Div 5

Alexander C.
How Frogs Are So Small
One day Ribbit the frog, was crunching insects by himself in the forest. Then Eagle was staring at Ribbit and thought how small he was compared to himself. Afterwards, Owl came and he was whispering to Eagle about how tiny Ribbit was compared to themselves. Then one afternoon, Eagle and Owl told Ribbit how tiny he was. Next, Ribbit said, “Stop making fun of me! Just because I am smaller than you, it doesn’t mean you can make fun of me!” So Owl and Eagle gave Ribbit a compliment about how good Ribbit was at catching insects. Ever since then, Ribbit practiced and practiced until he was an expert at catching insects.
One day, Eagle saw Ribbit again and said, “Ribbit you are an expert at catching insects now!” Ribbit was very pleased with the compliment. Then Owl came and said, “Ribbit you are so good at catching insects now”. Ribbit thanked them for the compliments and then Eagle and Owl became friends with Ribbit. Owl, Eagle and Ribbit also talked about flying and how good Owl and Eagle were at flying and they were the best of friends ever since.
By Alexander C.
Alex B.
How the Skunk Got the Smell
A long time ago, there was Skunk who was very tricky. This is how the story goes. In the forest, Turtle was looking at chestnut but at the speed of light, Skunk stole the chestnut before Turtle got there. Turtle yawned. Next, Raven went to meet Skunk. Raven brought salmon and Skunk brought a chestnut. They both split their meals to share.
After a fabulous dinner Skunk farted over and over again. Raven couldn’t stand the smell so he dashed away. Skunk kept on farting until the Great Spirit came down from the river. The Great Spirit yelled, “You like the stinky smell but I don’t!” Skunk laughed, “Yes.” Then, the Great Spirit whispered that this smell will stay with him. With magical powers, the Great Spirit turned Skunk smelly. Then the Great Spirit walked away. When Raven came back, he complained, “What is that awful smell?” Skunk muttered, “It’s me.” Raven sighed, “You have to learn your manners.” Skunk said, “I’ll try.” And that is how the skunk became smelly.
By Alex B.
Division 5
 Anna F.
How Eagle Got His Bald Head
It was January 1st and it was late in the forest. Eagle was planning to trick Owl when no one was awake so no one will see him. So Eagle sneaked up on Owl but Owl saw that he was about to jump and scare her so she flew away before Eagle jumped. Then at midnight, Eagle got a visit from the Spirit of the Forest in his sleep. The Spirit whispered, “Eagle, please don’t play anymore tricks in my forest. If you do, I’ll put a curse on you so every time you play a trick, you will lose a handful of your feathers.”
The next morning, Eagle remembered what the Spirit of the Forest told him but he just thought it was all a dream so he forgot about it and he started planning another trick. After playing a trick on Hummingbird, he started to lose his feathers but he didn’t noticed so he went on to trick Owl. Eagle continued to play tricks on his friends all month. Now it was the 31st of January and Eagle noticed that his feathers were all gone! He was scared that all of the animals will laugh at him so he hid in a nearby cave for the rest of February.
One month has passed and all his feathers grew back except the ones on his head. That’s why Eagles are now called “Bald Eagles”.
ByAnna F.
Division 5
 Anson C.
Jumper’s Curse
Once upon a time in a mystical place called Lilypad Islands, Frog was wandering around the lakes when Raven flew down onto a rock. Then in the water, Salmon approached Frog. He said, “Whoever can get near and talk to Raven they will get one wish.
Salmon asked Frog if he could throw him over to Raven so he could ask him for legs. But Frog just ignored him and left. Later, Raven was still on that rock when a bunch of flies flew above a high oak tree. Frog saw them as soon as they went up there, but Frog knew he couldn’t reach them with his tongue.
So Frog rushed over to Raven and said he wished for the ability to jump high. Then before Raven could say anything about Salmon or that it was an eternal curse, Frog made Raven use his magic. After that, Frog jumped up and grabbed the flies with one lick and enjoyed feasting for a few hours.
