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Andrew N.
Elk and Raven
One summer Elk was going to the lake to get water to drink. When he was at the lake, he saw his own reflection, and saw his antlers on his head. Elk thought for a while after he left the lake. Elk thought and thought, till he decided to get rid of his antlers. He wanted to get rid of them because they were too heavy to carry around and each time he tried to run he couldn’t run fast because of his heavy antlers.
Elk started rubbing his antlers on the trees to make his antlers come off. He tried but all the rubbing did was make his antlers shiny and sharper. Then he saw Raven flying forward toward him.
When curious Raven arrived to talk to Elk, he asked “what are you doing?” “I’m trying to get rid of my antlers” answered Elk. “Why” replied the Raven. “They are too heavy to carry around.” “That doesn’t matter” said Raven. “You need your antlers for protection from predators and if you didn’t have antlers you wouldn’t really look like an elk”. “You just need to get stronger and get used to them”. “Ok I’ll try my best” said Elk. The next day, Elk woke up from sleep and started walking with his heavy antlers. Then he felt ok walking, so he started jogging, then suddenly Elk noticed he crossed Wolf’s territory. He saw furious Wolf growling at him. Elk was scared! The shade of the trees covered his antlers. Elk was extremely scared he stepped back and the shade of the trees disappeared and his huge antlers showed and it scared off Wolf. His antlers were the size of Wolf. Elk was surprised that he scared off Wolf. Now Elk appreciated his antlers. ”These antlers aren’t too bad” said Elk.
After those days Elk tried more to get use to his antlers. He learned to be happy with who he was and to be happy with what he had.
By Andrew N.
Division 2
Angelo M.
How Turtle Got His Shell
One summer there was a Turtle who like to tease other animals in the ocean. Turtle teased Salmon about his colours. Turtle went up to the beach and Salmon swam close to Turtle. Turtle said, “your colour looks like garbage.” Then Turtle looked up to the sky and saw Seagull. He said, “your beak looks like a banana. And your feet look like fat feet.” Then he went to another beach and he saw Crab. And he said, “Hey Crab! Your feet look like sticks and your mouth looks like an ant hole.” All the animals told the Great Spirit about Turtle teasing them. Then the Great Spirit went to find Turtle. He found him by the ocean teasing other animals. The Great Spirit said, “if you tease one more animal I’m going to teach you a lesson.” The turtle did not listen. He did not care about what the Great Spirit had said. Then he saw Whale swimming. He said, “your body is so fat.” Then the Great Spirit came and said, “You haven’t learned your lesson. Now I am going you put a shell on you.” So the Great Spirit actually put a shell on Turtle’s back. Everyone laughed at Turtle. Turtle said, “stop!” but everyone laughed. Now Turtle knew how it felt to be teased. That’s how turtle got his shell. Turtle learned his lesson to not tease people.
By Angelo M.
Division 2
  Anson C.
The Sky and Water
One day, an old elder wanted to feed his family but he was too sick. The children were just learning and wouldn’t be able to catch enough fish. The elder spoke to himself “I really need to get fish for my family!” “But, I can’t” he added. Whale and Eagle overheard and decided to help. Whale boasted “I can give him the fish first!” Eagle did not like what the Whale said so he backed himself up by saying “Fine! This will be a contest.” Eagle waited for Whale to respond but he saw that Whale was already trying to help The Elder. Whale swam down and grabbed a giant fish. Once he reached the shore he couldn’t get close to The Elder. Whale made noises to signal The Elder, but The Elder was sound-asleep. Whale decided to flop to the village. What seemed like a mile were only a few inches. Whale got stuck in the burning sand. Since he was too weak and tired, he fell asleep. Meanwhile, Eagle tried to dive for a fish but he was too light so that ended quickly. In the corner of his eye he saw Whale lying on the sand so he threw water at him. Whale was thankful and said “How can I ever repay you?” “I could help you grab a fish.” Eagle thought about an all you could eat fish buffet, but he remembered about the Elder and asked for one big fish. Eagle carried the big fish to the Elder. The Elder was very pleased. But then The Elder said “I am actually the Great Spirit, and I was watching you two work together. “I am very proud.” The Spirit paused and continued “Eagle you are now the ruler of the skies! And Whale you are the ruler of the seas!
By Anson C.
Division 2
 Caigen J.
