was his shell. Now, whenever Squirrel throws an acorn at Turtle’s shell, it bounces back and hits Squirrel!
By Karen W.
Division 1
Khang N.
How Wolf learnt to be Part of a Team
One sunny day in the Spring Wolf, Rabbit, Beaver and Raccoon were about to have a race in the forest. Wolf was the fastest in the group. They were put into teams. Wolf and Beaver were teammates. When the race started, Wolf sped off and left everyone behind him including his partner Beaver who I was tailing in the back. As Wolf is speeding to the finish, he looked back only once to notice Beaver way back. He thought very hard but never stopped to help Beaver. Rabbit who was in second place called to Wolf “you know you can’t win until your teammate crosses the finish line”. Wolf thinks even harder but he does want to then rabbit uses his powers to change Beaver and Wolf’s bodies. Wolf doesn’t know that he is Beaver because Beaver, Rabbit and Raccoon are camouflaged to look like they are invisible. When Wolf looks down and see that he has Beaver’s paws he screams out “what is happening!” Rabbit laughs and tells wolf “this is what Beaver feels”. When wolf feels how Beaver feels he comes up with a plan to win the race. He tells Rabbit and Raccoon to wait for beaver so that they can all make it to the finish line together. They all agree and once beaver catches up with them they all run together to the finish line. Once the race was over Wolf said “It is nice to work as a team to finish a task” and that is how Wolf learnt to be part as a team
By Khang N.
Division 1
Kianna W.
Owl’s Fight Through Winter
One day Hummingbird came home and said “I’m so tired, I’m going to have a nap.” Owl came and said “You’re not the only one, I have eaten insects for winter. Is that all you’ve done?” asked Hummingbird. “Yes,” said Owl. Hummingbird said, “All day and night, you’ve been sitting on your nest while I get ready to migrate for the winter. I have gone from garden to garden getting nectar. I have gone by trees to pick and eat the insects.” “Did you get insects for me too?” asked Owl. “Yes, but next time you have to catch your own.” A few days passed and Hummingbird finished getting ready for migration but Owl had just started. Owl freaked out because he just realized that he’d done nothing to get himself ready for winter. Then he started sleeping a lot during the day. At night he looked for insects and small animals. He did this for the whole week.
Hummingbird said, “I’m ready to leave for the winter. I’ll see you in the spring.” Owl said, “Thank you for sticking around and trying to help with my behaviour. I learned that I have to do work during the summer and fall to get ready for winter.” Hummingbird replied, “No problem but you have to make a promise that you will get ready for winter each year.”
By Kianna W.
Division 1
Matteo C.
Why the wolf howls at the moon every night
One day, Raven went flying over the forest when he heard Wolf trying to howl. Raven noticed
Wolf looking sad. Raven asks Wolf why he can’t howl. Wolf replies “I never learned how to
howl.” “Do you want me to teach you?” asks Raven. “Yes.” said Wolf. “Should we go to the
tallest cliff?” Suggested Raven. “Ok” said Wolf. It took Raven and Wolf 5 hours to get to the top.
Raven gave Wolf a bit of advice. Wolf listened very carefully. Wolf raised his neck up 3 quarters
of the way and didn’t howl. Wolf was really mad so he walked away steaming mad. Wolf then
was grumbling to himself for a few minutes then when he screamed he didn’t, it was an AOOOOO, wolf
was happy then and thanked and apologized to Raven. Wolf then thought to himself whenever
he wanted to howl he had to get mad. Wolf was right. The next time he wanted to howl he couldn’t. Again, like last time he got mad, grumbled and howled and Wolf could howl ever since then.
By Matteo C.
Division 1
Matthias B.
When Nature Was Destroyed
There was a large green place full of grass and animals, no trees could be found for miles and miles.
There was a river going up the mountain far far away. Beside the river was a longhouse that housed
Only one, Grandpa. Grandpa became impatient with his old age; this affected the animals around him.
One day Whale was swimming down the stream when he noticed Grandpa planting some crops. All Whale did was watch. As days past, Grandpa would step out to check on his crops, but they never grew. After a while Grandpa got mad, and he pulled and pulled on his crops until they died. Whale, being the nice and wise animal asked Grandpa “What’s wrong?” Grandpa replied saying “These crops won’t grow”. Whale told Grandpa to hop on his back to take a little ride. Whale dove down into what seemed like the bottom of the river, but a vast and large ocean, where Grandpa met Whale’s family. Whale took Grandpa to a hunting spot where he would wait for krill. Grandpa grew impatient; Whale noticed and told Grandpa “if I don’t wait I’ll starve…patience is essential”. After Whale dropped Grandpa off back at his longhouse, grandpa apologized to the crops and planted new ones. Grandpa then never hurts his crops again and in return the crops grew right away.