After that, he went back to the rock that Raven was standing on to tell Raven that he wished to turn his new power off for a while. But this time, Raven was gone. He looked around and then he asked Salmon if he saw Raven. But Salmon said he had no idea where Raven was. Salmon also said that Raven was trying to tell him that it was an eternal curse. But Frog didn’t believe Salmon, well at least for now.
After a week Frog thought about what Salmon said and thought it might be true. Then right beside the river, Bear was telling everyone that he saw Raven fly up the most dangerous mountain. Frog thought to himself for a bit, a thought that only Raven could help him. He packed a jar of fresh flies and gathered up everything he needed and headed up the mountain.
Frog knew this mountain very well when he could still walk, but now jumping instead of walking made it a lot harder to climb. Except now he could dodge the giant boulders easily. By then he had gotten very hungry on the way up so he unpacked the flies and ate half of them and jumped across a giant stream. Just then, a shadow from above the mountain told him Raven was near.
That’s when a voice in Frog’s head told him it was his punishment for ignoring everyone and only thinking about himself. So Frog started to climb down the mountain. It turns out that voice wasn’t in his head, it was just Raven teaching him a lesson. Over time, Frog learned to like his ability.
By Anson C.
Div. 5
 Anthony X.
The Orca Who Saves the Sea
One day, in a village far far away, some kids were playing. Other kids were swimming and their parents were working very hard. Then a lot of salmon came rushing in and all the kids jumped out of the river. Then one kid tried to shoot a salmon. A boy tried to stop him from shooting the salmon but it was too late. Then, the salmon dried up the river, ocean and the sea.
Afterwards, the chief wanted to send the bravest men to go see the Lord of the Sea. But the men were scared to go to the Lord of the Sea. Then a little boy said, “I will go”. Everyone was laughing at him. Then the chief said, “Just ignore them and here, you shall take this on your little journey.” “Thank you, “said the boy. While everyone was still laughing, the boy said, “Goodbye.” But nobody heard him because everybody kept on laughing. The boy asked the chief, “How will I get there?” “I will call Eagle,” said the chief.
Then, Eagle came and said,” What do you need?” “Can you bring this boy to the Lord of the Sea?” “Yes, I will” said Eagle. Then the boy jumped on Eagle’s back and so they went. Finally, they got to the Lord of the Sea. Then, the boy said to him, “Our village is in danger!” “Why?” asked the Lord of the Sea, who was actually an orca. “Well because I accidentally killed a salmon!” the boy confessed. The orca was willing to save the sea because of the boy’s honesty. Then Eagle flew away so the boy rode on the Lord of the Sea. They went to the boy’s village and saved the sea.
By Anthony X.
Division 5
 Brandan C.
Cousin Wolf and Little Wolf
One bright day, Cousin Wolf wakes up Little Wolf to go hunting. He says, ‘’Little Wolf, Little Wolf, wake up for I have no time to wait for you.’’ So Little Wolf gets up to go hunting. They discover a new land to hunt on. Cousin Wolf always thinks he’s the best because he catches the most. Cousin Wolf sees a deer so he runs after it and pounces on it.
They go home and Little Wolf asks if he can have some of the meat, but Cousin Wolf says, “Little Wolf, Little Wolf, this meat is mine. You can get your own meat.” Little Wolf says fine and goes to sleep. Then Cousin wolf states that he’ll find a better sleeping place for himself.
Cousin Wolf wanders off and finds a cave to sleep in. Suddenly, a huge Spirit bear walks out and tells Cousin Wolf to never again leave a friend’s side and to share the gift from nature to all of his friends. At this sight, Cousin Wolf runs as fast as he could back to Little Wolf, shares half of his meat and never again leaves his side.
By Brandan C.
Division 5
Chia N.
The Raven Made the Berries Disappear
Once upon a time, berries grew in the winter time. One day, there was a little girl and her brother. They were fighting over who gets to eat the berries that they found. “I should eat the berries because I am small,” said the girl. “I want to eat the berries because I am tall and I need food to get even taller,” said the boy.