 How Humans And Wolves Became Friends
A long time ago on the first day of spring, the wolves were having breakfast. For their breakfast there was moose for the whole pack. The humans were eating their breakfast which was salmon. Both of them were having a good breakfast. Then the leaders of the humans met the leader of the wolves. The leader was called Claw and the leader of the humans was called Chief. Both of them met in the forest. Then Chief was being mean to Claw. Then Claw started to be mean to Chief and then Claw started to make fun of the humans’ culture. This is how it started. Humans did not like the Wolves. Because they think they are beasts and the wolves don’t like the humans because they saw the humans kill animals. Then one night the humans started to hunt the wolves because Claw was making fun of the humans’ culture. And Claw was going to hunt the humans because the humans were making of their kind. Then Chief and Claw thought about a deal and they ran into the forest. Then they shared their deals with the others and they agreed to find food for both of them. The wolves will find food that is meat for themselves, such as moose, deer, and rabbit. The humans will eat food that is for them, such as berries and meat. They will be nice and respect their kind and culture. They will not be mean to their kind and culture any more.
By Caigen J.
Division 2
 Christa W.
Sharing Is Caring
On a sunny day Beaver and his friend Spirit Bear were sitting near a lake. Spirit Bear came up to the Beaver and said “Hi Beaver how is your day going?” Beaver answered, “Oh pretty good how is yours going?” Spirit Bear said, “Oh I’m okay. I’m just a little hungry.” “Oh well I think I have some fish at home. Want to come over and have some?” asked Beaver. Spirit Bear said, “YES please!” in a happy voice. So they walked to Beaver’s house. They walked in and there was only one fish left. But Beaver didn’t know that… Beaver asked Spirit Bear if he wanted some water. Spirit Bear answered “yea sure. Why not?” Then Beaver went to go get some water for them. When Beaver was gone, Spirit Bear ate all the fish that were there. So when Beaver got back he asked “where is my piece of fish?” Spirit Bear said “Oh well, there was only one left….and I ate it.” “WHAT!?” yelled Beaver. “Sorry. I thought I could have it all” said the Spirit Bear. “Well you could have saved me some” said Beaver. So the Spirit Bear said “I can get you some more fish if you want?” “NO!” Beaver replied. “I can get it all by myself!” The Spirit Bear felt bad and didn’t know what to do. So he thought he could make an ‘I’m sorry’ gift. He made the gift and walked over to Beaver’s house. He knocked at his door and then Beaver answered and said “what would you like?” “I wanted to say I was sorry with an ‘I’m sorry’ gift. Do you forgive me?” said Spirit Bear. Beaver replied, “okay. Sure I forgive you now.” So they went for a walk and also went to go catch some fish together.
By Christa W.
Division 2
 Daniel T.
How Bear and Raven Became Friends
Thousands of years ago, before humans were roaming the world there was only the animals of the land, the animals of the ocean and the animals of the sky and lastly, the Great Spirit. One day, Eagle and Raven were flying over the forest. They were both trying to find a river for a quick snack. On their way they found a river and Eagle saw Bear already getting food there. Eagle said “Hey its Bear he’s at the river maybe he needs some help!” Raven said “Why?” Raven mumbled “I hate Bear. “ “So do you even want to go there?” Eagle asked. Raven replied “no not really.” Eagle said “fine I won’t get you any food.” Then Eagle flew down towards Bear. Raven said” hold on let me come!” When eagle landed on a tree behind Bear he shouted “HI BEAR IT’S EAGLE FROM THE TREE ACROSS THE PATH.” Bear shouted back “HI EAGLE.” Raven landed next to Eagle and said “Hi Bear.” He said it really quietly. Eagle asked “Need help?” Bear replied “Nope I’m fine.” Right as Bear finished his sentence Bear caught a fish and said” HA I told you.” When Bear pulled the fish out he felt proud but then raven fell over and burst out with laughter because it was such a small fish. Bear felt ashamed because it was such a small fish. He didn’t like that Raven was laughing so he roared out all his anger. Raven and Eagle were so scared they flew away from Bear. Bear went after them he ran and rolled through the thick terrain. Eagle and Raven were lucky because the Great Spirit was sitting on a rock not so far away. They both flew over and said help! The Great Spirit said “what’s the matter?” Raven and Eagle told him what happened how Bear got mad at them. Then Bear lunged out of the bushed and roared. The Great Spirit said to Bear what is wrong with you? Bear told the Great Spirit what happened. The Great Spirit said Bear it’s okay to catch a small fish next time just ask for help. So from that day on Bear, Raven and Eagle went hunting for food together. The lesson learned here is you can’t do everything yourself sometimes ask for help.