By Matthias B.
Division 1
Migue L.
Miguel_Leon Li
How Bear And Porcupine Learned To Respect The Environment
Once upon a time, Porcupine was walking in the forest when he accidently met Bear. They played a couple of games together for a while, and soon became best friends. It got dark so Porcupine said “goodnight” and Bear said “see ya” and then they headed home. The next day, they met each other at the river and Porcupine suggested playing another game. Porcupine said the rules were to dig up a hole and fill it up with branches from trees, before breaking them into tiny pieces by jumping on them. The first one to fill the hole up with branches and break them into tiny pieces wins the game. So they began to gather branches by breaking them off the trees. By the time they were done, Bear had won the game. Soon after, they both went home. The next morning, they played the same game again and they started to collect branches but this time Porcupine won because Bear slept part way through the game. When Beaver and Owl saw what had happened to the forest, they both got angry because now Owl had no place to perch on, and Beaver didn’t have enough branches to build a new dam. “Look at what you two have done to our habitat,” yelled Beaver and Owl. At that moment, Porcupine and Bear took a look at the forest, and realized how badly they had damaged the habitat of tons of animals. So Porcupine and Bear agreed that they shouldn’t have ever done that because there are negative consequences to their actions. They knew what Beaver and Owl were experiencing. So from that day on, Porcupine and Bear said that they would never ever play that game again, and promised to start respecting the environment.
By Miguel L.
Division 1
Nicholas L.
How The Rabbit Didn’t Keep His Promise
One day Rabbit went on a hunt for food but he had a very hard time finding food. So he asked Raven for help. Raven was very busy that day so he said no. then Rabbit bag Raven for help, finally he said OK. But you must pay me back by getting me a ton of fish. So the Rabbit said fine then. When Rabbit walked down to the water he realizes that he couldn’t swim. But he knew a good friend that could swim. The Rabbit hollered out and said whale please help me. The whale loved to help Rabbit, so whale asked what Rabbit wanted him to do Rabbit said can you please get me a ton of fish? Then Whale got just under a ton of fish for Rabbit. When Rabbit was walking home he got really hungry so he ate all the fish. The day came for the exchange when Raven realizes that he didn’t bring any fish, he flew to Rabbits family and took them all. After that he ran to the water and tried calling for whale again whale was very tired to he went to sleep. The Rabbit made a boat and a net to catch fish but it was harder than you think, he tried and tried but it was no use so the next day he tried again so finally he gave up. Then he spotted Whale so he hollered out and said whale please help me again. The whale swam to Rabbit and asked him what do you need this time? He said more fish, the whale swam out and got a ton of fish for Rabbit. Then he ran to raven’s house and gave him the fish after Rabbit asked for his family back then raven said if you do this again I will not give you back your family. So after that Rabbit learned to always keep your promises.
By Nicholas L.
Division 1
Sandra C.
Bear’s Lesson
As Bear walks to the stream to catch fish for his family, he sees Grandfather and Grandson reeling in fish. As bear watches them, he soon realizes that they’ve caught more than they can eat in a week! Bear walks towards the two with a fierce and angry look on his face. Bear yells, “NEVER COME BACK! YOU ARE REMOVING TOO MUCH FISH FROM THE STREAM!” Grandfather and Grandson ran off into the forest, leaving with their pails of fish. Two weeks after that incident, Grandfather and Grandson had run out of fish. Grandson cries, “Grandpa, what do we eat now? Bear will not let us fish anymore because we’ve taken too much fish from the stream.” Grandfather realizes that they did take too much fish from the stream and goes to apologize to Bear. Bear gives Grandfather and Grandson a second chance, but if Grandfather and Grandson take too much fish again, Bear will banish them into the forest. To help Grandpa and Grandson survive in the forest, Bear kindly taught them about berries and other sources of food. Grandpa and Grandson promised Bear they will take care of the environment by taking only what they need and not to waste sources that can be used by other creatures.
By Sandra C.
Division 1
Sandy D.