Then Raven came to the patch and made all the berries disappear. The boy and the girl looked for the berries but they did not find them anywhere. So the boy said, “Let’s look for the berries in the tree.” The girl helped the boy and the girl looked everywhere to find the berries. They did not find it. They did not find it because the Raven made the berries disappear. After many months, it was summer time and the berries started to grow again. The little girl and her brother remembered not to fight this time.
By Chia N.
Division 5
Clark C.
How The Turtle Got His Shell
One hot summer day, Turtle zoomed past Rabbit and Bear while they were walking through the forest. Many, many years ago, Turtle did not have his heavy shell to weigh him down. Turtle gloated, “I’m way faster than you Bear, but Rabbit might give me at least a little competition!” Well Rabbit and Bear did not like this one bit. Rabbit and Bear challenged Turtle to a race through the forest, but Turtle said they shouldn’t bother. Rabbit and Bear would not give up that easily! Finally, Turtle agreed and marked the finish and start lines.
Turtle beat them easily. Turtle boasted, “See I told you I’m way faster than you!” Suddenly Turtle disappeared, and Rabbit and Bear felt the earth shake. They soon thought that Turtle had just ran off at an incredible speed. But it was actually the Great Spirit calling him to the spiritual world, where he gave Turtle a heavy shell. “Put it on,” bellowed the Great Spirit. So Turtle did, and suddenly it locked to his body! When Turtle tried to move, the shell weighed him down. “You are banished to the ocean,” bellowed the Great Spirit, “now go”. When he returned, he apologized to his friends and went to live in the ocean.
And that is how Turtle got his shell.
By Clark C.
Division 5
Diego F.
Beluga, Orca and Salmon
Beluga and Orca are getting fish and they see a salmon. The salmon says, “Don’t eat me.” The salmon yells, “A whirlpool is coming!”
The beluga doesn’t believe him and says, “He’s just kidding.”
Finally, Orca sees the whirlpool and screams, “Swim as fast you can!” Beluga gets stuck in the whirlpool but Orca pushes Beluga out.
They say thank you to Salmon and doesn’t eat him.
By Diego F.
Division 5
Dylan N.
Raven’s Magical Feather
Once upon a time, there were four friends. They were Raven, Eagle, Raccoon and Wolf. One night, Raven went to sleep. He forgot to hide his magical feather somewhere safe. He had found the feather under a big rock one day. Then, Raccoon stole the magic feather ran to his burrow in the woods. He did this even though he knew the feather belonged to Raven.
The next morning, Raven was surprised to see that his feather was not there. He asked Eagle if he stole the feather. Eagle replied “no”. Then, Raven asked Raccoon if he stole the feather. Raccoon lied to Raven and said “no”. Next, Raven went to ask Wolf. Wolf said that he saw something climb Raven’s tree and went down with something like a feather. So, Raven told Eagle what Wolf had said.
After that, Raven, Eagle and Wolf ran to Raccoon’s burrow to question Raccoon. Suddenly, Wolf realized what happened and told everyone that he saw Raccoon take the feather. Raccoon apologized to Raven and returned the feather. Eagle punished Raccoon by painting stripes on Raccoon’s tail. And that is why raccoons have stripes on their tails.
By Dylan N.
Division 5
Heather P.
How Turtle Got His Shell
One day, Turtle was walking in the forest and he noticed something that all other turtles had but him it was a shell! If a turtle does not have a shell, he does not have a home. Turtle was really sad! Even Hummingbird and Raven had a home!
Later that day, Humming Bird passed by and cheered Turtle up. Then she gave him a map to find a shell and Turtle got really happy. Raven was really tricky so he cut up the map and rearranged the pieces. Later Turtle followed the trick map and got lost. He knew it was Raven because the map had feathers glued to it.