By Daniel T.
 Dylan K.
The Legend of the Thunderbird
There was a time when Earth was dark, gloomy and wet. There was a reason why Earth was like this. It was because of Thunderbird. He is a devil and the creator of Dark Worlds.
Thunderbird is a selfish trickster that likes to create thunder and rain storms for pleasure and entertainment. Day and night, rain fell, overflowing villages, fields and gardens. In a small village, a tribe is praying to stop the rain and the thunder. Their crops are nearly dead, due to so much rain and so less sun. Thunderbird didn’t feel any guilt.
The villagers decided to hunt and capture that devil bird. They planned and prepared for days. They sharpened spears, and arrows. Also, they created shields, ropes, grappling hooks and a cage. On the day of the capture, the villagers scaled the slippery mountain and proceeded towards their plan. In their positions, they waited for the bird to feel exhausted. The Thunderbird sat on a rock and rested. Enraged, the Chief of the Tribe hurled the cage at the bird like a bullet, injuring the bird’s left wing.
The Chief sat beside the gasping bird. They both decided to negotiate. The Chief discussed about the villagers’ situation and the damage the bird created. After a long conversation, Thunderbird felt guilt and imagined himself living the life as one of the villagers. He imagined himself starving, drenched and watching his crops die and decay. Thunderbird cleared the clouds and brought out the hot sun. The sun absorbed the water and revived the crops from near death. The villagers recognized Thunderbird as a hero. As a result, the crops were healthy, the villagers were happy, Earth regained its brightness and Thunderbird lived a life of pride.
By Dylan K.
Division 2
Fernando N.
Fernando_Ng Li
The Special Caterpillar
About 10,000 years ago, there was a caterpillar that lived deep, deep in the forest. The caterpillar had just hatched from an egg and started to eat leaves. After a few days or so, he and his friends went into the pupa stage. Pupa couldn’t wait to become a butterfly and neither could his buddies. They were just happily thinking how they would all fly away and migrate with their own kind when a terrible storm came, taking away Pupa from the forest.
Pupa woke up sort of dizzy only to ask himself where he was. Pupa realized he was separated from his friends, making him feel nervous about how he could get back to them. At that time, Raven was happily enjoying himself until he spotted Pupa lying around the island, looking dreamy. “What are you doing here?” asked Raven. Pupa had no idea what to say and asked “Why am I not a butterfly yet?” asked Pupa. He asked this question because he needed to get back to his friends and had no idea where they were.
Raven explained “Because you’re a special caterpillar that will turn into a very pretty butterfly. But, you must believe in yourself so that you can get back to your friends.” Pupa nodded and began focusing very hard, trying to break through his cocoon to become a butterfly but sadly that wasn’t the case.
He sighed in disappointment when Raven saw a rip from the cocoon. The cocoon continued to break, rips going into multiple directions and when the rips met, there came a butterfly. Raven was speechless when he saw the stunning butterfly. Butterfly was very happy to finally be what he wanted to be. He thanked Raven for his support, teaching him what believing was and how it could help everyone out. He then returned to his friends and flew away to migrate.
By Fernando N.
Division 2
 KC L.
Raven And The Curvy Tree
One spring day, Raven was flying through the sky. He was going to catch some fish in the river, though it was really hard for him. Raven caught just one fish and he was tired, very tired and hungry too. He was going back home when he saw bear looking at this weird looking curvy tree. Raven sneaked behind one of the trees just behind Bear. He heard Bear said, “Oh spirit of the tree, please help me, my friend Beaver just lost his home, he needs some help rebuilding it.” Bear took off as quickly as he could. Raven stood in front of the curvy tree. “Why is Bear talking to this old, weird looking curvy tree?” “Hello is someone there?” asked Raven. No one answered. “That Bear is just crazy.” Raven took off and headed home.
The next morning, Raven went back to the river and tried to catch some fish again. This time he caught two fish but he was still not full. He looked around the river and there he saw Beaver looking so happy. Raven noticed that Beaver’s home had been rebuilt. He went back to the curvy tree and said, “Curvy tree please give me some fish.” Nothing happened. Raven remembered that Bear said something that rhymed. He tried again, “Oh spirit of the tree, please help me. I am starving and I need something to eat.” Raven closed his eyes and when he opened them piles of fish were in front of him. He ate and he ate until he was full. He went back home feeling very happy that now he could wish for everything he wants.