How Dragonfly Got Its Wings
One day dragonfly was flying around when noticed an old lady. The dragonfly flew down to the old lady. The lady however tricks the dragonfly to give her the flying powers. After the old lady flew away with the flying powers, Dragonfly became so sad as she started crying as he walked through the forest. Then Dragonfly bumped into moose and he asked her why she is crying? Dragonfly my flying powers to an old lady she tricked me too give her powers by, telling me that if you give me the powers first I’ll give you food. Oh no, said the moose. Let’s go find her and ask her for your powers back. So moose and dragonfly searched everywhere. After 10 minutes Moose saw the old lady and asked if she could return the powers to dragonfly. The old lady she said yes I’m tired of my flying powers! So the old lady gave the flying powers to moose. Moose went to dragonfly and gave the powers back. Dragonfly thanked him.
By Sandy D.
Division 1
Victor V.
Victor_Villavicencio Guerra
How the night was created
Once upon a time, Raven was resting in the mountains, when he heard a boy complaining about the day light, “Grandma, I hate the day light. I see it every day and it is too hot and bright. Can I open the box with the night light? “Grandma replies “NO! I will not let you open the box with the night light. It’s for me and for me only.” When Raven heard the argument, he started to think how he could steal the box. His strategy was to try to convince Grandma to give him the box. Next day, Raven visited Grandma, but she still refused to give it to him. Raven said “Grandma, please open the box with the night light. Animals cannot rest, and your own Grandchild cannot sleep. We need the night light on so we can all rest.” Grandma shouted “NO!” with anger and greediness. Raven went back to the mountains to re-think his strategy. Grandchild went to Raven in the mountains and said “we need to get the box. I am really tired and I want to take a long nap. “Raven replied “okay, here is the plan. I’m going to distract Grandma while you remove the box.” That evening, Raven and Grandchild went over to Grandma. While Raven spoke to Grandma, Grandchild took the box with the night light and he opened the soft lighting box. The Grandchild asked “Grandma, why were you hiding something so beautiful?” Grandma replied “I never slept when I was a little girl, so I decided to keep all the night light so everybody can experience my feelings” Raven replies to Grandma “I feel your pain Grandma. I have lived for many years, and I have experienced the irritating day light. I haven’t slept well either, but now we can all sleep. “
By Victor V.
Division 1
Wilson Y.
How Rabbit Got Long Ears
One day on the mountain, a little boy challenged Rabbit to a race, but Rabbit refused so the boy made fun of Rabbit’s short ears. Rabbit got angry and he said “fine, I accept your challenge and I will race you”. The race started at the bottom of the mountain. The little boy said, “the winner will be the one who reaches the top of the mountain first.” They both dashed off. First Rabbit was in the lead then the boy took the lead, this pattern continued for a while along the path of the mountain. Suddenly they both fell. Rabbit accused the little boy and said ”you pushed me”, but the little boy screamed back ”no, you pushed me!” But then they both realised the path was slippery. So the race continued through the dangers of the mountain like the snow, the cold, and the ice. They ran through the snow. Rabbit just kept going because he has fur, but the little boy got cold, so he put on his fur jacket and kept on going. Then they came on to a rocky field with bumpy roads and falling rocks, the little boy said “it’s too dangerous Rabbit!” But Rabbit didn’t care he just kept hopping and hopping until a rock fell on his ears. The little boy panicked and went to aid Rabbit. Rabbit was in pain but he didn’t cry to show the boy how strong a rabbit can be even though rabbits are small. The little boy tried lifting the rock but it was too heavy, he tried kicking the rock but he hurt his leg. Finally he tried pulling Rabbit and it worked, Rabbit was free
from the rock, but due to the pulling Rabbit’s short ears were now long. The little boy said to Rabbit ”sorry about your ears.” Rabbit replied ”its ok I guess, I can hear better now because my ears are longer.” Then Rabbit said, “a lesson we both learned is think before you act.” The little boy agreed with Rabbit
By Wilson Y.
Division 1
 Yvonne L.
How Kingfisher Became King
In the deep, deep forest there was a small bird that was about the same size as an adult’s fist. Kingfisher was mumbling out loud and Chief heard him and was curious about what Kingfisher was saying. Chief walked closer and heard him state, “I am bad at fishing but I’m called the Kingfisher.” Chief saw that Kingfisher was sad. So Chief decided to help him but Kingfisher said, “No, because people will make fun of me.” Then, Kingfisher told Chief that his family was starving. So after he thought about what Chief had said, Kingfisher finally said “Okay.” Later on when Kingfisher got trained, he failed many times and said “I want to give up!” But chief insisted on trying again. Over time Kingfisher improved and was finally able to support his family. After a week, Chief successfully taught Kingfisher how to fish. Kingfisher gave a thank you gift to Chief. It was a basket of fish caught by Kingfisher himself! Kingfisher learned to never give up and to keep on trying.
By Yvonne L.
Division 1