Soon he managed to find Hummingbird and together they set a trick on Raven by gluing his feet to the ground with SUPER GLUE! Then they found a perfect shell. It was even carved by a famous turtle who passed away. Raven learned his lesson and that’s how Turtle got his shell.
By Heather P.
Division 5
Isabella C.
Help A Friend
A long, long time ago, a big black raven played a trick on a little wolf by taking the food that the little wolf caught. The wolf was so sad, he could cry river but he did not. The hummingbird heard the little wolf crying so the hummingbird talked to the wolf. The little wolf sobbed, “The raven took my food.” The hummingbird asked, “Why don’t we get a net and set it up in the tree?”
The raven was flying and he needed to rest so he flew down on to the tree and right into the net. The net got him. The raven learned the lesson: Don’t play tricks on people.
By Isabella C.
Division 5
Ivan P.
Why Is Eagle Bald?
Once upon a time, in a forest nearby was a cave. In the cave, was a big brown bear who had a broken leg. He told Raven and Eagle to get him some food ‘. When they came this is what Bear said, “Raven will get the honey and Eagle will get the fish.’’ Raven stole the honey from the honey tree and Eagle caught as many salmon as he could. Wolf came along and he yelled at Raven, “Want to trade my fish for the honey?” Raven said yes.
Three days later, the two came back to Bear’s cave. Bear asked where the honey was. Then Eagle yelled at Raven, “Where is the honey”? Then Raven lit Eagle’s head on fire because Eagle yelled at him. That is why Eagles are bald now. Then, Eagle ran to the lake to rinse his head. Raven, on the other hand was laughing his head off! When Eagle came back, he picked up Raven and threw him into the lake. Bear was just watching them fight. Bear said whoever wins will get all the fish! The other animals yelled at them to stop fighting! Then Bear growled so loud, it broke the sound barrier. “Stop fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They stopped fighting but Eagle and Raven never saw each other and talked to each other again.
By Ivan P.
Division 5
Karl P.
Why Raven Is So Crafty
One day Raven wanted to pull a prank on Eagle. Raven flew to ask Owl what kind of prank he should pull on Eagle. Owl warned Raven not to pull a prank on Eagle or else he will be very mad. Raven told Owl that he won’t pull the prank on Eagle but Owl knew Raven was lying.
The next day, Raven got some water balloons to throw at Eagle. Raven made a small sling shot with three sticks and three rubber bands. When Eagle flew by, he would shoot the water balloons at him. Soon, Eagle came flying by and Raven shot the water balloons at him. Many of the balloons missed but a few hit Eagle. Even though only a few hit Eagle he was still soaked with water. When Eagle landed next to Raven, Eagle was mad at Raven for pulling the prank on him. Eagle told Raven to never do that again because he might hurt other animals and he might hurt the trees because he need wood to build the sling shot. Raven apologized to Eagle and Raven and also said that he won’t pull pranks anymore. Eagle forgave him.
Eagle didn’t trust Raven so he spied on Raven to find out what he was doing next. Raven was about to pull a prank on Owl! Eagle flew to tell Owl that Raven was going to pull a prank on him. Owl and Eagle flew to Raven to surprise him. When they found Raven getting ready to pull the prank on Owl. They snuck up on Raven. Eagle tapped Raven’s back and when he turned around, he found Eagle and Owl standing there both looking very mad. Raven told Owl and Eagle that he wasn’t pulling a prank on Owl.
Eagle asked why Raven was pulling a prank on Owl and why he broke his promise. Owl told Raven to never lie to anyone. Raven said he will never lie to anyone from now on and he won’t pull anymore pranks. Raven lied again so Eagle and Owl gave up on telling Raven to stop lying. Ever since Eagle and Owl gave up, Raven never made another friend.
By Karl P.
Division 5
Patreece K.
Why Raccoon is Always in our Garbage
Long, long ago, Raccoon was treated like a king because he had all the food. All the animals lived in the tall mountains. There was Eagle, King Fisher, Wolf, Bear and of course Raccoon. Eagle was the best fisher among the rest of them. But they all helped each other and worked together, except Raccoon.
