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Amanda L.
How Seal Was Saved
It all began one day when Seal was swimming in the water and got stuck in a fishing net in the ocean. Seal was screaming for help. Whale heard Seal screaming and went to go find Seal. He found Seal trapped in the fishing net and tried to help him.Whale had problems getting Seal out of the fishing net. Then he saw a girl who had been walking on the shore and suddenly Whale thought of a solution he swam up to shore and asked the girl to climb on his back. When the girl saw Seal stuck in the net she tried to help him.The girl grabbed onto the net and Whale pulled Seal out of it. When Seal was free Whale took the girl back to shore and seal followed them.
Whale and Seal wanted to play with the girl they splashed her with water. The girl went back in the water and played with them all day!!
Remember ,teamwork will save the day!
By Amanda L.
Division 3
Andrea X.
Why Is Whale So Big?
A little girl and her grandmother went down to the beach and sat on a log. The little girl saw Whale swimming so she asked her grandmother, “Why is Whale so big?”
The grandmother replied “Let me tell you the story about Whale.”
“A long time ago whales were very small like seals. They were also very very greedy and didn’t like to share any of their tasty food. They even stole food from Sea Creatures.
One day Seagull saw what Whale had been doing. He saw Whale taking food from Sea Creatures and swallowing it in one big gulp. So Seagull used his magical powers and cast a spell on Whale.
Then Seagull said, “Whale every time you take or steal food from Sea Creatures, you will grow bigger and bigger, then it will be hard for you to move and swim around in the ocean.”
Whale didn’t think it was a big deal, so he still kept eating the Sea Creatures food. Then one day Whale became really big and got stuck in a hole at the bottom of the ocean. He didn’t get out for days, until one day the ocean waves became very strong and he managed with the swirling water to swim out of the hole.
He knew Seagull wasn’t lying to him. His large sized stopped him from swimming and it was really hard for him to swim and move gracefully in the ocean. Whale learned his lesson and from now on would never take Sea Creatures food.
“Now granddaughter, do you understand why whales are so big now?” said grandmother.
“I understand Grandmother and I also learned to always ask before you take anything, I have learned a great lesson” said her granddaughter.
By Andrea X.
Division 3
Angela C.
The Story Of The Fishing Bear
A long time ago Young Bear didn’t know how to fish. One day Grandfather Bear thought that he would teach Young Bear how to do this.
For days and days, Grandfather Bear taught Young Bear fishing techniques but Young Bear just couldn’t understand them. So one day just after dawn, Grandfather Bear said, “Don’t worry Young Bear, you’ll understand them, but for now, I want you to keep practising and practising. By the end of the next two weeks I want to see you fish just as good as me!” Grandfather Bear walked back to the house with a grin on his face whispering, “You’ll get it, you’ll get it one day!”
The next day Young Bear’s friend Seal came by and asked, “Do you want to play?” Young Bear whined, “I would love to play with all my heart, but I have to practise fishing.” “Come on Young Bear it’s a beautiful day, and who cares about fishing when you could rather play?” said Seal. Young Bear smiled, “I guess I could! Grandfather Bear gave me two whole weeks to practise, so I guess one day playing with you won’t be any trouble.” So Young Bear went off and played with Seal.
The next day it was a beautiful day again. Young Bear went outside and said to himself, “Today I’m going to practise!” So he headed off to the river and he reached down to catch the fish. Just then Seal came back and asked, “Do you want to play?” Young Bear said, “I have to practise.” So Seal tried to talk Young Bear into playing with him, and every time he did that, it worked! Very soon Young Bear was playing with Seal every day for a whole week, but now there were only seven days left to practise fishing. Young Bear didn’t notice, as he was too busy playing with Seal. Soon enough, Young Bear completely forgot about practising his fishing.
One week later Grandfather Bear came out and said excitedly, “Today’s the big day! Let’s see you fish.” Young Bear was so nervous, he rolled on the ground as he didn’t know what to do. Finally Young Bear stood up as he knew he had to try to fish. “Okay…… here I go” Young Bear said softly and quietly. Then when a fish came by, Young Bear reached for it but it didn’t work. Young Bear failed again and again. Grandfather Bear was furious, “WHY DIDN’T YOU PRACTICE LIKE I TOLD YOU TO?!!?!!?? I GAVE YOU TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!” scolded Grandfather Bear. Young Bear felt horrible, but mostly angry. He was so mad that he made a plan to trick Grandfather Bear. Young Bear needed help, so he went to his friend Rabbit in the forest and said, “Grandfather Bear was very angry with me. I have a plan to get back at him. When I am with Grandfather Bear practising my fishing, you get a bucket full of water and pour it all over him. Let’s do it tomorrow at noon.”