Raven woke up the next day not feeling very hungry at all. “Why am I not hungry?” asked Raven to himself and then he remembered the curvy tree. He quickly flew through the sky. Raven was so fast he could not even breathe. Finally he found the curvy tree. “Oh spirit of the tree please help me,” and he went on and on wishing for things he wanted not and not what he needed. Raven only wished for himself and didn’t care about others. Every day he would wish for things that would make other animals feel bad.
One day, he came up to the curvy tree and wished. Nothing happened. He tried again and nothing happened. Raven saw Bear coming up to the curvy tree so he hid behind it. “Oh spirit of the tree, please help me. The fishes are getting less and less and most of the animals need them for food.” Nothing happened. Bear noticed all the fish bones around the curvy tree. He was really sad. He thought to himself someone has been using the wishes but not sharing it with others that caused the spirit of the tree to go away and now it is gone. He wanted to know who did this. Bear saw Raven’s footprints and he followed them. They led Bear behind the tree. He was shocked that it was Raven. Bear asked Raven “Did you do this?” “Yes and I am sorry. I’m sorry that I was greedy,” said Raven. Bear was nice and he forgave Raven. The other animals forgave him too but they all agreed that Raven should be punished for what he did. He had to help all the animals for whatever they need. Raven learned that instead of taking it all for yourself, it is better to share with others.
By KC L.
Division 2
Kevin G.
Beaver’s Wish
One sunny day, Beaver was exercising outside. Eagle was hunting for food. Beaver and Eagle played some games together.
Beaver was shy because he thought his big teeth were ugly. Eagle was making fun of Beaver’s teeth. Beaver felt uncomfortable with his big teeth. He did not know what to do.
Beaver wished he could get rid of them. Then, Beaver saw Frog.
“How can I get rid of my teeth? “asked Beaver.
“Why do you want to get rid of it? “asked Frog.
“Because they look ugly,” answered Beaver.
“Just cut them off or smash them “explained Frog.
Beaver tried to smash his teeth. It felt very painful. Eagle was still making fun of Beaver’s teeth. Unluckily, Beaver’s teeth still did not fell off.
The Great Spirit felt unhappy about what had happened with Beaver and Eagle. He came to Beaver and Eagle.
The Great Spirit talked to Beaver first. “Your big teeth are useful because they are for eating and chopping wood. Without it, you cannot chop wood and eat.”
The Great Spirit then talked to Eagle, “You should respect other’s differences. It’s very boring if animals are similar.”
Beaver and Eagle both learned a lesson. Beaver learned that he should be happy with who he was. Eagle learned that he should respect other’s differences.
By Kevin G.
Division 2
Ksenia O.
Raven’s New Nest
On a cold fall day, a long time ago Raven, who was greedy, was building a new nest for himself by a river. He was building this nest so he could get ready for winter. Raven was using so many sticks and branches that he used a whole small tree, even the leaves. Eagle was flying by and saw that Raven was using so much wood. He asked Raven, “what are you doing?” Raven answered, “I’m building a big new nest just for myself.” Eagle said, “why do you need it so big?” Raven answered, “because I wanted to have space to store food and water and to have extra space because it rains often.” Raven showed all of his food and water to Eagle. Eagle showed Raven a family of crows and they were looking for berries because they were hungry and they couldn’t find enough to feed their family. Raven decided to share a basket full of berries with the family because he had some extra. So Raven learned his lesson not to be so greedy.
By Ksenia O.
Division 2
 Lucas M.
The Power of Eagle and Raven
One day, in a forest, Eagle went hunting for fish with Raven. There were many people that crowded the ocean side. When they got to the ocean side, they settled the people down and asked what the problem was. The village people said, “We have run out of fish, and our stock of food is near empty.”
Eagle called his friend Sea Wolf to check if there really wasn’t any fish. Sea Wolf arrived to the surface and said, “We have lost all of our fish. There are only 2 remaining. What can we do?” Eagle knew they would only have to wait. But Eagle and Raven couldn’t sit still without their lunch. So Eagle got up and tried his power on the fish. Eagle could make the fish appear but only for a few seconds. Raven asked if he could give it a try and Eagle agreed. Raven could also make the fish but only out of bones.