Raccoon stayed home and slept because he was so lazy and a bit chubby. One day, Raccoon was so hungry that he ate the rest of the emergency food and waited to be fed the rest of the food. When the animals all came back, Raccoon gobbled up all the food without sharing with Eagle, King Fisher, Wolf and Bear. They were looking forward to the feast they had brought home. This wasn’t the first time Raccoon did this and they all tried talking to raccoon but he didn’t listen. They had no choice but to send Raccoon down the mountains to live by himself and look for his own food.
That is why Raccoon is always in the garbage looking for food today.
By Patreece K.
Division 5
Rachel W.
How the Raven Became a Trickster
Once upon a time, there was a raven sleeping on a seashell on the ocean. Raven fell off the seashell and panicked, but then Eagle heard Raven panicking, so Eagle rescued Raven. Raven was tired of panicking and he went back to sleep. Eagle said, “Are you going to stay here all night?” “Yep,” yawned Raven. When Eagle flew away, Raven got scared. Raven believed in himself and he believed he can be a trickster. Earlier, Frog told him a story about being a trickster. Raven loved that story and he was so tired he fell asleep, after Frog disappears.
Eagle looked at the forest and he saw Raven sleeping near the fire. Eagle made a nice warm blanket for Raven. It was morning and Raven was so warm, then a big storm was about to destroy the forest. Raven was worried but he tried to be brave. Raven warned everybody in the forest. Everybody left the forest, but the forest did not get destroyed. Raven was getting the hang of the loneliness and he started to be a trickster and he became the king of tricksters.
By Rachel W.
Division 5
Rachel Y.
How Butterfly Became Friends With The Animals
Once upon a time, Butterfly was working around the forest. Hummingbird came along and asked, “Do you need help?’’ Butterfly said rudely, ‘’No! I do not need help.” After a while, Hummingbird disappeared! Butterfly was sad and disappointed. She went to Hummingbird and said, ‘’ Can you help me please? ‘’ ‘’ Sure” said Hummingbird, ‘’ and can you get Dragonfly too?’’ ‘’Sure” said Butterfly. They went to Dragonfly and asked, ‘’ Can you help us? “Dragonfly replied, ‘’Yes!” Ever since then, they all lived in peace.
By Rachel Y.
Division 5
Reina C.
Reina Rose_Castaneda
How The Octopus Got Eight Legs and Learned to Squirt Ink
Once upon a time, Octopus and Salmon were playing a game of tag. You see, tag is easier to play underwater for Octopus and Salmon. Then Orca came over. Nobody liked Orca. Orca was the undersea bully. Orca stared at Octopus’s four legs then said, ‘’ Ha, ha you look funny!” Octopus was heartbroken. His heart was sad because of Orca.
Suddenly Orca started pulling Octopus’s legs! Salmon shouted, “Stop, you are hurting my best friend!” Octopus yelled, “Stop please! You are hurting me!” Then something unbelievable happened! The pulling from Orca did, caused four more legs to sprout! One then two, then three and then four legs! Salmon did the math, 4+4= 8 legs! Octopus was extremely mad at Orca. He pushed his tentacles up then down and then SQUIRTED! Orca was covered all over with inky black spots! Orca was white originally, but when Octopus’s ink splashed on him, the spots stayed forever and ever! So that is why every time you see an Orca, it is white and black all over the body. Every time you see an Octopus, it has eight legs instead of four.
So that is the story of how Octopus got eight legs and learned to squirt ink.
By Reina C.
Division 5
Ronald B.
The Wolf That Got Ambush
One day, a pack of wolves were hunting a deer together using team work. Then some human hunters came to the forest to do some hunting. One of the human hunters hit one of the wolves so the deer was able to dance away and escape. The wolf that got hit was knocked out. He had been hit with a hard stick. The other wolves laid him on some soft grass and let him rest and recover for a while.