Raven was watching over them and said in a polite voice, “Are you sure that’s the right thing to do?” “Yes, now leave us be” replied Young Bear.
The next day in the forest Rabbit decided she didn’t like the trick because she thought it was naughty. So she pretended to be sick. When Young Bear got to the forest, he saw how sick Rabbit was and said, “Well! I guess it’s just me!” stomping away loudly. When Young Bear got back home he put a bucket in the lake. He said to Grandfather Bear, “I’m sorry I didn’t fish correctly before but today is the day!” Grandfather Bear knew about the bucket though, but he had a bigger bucket next to him. He moved it aside and threw the bucket right at Young Bear before he could do anything.
That night Young Bear said to Grandfather Bear, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to have some fun.” “That’s okay! You’ve learned your lesson now!” From that day on, Young Bear always practised before he played with his friends.
By Angela C.
Division 3
Caixia W.
Coyote and Fox
Coyote lived in a beautiful and quiet forest. There was a river nearby where he went fishing. He liked fishing the most. Coyote’s life in the forest was happy and peaceful.
Fox moved into the same forest near Coyote’s home. One day Fox said, “Hello Coyote how are you? I am Fox and I am new in this area. I hope we will become good friends, and help each other. ” They talked for a long time.
Coyote thought Fox was friendly and nice. Fox asked Coyote how he hunted food and Coyote told him how he did this. Fox said, “Well since we are good friends what do you say if we work together and share the food?” Coyote agreed.
The next day Coyote and Fox went fishing together. As soon as they arrived at the river, Fox said, “Oh, my friend I suddenly don’t feel too well. Do you mind if we rest for a while?” Coyote said, “Poor Fox. Just rest for a while and I will do the fishing.” Fox did not come back until sunset. When he got back Coyote had caught many fish so Fox picked the biggest and nicest fish for himself. Fox said “Excuse me Coyote I can’t eat small fish because I have a sore throat.” Coyote couldn’t say no because he thought Fox was sick.
Coyote realized that Fox was tricky and was trying to get the best fish for himself. So suddenly Coyote decided not to be Fox’s friend anymore.
From that day on whenever Fox came to ask Coyote to go fishing Coyote would say politely, “Sorry my friend I am not feeling to well today. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go fishing.” Fox learned a lesson that he would never have any friends unless he is honest trust-worthy and helpful to others.
By Caixia W.
Division 3
Carmen N.
How Wolf Met Raven
A girl and her Grandfather were walking through the forest when she saw many different animals. The girl wondered why Wolf was always looking at Raven. Grandfather sat the girl down on a tree stump and told her the story of How Wolf Met Raven.
One day Wolf suddenly woke up in a den, feeling quite weak not knowing where he was. Frightened, he slowly stood up. He couldn’t remember anything. It seemed as if he had lost his memory. Just then there was a strange ‘SWOOSH’ sound. Raven flew into the den of Wolf.
‘‘That was some fall you took’’, said Raven. Wolf was scared as he asked ‘Where am I’? Raven answered back, ‘‘You don’t remember’’?
It turned out one day Wolf decided to go out and play. He stumbled into a cave not knowing that inside that cave was BEAR! Bear ended up chasing the Wolf out of the cave, Wolf ran his hardest but he tripped, banging his head against a rock, making him unconscious. Luckily, Raven swooped down and flew Wolf to the nearby den. When wolf woke up he saw Raven for the first time, Wolf thanked Raven and from then on they were good friends!
By Carmen N.
Division 3
Christopher C.
Frog and Bear
One summer afternoon, Frog and Bear were playing in the forest. They played for a long time and then they decided that they were very hungry. Their friend Eagle was sleeping nearby in the tree. Frog and Bear noticed Eagle’s pot of fish which was sitting right beside him. The stomachs of Frog and Bear started to growl. Frog said to Bear,” We should eat those fish because we are hungry.” Bear said,” We shouldn’t eat them because it’s wrong to steal other animal’s food.” Frog and Bear started to argue but Frog convinced Bear to eat the fish with him.
Frog said, “This fish tastes good.” Bear agreed with Frog. The chewing noises of Frog and Bear were so loud that they woke Eagle up. Eagle said “Why are you two eating my fish?” Frog said, “No, We have caught these fish and put them into this new pot.” Eagle was hungry and wanted to eat fish with them, so he said “Can I eat your fish with you two?” Bear was about to say yes when Frog said, “Bear, what are you doing? We are not going to share our fish with Eagle!”