Eagle and Raven both plopped on to the ground feeling hopeless. Eagle continued to think of how to use their powers to make the fish appear. Then it came to his mind. “Ours! Our powers!” eagle said. “What!?” said Raven.
We could use “our powers” together!” said Eagle. So they both got up and faced their powers towards the fish. With Raven making out he bones and Eagle bringing out the meaty part it worked! The meat needed the bones to keep the meat from disintegrating. The bones held up the meat so that was why the fish disappeared. And now, the ocean isn’t just full of fish, but is packed with fish overflowing. That amount was able to last for centuries. The people restocked on fish and Eagle and Raven both got their meals as well.
The lesson learned was you can’t do everything on your own. Sometimes you need to get help to get the job done. There is a saying that goes, “Two heads are better than one.”
By Lucas M.
Division 2
Mandy H.
Hummingbird’s Day Job
Hummingbird was flying about tired from sending messages of joy and happiness on a sunny day. Even though he loved his job he wanted to have a break for some alone time. Raven was flying above and heard Hummingbird say he needed alone time, so Raven flew to Hummingbird and asked “Hey Hummingbird, I could help spread joy and happiness for you said you needed a break and you look very tired.” Hummingbird then landed on a branch thinking hard. He knew Raven was a trickster at times, but he admitted that he needed a break. “Ok Raven I’ll let you help me, but if you need help just call.” replied Hummingbird.
Hummingbird then flew off ready for bed. Raven knew how he would do Hummingbird’s job, by playing harmless tricks since he was a trickster. Raven was off to spread some happiness. Raven spotted Butterfly alone flying in a valley full of dead flowers. Raven thought lightening Butterfly’s mood with some laughter was a good idea. Raven flew down to bring back the life of one flower then flew to a nearby tree. Butterfly then saw what Raven had done then flew to Raven and said “Thanks for bringing back the life of that flower.” She then flew off.
Raven was surprised that he actually made someone happy without his tricks, now he was going to make someone else happy. Meanwhile Hummingbird was sad and alone. He said “being alone is not what I expected.” Then Hummingbird thought “I’ll go and see how Raven is doing and see if he needs help.” Then Hummingbird went to find Raven. Raven was now with Bear who had a thorn in his paw. Raven thought about how to help Bear, and then he told bear one of his jokes which made Bear laugh so hard that he didn’t notice that Raven pulled the thorn right out. Bear thanked him and said ”Hahaha you made me feel better maybe you can take Hummingbird’s job” Hummingbird over heard this said “I can’t believe you were helping so you can take my job!” Raven then said “Bear was just complimenting me and I wanted to help because you were so tired.” “Oh sorry, I must be cranky from lack of sleep, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions,” Hummingbird said in a sorry tone. From that day on Hummingbird let Raven help him and learned that one should never over work themselves.
By Mandy H.
Division 2
Matthew E.
Bully Beaver and The Great Spirit
One day in the forest, Frog was learning more about his family. He was using a small learning toy to help him concentrate better. Then Bully Beaver came and took the toy away and threatened to break it. Frog asked for it back but Bully Beaver just broke the toy. He started laughing and left off not caring one bit of what he did. But for Frog, he was sad and began to cry.
Once Bully Beaver arrived at his house, he was laughing harder and harder each time he thought about it, until Raven came storming into his house and took something prescious, which was Bully Beaver’s gold trophy that said “#1 Biggest Buck Teeth” and broke it. Bully Beaver was furious with Raven, but before he could do anything both he and Raven vanished.
Bully Beaver appeared in to a place where all in his surroundings were rocks, rivers, trees, a waterfall, and a mysterious fog. Then a loud voice came on and said “I’m The Great Spirit and how dare you disrespect Frog. Give me 5 reasons on why you did that or I will make you disappear forever.” Bully Beaver replied “I don’t know, I don’t know. Please don’t hurt me” The Great Spirit replied “go make things right with Frog now.”
Bully Beaver got transported back by the power of The Great Spirit. He then found Frog and apologized to him close to over 100 times. Finally, the two became friends in the end, and are still friends to this day
The moral of the story is to never disrespect anyone.
By Matthew E.
Division 2
Nancy H.