One of the wolves decided he would try to follow the deer that had danced away. The wolf followed the deer and then attacked the dancing deer. The two remaining healthy wolves chased the human hunter. The two wolves got the human hunter on the ground. The wolves said to the hunter, “Don’t come and hurt the wolf pack because the wolf pack has never hurt you or your people. We have always respected you and we think you should respect us.” The human hunter agreed that the humans did not need to harm or hurt the wolf pack anymore.
Then some of the wolves carried the injured wolf back to their home where he continued to rest. Soon, all the wolves were healthy and back at home. The wolf that got knocked out rested and then recovered completely in five days.
By Ronald B.
Division 5
Salina H.
Why Do Frogs Always Wait For Their Food To Fly Down
A long time ago, there was a frog. The frog can jump very high to catch food like dragonflies and butterflies. One day an enraged raven saw the frog catching all the butterflies and dragonflies so he flew back to his home and made a butterfly and a dragonfly out of paper. When he was done, he put it outside on the ground. The next day, the frog saw a butterfly and only one dragonfly so he ate them. As he ate, he thought they were the tastiest butterfly and dragonfly.
The next morning, the frog got very sick. He realized that the paper butterfly and dragonfly’s insides were filled with a lot of repugnant mud. So the frog never jumped again. Instead, he always waited until his food flew down and ate them.
One day, there were no more butterflies and dragonflies so he looked everywhere but he couldn’t find anything. So he had to eat something else like fruit flies and he went to look for fruit flies. Soon he had eaten all the fruit flies then he had to eat other things but he didn’t know how to eat other food. So he was sad that there were no more flies.
Then the frog went for a walk and on the other side of the mountain, he found fresh water and more fruit flies, dragonflies and more butterflies. So he went to the other side of the mountain and started to eat the flies. From here on, the frog only ate when he is hungry and not for fun. He does not jump up to catch but he waits until the flies come down then he eats them. But one day when he was so hungry he quickly jumped up and caught a butterfly and put it inside his big mouth. When he started eating, he quietly said that this butterfly taste revolting because it tasted like a worm with salt on top of it. So the next day he never ate butterflies again because of the butterfly yesterday. So he would always remember what happened forever.
By Salina H.
Division 5
 Sandy G.
Be Kind to Your Friends
A long time ago, Hummingbird, Dragonfly, and Butterfly were in a meadow working to make sure that the flowers in the meadow were blooming beautifully. Hummingbird was a shy and beautiful, but very clever bird. She was easily irritated, especially when others made fun of her.
One day, when Hummingbird was working, Butterfly and Dragonfly came over to her. “Your beak looks so weird when it’s long,” Dragonfly laughed. She pointed at Hummingbird’s beak. “You look like a goblin with the green feathers,” Butterfly pointed out. The two of them laughed aloud. “You chose to help tulips?!” Butterfly and Dragonfly added together. “Daisies and sunflowers would be a lot better than ugly tulips!” Hummingbird was very annoyed by their words. She was angrier than she looked.
Hummingbird thought of an amazing plan. When Dragonfly and Butterfly were not looking, she used her super-secret magic spell to wilt the two other insects’ daisies and sunflowers. When they returned and saw that the flowers have wilted, they gasped in surprise. “Ha ha, you two now have no flowers to water,” laughed Hummingbird. She made fun of them back so that Butterfly and Dragonfly can understand how rude it is to make fun of others. “Now you two can’t earn your special wishes,” added Hummingbird.
“What happened to our flowers?” Dragonfly groaned in a trance.
“It was me who did this,” Hummingbird laughed. “That’s so you two can learn a lesson. You two should admit that you did something wrong.”
“We’re truly sorry,” Dragonfly and Butterfly apologized together. Then, Hummingbird gave them new seeds to water.
Now Butterfly and Dragonfly became friends with Hummingbird after learning a lesson. The three friends got back to work. Butterfly and Dragonfly no longer made fun of Hummingbird, and they worked together nicely in harmony. After they finished their jobs, their boss was proud of all of them for their hard work and granted each one a wish.
“I wish for beautiful patterned and colourful wings,” Butterfly gasped dramatically for her wish. Hummingbird wished that she and her friend, Loon won’t argue with each other. Dragonfly wished that no one would brag, taunt or make fun of her when she lost a game.
Butterfly’s solid red wings became beautiful and colourful. They also saw that all the other butterflies’ solid coloured wings turned bright and colourful. Hummingbird and Loon did not argue with each other anymore. They played with each other nicely and happily. Even though Dragonfly came last in a race. No one made fun of her, but instead her friends reassured her, “That was a good try, Dragonfly.”
By Sandy G.
Division 5
Shoei I.
Hummingbird and Raven
Once upon a time, Raven was chopping down trees. Hummingbird lived in the forest and she loved flying from tree to tree. Hummingbird wanted to stop Raven so she played a trick on Raven and put up a fake tree. The fake tree looked real but it was much stronger than a real tree. Raven tried to chop it down but he couldn’t harm the tree no matter how many times he tried. Raven got mad and he stopped chopping down trees. He let the forest grow for many years. Soon, there were more trees than ever before. That is why BC has big forests today.
By Shoei I.
Division 5
Thomas H.
Why is Eagle Bald?
It was a beautiful summer day in the mountains. In the animal village, Bear and Kingfisher went fishing and caught many fish. On the way back to the river, Raccoon stole all the fish and Raven tricked Kingfisher and Bear into falling into a trap. Eagle decided to go searching for Bear and Kingfisher. He saw that they were in a trap, while Raven and Raccoon were having a feast.
So as a punishment, Raven and Raccoon had to get fish for the village for two weeks, but before that, they had to free Bear and Kingfisher from the trap. Now Raven and Raccoon have been fishing for one week, so Raccoon whispered to Raven that they should get revenge on Eagle for punishing them. While they were planning, Wolf came and scared them so they ran back to the village. Then they quickly told Eagle that Salmon was in trouble (which was just a trick). When Eagle got to the river he was so exhausted that he fell asleep. Then they pulled all of the feathers off Eagle’s head, but luckily Wolf came along and scared Raven and Raccoon so much that all their feathers and fur fell off. Finally Kingfisher came back and said to Raven that it was karma for tricking Eagle. So Raven and Raccoon had a very cold winter but by spring, their feathers and fur grew. unfortunately but Eagle’s never did…
By Thomas H.
Division 5
Vanessa W.
How Frogs Got Their Long Tongues
Once there was a friendly, but shy frog. His best friend, Fish was nice and open minded. One day Frog was starving as he sat on his large lily pad in a small, peaceful pond in the forest. He saw a fly. He stuck out his tongue to eat it, but his tongue was too short! Frog never got to have any food. Whenever he hopped close to flies, they just flew away. Frog wished for something added to his body so he could catch food. Only one person could give him something. It was the Great Spirit. But even the thought of going up to the Great Spirit frightened him. He decided to go to Fish for advice.
Fish volunteered to coach Frog to talk to The Great Spirit in return of nothing. Fish is such a good friend, Frog thought. I’m lucky to have her. So the next morning, Fish was telling Frog what to say. At first, Frog was slow, but things began to pick up. Frog felt his confidence boost up, and was suddenly ready. Fish gave him a pep talk and then Frog went to the Great Spirit. He took a deep breath and did some meditation.
“Hello, Great Spirit,” Frog stammered. “Why, hello Frog. What brings you here today?” the Great Spirit asked. Frog couldn’t bring himself to talk. But then, Frog remembered his training. “I want to ask for something added to me so I can catch food,” Frog explained. The Great Spirit laughed, “Frog, I knew you were going to come!” Frog looked puzzled. “I am the Great Spirit. I know and see everything. I knew you’d come! If you need something, just come to me. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I think you deserve something, since you gathered the courage to come talk to me. I’m very proud of you.” The Great Spirit smiled.