Sea Otter and Her Big Family
About ten years ago, when humans and animal were good friends, the humans would let Eagle and Raven live with the First Nation people, because they had helped the First Nation people a lot. One day, Eagle was finished eating his salmon. Eagle would fly over the ocean every time he finished food so he wouldn’t get fat, and so he could still fly. Eagle was not flying too high cause he ate too much that day. He was flying, flying, and flying when he heard Crab and Sea Otter talking. Crab told Sea Otter “you are greedy because you takes too much kelp.” Sea Otter said “I can’t stop or my whole family will starve to death.” Crab said, “there are seahorses that live in the kelp, and other mini sea animals, that need kelp too”. After Crab said all that, Sea Otter quickly swam away. Eagle saw what had happened. The next day Sea Otter took a big bunch of kelp and swam quickly away without letting Crab see. The next day Eagle saw Sea Otter pop her head up, and Eagle told Otter that “you should not eat too much kelp, because there are too many animals that need it and live in the kelp.” Sea Otter said “ok I’m going to try that from now on.” That night Sea Otter discussed the problem with her family and went to apologize to all the mini sea animals, and decided to try Eagle’s way. The lesson of the story is that you should never be too greedy and only take what you need.
By Nancy H.
Division 2
Nathan T.
Raven’s Mistake
One day out in the ocean Raven was soaring high over the water, when he saw Loon grabbing some fish. Raven asked, “May I have some fish?” I am really hungry.” Loon felt bad for Raven so he said, “sure.” After Raven was done eating he flew away. Loon figured out he tricked him so he flew after him. They both landed on an island far out in the coast. “Can you give me back the fish please?” Loon asked. Loon also asked him to promise him to never trick him again. Raven said, “No,” and flew away as fast as he could into a forest. While he was flying he looked back to see if Loon was behind him. He wasn’t, so right when Raven looked forward, Loon came in and bashed Raven into a tree and a net came down and trapped him. Raven tried to escape but it was no use, the net was too big and heavy for him. While he was panicking he saw people coming with weapons, Loon came to him again and asked “Raven, will you give back my fish?” so Raven had no choice but to say, “Yes”, and Loon freed him and they both flew out to another island far way so Raven could help Loon catch back all the fish. By the time Raven was done catching the fish it was night time. Raven learned not to take things and to pull together in hard times. Raven thanked Loon for teaching him those two lessons and flew away to find somewhere to sleep.
By Nathan T.
Division 2
Nickey L.
The Raven And The Lake
A long time ago there was a Raven who was bored. One summer, Raven was complaining about the fact that there wasn’t enough food, and his home was too small to live in. Then Eagle heard what Raven said and told him to follow him to the lake. After Raven got to the lake, he ate all the fish in the baskets and was given a bigger nest to live in by Eagle.
After, Raven started to make his nest bigger, placing Raven totems near the lake and started overfishing. One day Eagle said to Raven “what are you doing with these totems, and fish, Raven?” Raven said, “I’m just marking my territory with totems and stocking up on supplies.” Before leaving Eagle said to Raven “Ok, just remember that it is good to share with others.”
One day in the autumn when Raven was finished his nest, he found out it was almost winter. Then he said out loud “This place is my land” and started to hoard the whole lake. After that he used his magical powers and caught all the fish in the lake and chomped on all the fruits in the trees, which made him very fat. Then after that, Eagle found out and got sticky maple that glued Raven to a stump and he called Frog to talk to him.
When Frog came to Raven she said “Raven if you share you can make new friends, and good things will happen, and if you care you can make joy and happiness.” So Raven did. He decided to share the fish with the poor, and made fishing rods for everyone. He said thanks to Eagle and invited everyone to his nest. After he celebrated winter and made a whole bunch of new friends like, Loon, Eagle, Bear, and Wolf. And he lived forever happy.
The moral of the story is don’t be greedy and selfish.
By Nickey L.
Division 2
Paul J.
The Fear Of The Rabbit
One day there was Rabbit who was playing with his friends Beaver, Starfish and Turtle. Rabbit and his friends were talking about humans and how they were afraid of them because humans catch animals and eat them. When Rabbit and his friends were talking about humans, Raven flew by in the forest and heard them talking about humans. So Raven landed in front of Rabbit and said to them “Humans are not so scary! I play tricks on them all the time! You should try it too.” When Rabbit heard that Raven played tricks on the humans all the time, he got really excited and wanted to try it too.
The next day Rabbit was in the forest alone. Rabbit heard footsteps getting closer and closer. When the footsteps were getting closer, he saw some humans hunting. When Rabbit saw the humans, he was afraid that he would be captured by the humans. Luckily Rabbit remembered what raven said to them. So Rabbit started playing tricks on the humans. He called his friends Starfish, Turtle, and Beaver to help him. Beaver cut down some wood to put across the path, so they can trip the humans. When the humans go tripped they thought that the forest was haunted, so they ran away from the forest as far as they could. Rabbit was proud of his friends because that was the first time that they tricked the humans. Raven taught Rabbit to stand up for himself more often.
By Paul J.
Division 2
 Rachael L.
Fox’s Wish
One day Fox was roaming around in a forest, near by an ocean. Fox was strolling around a bush when suddenly Fox heard a splash in the water! Followed by another one, again and again. Fox decided to go and find out who was making all that splashing.
Fox followed the sound until he made it to the ocean. It was Whale jumping in the water. Fox was so amazed about how fast Whale could swim. Fox wished that he could swim like that too. So Fox asked whale if he could race him to the other island across the water. Whale was unsure. Fox told him about how he wanted to swim like Whale. Flattered, Whale said “Yes”.
They started the race. Whale started off with a big splash and zoomed off. Fox was still very far behind. Soon after Fox began to get really tired and started to drown. Whale turned around to see if Fox was OK. Whale saw that Fox was struggling! Whale quickly turned around and lifted Fox back to shore.
Fox was tired, but he was even more upset. Fox really wanted to swim like Whale. Whale told Fox that he wished that he could walk on the land, but he couldn’t because he had his own special talents and beside he said “I need to stay in the water to stay alive!” Fox had his own special talents too. But Fox didn’t know what his special talent was! Whale said that Fox’s special talent was his walking and hunting skills. Fox was glad that he had his own talents too. And Fox learned that he shouldn’t wish for something that he doesn’t have, Fox was happy with his talent.
By Rachael L.
Division 2
Rita Z.
What Is Your Talent Loon?
On a hot summer day, Loon was in a lake enjoying the cool water. He was happy because he just helped a group of animals solve a problem by giving some good advice.
One day, Loon over heard some animals talking. He heard Duck’s voice. He heard Duck say “Wow, what an amazing talent you have and you’re so good at it too!” to another animal.
Loon didn’t think that he himself had a talent. He didn’t care about it though. However, he was curious so he started trying many different things to find his talent. He tried things like running and climbing, but every activity he tried, he didn’t feel that he was very good at it.
After a while, Loon decided to take a rest so he went back to the lake and floated in the water. He started thinking, what was he good at? He answered himself that he was good at helping other animals, and it also made him happy.
Sometimes, what you do best or what you love doing most can be your talent and that is what counts.
By Rita Z.
Division 2
Sheldon P M
How The Orca Came to Life
Long ago two men were fishing in the Pacific Ocean. One man was white and one man was brown. They were both very different, but also the same. They both needed food to feed their families. The two men’s canoes collided one day at the same fishing spot. One man lost all his fish from his net, and the other man got a hole in his boat. The men started arguing.
Raven was watching the two men from a tree branch. The men were very mad at each other, and were fighting. Both of the men wanted the fishing spot all for themselves. The two men were so mad at each other that they wanted to hurt each other.
Raven decided to teach the men a lesson using his magic. Raven turned the two men into a black and white orca whale. The Orca teaches us that we are all the same, even if we are different. We are all one family, and we must work together, instead of fighting. There is enough fish for everyone, and we must only take what we need. If we are too greedy, we all will loss!
By Sheldon P M
Division 2
 Terisa D.
The Porcupine and His Quills
One bright, sunny autumn day, Porcupine set out to the forest for a stroll. Not long after Porcupine started his daily stroll, he saw Raven. Raven swept down to greet Porcupine, but his quills kept poking and irritating Raven. Hurt, Raven flew away without saying good bye. Porcupine felt a bit of sadness, anger, and loneliness rushing through his body. He disliked these feelings and blamed it on his quills.
The next morning, Porcupine went for his stroll again. This time, he saw Frog and greeted her. Frog knew Porcupine had a problem because she saw the sadness in his dark glassy eyes. She asked Porcupine what was the matter, and he explained everything to her. Frog instantly understood and said, “One day, you will learn that your quills aren’t as bad as you thought they were. Until then, just keep searching for the real meaning of your quills.” Porcupine didn’t really understand what Frog meant but he said, “Thanks.” and went home.