Frog had gotten a tongue extension for his courage. From then on, he could catch all the flies he could ever want. Frog wasn’t shy anymore and adored his new tongue. Frog gave Fish fins as a thank you for coaching him. But that’s another story. And that’s why frogs have long tongues.
By Vanessa W.
Division 5
Vincent L. How Raven Got his Colour
Once upon a time, when there were no humans, and only animals roamed the earth, lived a trickster called Raven. Raven liked to fool around and play pranks on others. One day, Raven was flying around when he spotted Bear suspiciously walk out of his cave. Raven was curious, so he swooped down and landed on a tree waiting for Bear to walk away. As Bear left, Raven quickly flew into Bear’s cave. Looking around, Raven noticed a pile of fish in a basket. Raven loved fish too. So he grabbed the basket of fish and flew away to his tree. There was a small hole big enough for raven to go through on the side of the tree. That was where Raven lived, in a small hollow spot in the tree. Raven placed the basket of fish in the tree and flew away.
Meanwhile, Bear got home and found that his house had been ransacked. Bear got angry and told Eagle about what happened to his cave. Eagle was the wisest of the forest and always knew how to sort things out. After Eagle spoke to Racoon and Bear, Eagle went to Raven’s tree to speak to him. Eagle spoke to Raven about the food but Raven denied everything Eagle had said. Eagle knew that Raven stealing because Racoon saw Raven steal the food.
After a meeting between the wisest animals in the forest, Raven was pronounced banished to a distant island to learn and realise what he had done. The next day, he had his power of flying taken away from him and left on a small canoe. Months passed as Raven lived on the distant island across a lake. When Eagle came to see if Raven was ready, raven promised that he would apologize to Bear and for whatever wrong doing in the past. He also promised to never do it again.
So Eagle allowed Raven to return and apologize to Bear and other animals. As he did, everyone was overjoyed about his return from the island. Raven suddenly started to glow and he rose above the others and then the light faded away. After that Raven was different because he was all black but Raven got his power to fly again. Then a bright spirit appeared, he said to Raven that he is forever a new colour so he can remember his promise to Eagle and the others. After he finished speaking, he disappeared.
The End
By Vincent L.
Division 5
Wendy L.
How Rabbit Got Big Ears
One day, Rabbit was playing outside until Hummingbird came along and said, “Wow Rabbit! You have such big ears!” Then Hummingbird left and Rabbit felt sad and embarrassed. Next, Frog said to Rabbit, “Just forget about it. It’s ok to be different!” Rabbit sighed, “You don’t understand, other rabbits have normal ears.” “Come with me”, said Frog.
Rabbit went with Frog to see Butterfly, the problem solver. Soon Rabbit and Frog arrived at Butterfly’s cave. Butterfly said, “Rabbit, there is nothing wrong with your ears. They are big but everyone is different. Try me, I only have one colour and I am not colourful like the other butterflies. I was also teased and I reminded myself that we are all different.”
Butterfly called Hummingbird as soon as possible. Hummingbird came and apologized, “I shouldn’t have called your ears big. I’m sorry Rabbit and it’s ok to be different.” Hummingbird was humming while saying sorry. Butterfly asked, “How do you hum?” Hummingbird replied, “I just love singing and I was born to hum!” Afterwards, Hummingbird and Rabbit became really good friends!
By Wendy L.
Division 5
Xavier J.
The Sea Wolf Who Saved Hummingbird, Eagle and Raven
One day, Hummingbird, Eagle and Raven went fishing in the river. They were in a circle fishing when a big storm came and then lightning hit the middle of the circle.
The friends were separated to different places and all of the fish were gone. Then they all said, “Where did all the fish go!? Where did everyone go and where are all the fish?” Together, they all called, “Sea Wolf, help us please!” Sea Wolf didn’t know what to do because he heard voices in different places.
So Sea Wolf thought he should help Eagle first and then the others. Soon, they found each other and they also found the fish again because of Sea Wolf. Everyone had a lot of fun eating the fish and playing tag.
By Xavier J.
Division 5