Later that day, as Porcupine went down to the river to take a drink, he encountered Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear seemed to be in a bad and grumpy mood, but Porcupine didn’t seem to notice. Grizzly Bear grunted and suddenly pounced up and attacked Porcupine. Frightened, Porcupine ran away as fast as his four legs could carry him, but tripped and fell. He quickly curled up in a round ball and Grizzly Bear, with all his might, smacked Porcupine. He felt a sharp pain on his left hip, but Porcupine still stood strong. Grizzly Bear smacked Porcupine again and this time, Porcupine unrolled out of his ball. He instantly saw Grizzly Bear in pain and wondered why. Then Porcupine realized that his sharp quills had pierced Grizzly Bear’s paw and defended him. Crying out in pain, Grizzly Bear ran deeper into the forest and was never seen again. Frog witnessed everything and asked Porcupine if he still hated his quills. With delight, Porcupine answered,” Nope, I have learned to love them just like you said!”
Frog laughed and replied with a smirk on her face, “I knew you would say that.”
After that day, Porcupine learned to never underestimate himself and never judge his quills. Porcupine also learned to appreciate his appearance and size and to never complain about himself ever again.
By Terisa D.
Division 2
Tiffany L.
Special Power
Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, Loon was in the lake and Bear was in the forest. One day they saw each other’s special powers. Each leader or protector had their own special power. Loon was the leader of the lake and Bear was the protector of the forest.
One day Loon saw that Bear could run through the whole forest in 40 seconds. But bear also saw how good Loon could sing when he’s in water or at least touching water. She knew every song in the world. So both of them decided to switch special powers.
Then Bear figured that when he was in the lake he couldn’t talk, he sang instead. Bear liked to sing but not all the time when he’s touching water. Loon figured that when she walked she ran. Loon wanted to run fast but now whenever she wanted to walk she had to run and now she is really tired.
So both of them came to the edge of the lake so they both asked could they switch their powers back? And they both said yes. So they quickly changed their powers. The lesson is to accept yourself as who you are. Don’t look at someone else and think and think their special power is better than yours. Your special power is what fits you perfectly.
By Tiffany L.
Division 2
Vincent T.
How Wolf Became A Hunter
Once upon a time long ago there was a wolf and a fox who were friends. Fox would help Wolf get food and Wolf would help as much as he could for Fox. After many years Fox had gotten tired of hunting for Wolf so Fox went and talked to Wolf.
Fox said he could teach Wolf to hunt and Wolf said yes. So they headed out to the forest to practice Back then Wolf did not have sharp teeth, fast speed, good hearing and enhanced senses. So Wolf tried hunting a deer but he couldn’t keep up and Wolf had started becoming depressed. So he went back to talk to Fox and up above in the trees Raven and Eagle were resting and they overheard Fox and Wolf talking and they wanted to help So Raven and Eagle came down and they told Wolf they can grant powers to Wolf and Wolf agreed. Raven and Eagle granted Wolf sharp teeth, fast speed, good hearing and enhanced senses. After that Wolf was glad and he tried hunting again and he caught two deer’s ten salmons and 3 Mice and on that night they had a great night feasting. The lesson is its ok to get help but also learn to do things your self.
By Vincent T.
Division 2
Zachary G.
The Eagle Tricks Sea Wolf
Long ago the north side of the land was so dark you couldn’t see the stars. It was dark and wet. There was Eagle and Sea Wolf. Sea Wolf was a funny guy and Eagle was a trickster. Eagle tricked Sea Wolf. He stole Sea Wolf’s fish. Eagle snatched one fish from Sea Wolf’s fish pile. Eagle tossed the fish to the side. Sea Wolf went to go get it. Then Eagle stole all the fish from the pile. Then Sea Wolf turned around and saw the whole pile gone. Sea Wolf had no idea that Eagle did this. Sea Wolf looked everywhere trying to find his pile of fish. It made Sea Wolf very sad that his pile of fish got stolen. When Eagle realized that Sea Wolf was sad he gave the fish back to Sea Wolf. Eagle learned not to steal from anyone because it makes them sad and it’s not funny even if it was supposed to be joke.
By Zachary G.
Division 2