Eagle flew away and Bear said, “What are you doing? Just share with Eagle. We stole his fish and you need to share them with him!” Bear was really mad at Frog. Frog thought about sharing with Eagle and he said, “I feel really bad too, maybe we should tell Eagle that we stole his fish and then say sorry to him and hunt for our own fish. “Bear agreed with Frog so they went to Eagle and said, “We stole your fish and we are both sorry.”
Eagle said, “If you wanted to eat my fish, all you needed to do was ask and I would have shared my fish with you,” Frog said, Well now we ‘ve learned something.! Always ask if you want something and never take what doesn’t belong to you!
By Christopher C.
Division 3
Dylan P.
Why Owl Lives With Chickadee
It was a bright summer day but there was a big problem in the forest.
Chickadee and Owl were arguing because Chickadee wanted to build a nest in the same tree where Owl already lived. The two birds did not want to share the tree. They both wanted their own tree.
Owl was arguing with Chickadee and said that this was his home as he found the tree first. Raven was flying through the forest and saw the two birds arguing. Raven landed on the tree branch and asked, ‘’Why are you two arguing?’’
‘’I want to build my home in Owl’s tree’’ said Chickadee. Raven asked Chickadee if there was anything good about having Owl around. Chickadee thought about it and said, ‘’Sometimes Owl shares his food with me which I like very much.’’ Then Raven asked if there was anything good about having Chickadee around. ‘’ Why yes’’ replied Owl, ‘’ I like it when Chickadee sings beautiful songs.’’ “Maybe it is not too bad living together” said Raven. ‘’Right,’’ said Owl and Chickadee.
So Owl and Chickadee decided to become friends and from then on they always shared a tree branch.
By Dylan P.
Division 3
Eleni K.
Hummingbird and Heron
It was a nice spring morning at the lake where hummingbird was collecting nectar from the flowers and Heron was looking for fish.
Hummingbird asked Heron “Why are your legs so long?”
Heron replied “I’m not sure.” “Why is your beak so long?”
“Well I’m not sure, and you shouldn’t be judging animals on how they look!” , snapped Hummingbird.
Heron raised his voice a little and said “Well I’m not the one who started this!”
“Don’t be foolish Heron!” Cried Hummingbird.
Raven saw Hummingbird and Heron fighting. Raven said “Each of you are being childish, and until you put your differences behind you I am turning the two of you into a two-headed human!” Heron and Hummingbird were startled with what Raven said, and before they could do anything they were turned into a two-headed human. Days and weeks went by and Hummingbird and Heron were stuck together it was difficult but somehow they got through it and became friends. Raven saw how Hummingbird and heron got along so well that he turned both of them back into their original selves.
Hummingbird said in a soft gentle voice, “Heron I’m sorry I judged you by saying your legs were long.”
“It’s ok.” Replied Heron
I shouldn’t of made fun of your beak even though my beak maybe quite long too.”
“It’s fine.” replied Hummingbird.
Raven came over and said, “Now you’ve both learned a valuable lesson, it doesn’t matter what animals look like on the outside it only matters how they act on the inside.”
By Eleni K.
Division 3
Gabriel R.
How Pup Learned to Listen
One summer morning Wolf family had Pup. Pup was full of curiosity and wonder. She loved to go outside and play in the grass with her brothers and he would smell the flowers and chase bugs.
Pup not always allowed to go outside so she would stay in her den and wait while her family went hunting. Pup didn’t like to stay in her den either as she was lonely.
As summer went by Pup grew older. Just before Father and Mother Wolf went hunting, Pup asked Mother Wolf, “Why can’t I do things on my own?” “You are too young”, Mother Wolf replied.
As they left Pup was thinking how to impress them. First she cleaned the den then she waited for her family to come back to see what she had done. When they came back Pup was clean and so was the den, but they were too tired to notice. The next day they went hunting again to fatten up for the winter. Pup decided to take a nap and when she woke up her family had just arrived with a big meal. When they finished eating they went to sleep.
After two cold weeks Pup and her family woke up. She was so happy to see spring and so was the rest of the Wolf family. As they walked outside Pup played in the grass. Before hunting Father Wolf told Pup to stay in the den. As they left Pup saw something. It was a butterfly. Pup had never seen one before. So she followed the butterfly along the path and into the forest.
When Pup turned around, she realized she had gone too far. She did not recognize anything around her. Pup felt scared and frightened. As she was desperately trying to find the path home, she heard a noise up above the trees. When Pup looked up there was Red Squirrel munching on some nuts. Red Squirrel said, “Hello.”
Pup told Red Squirrel that she was lost and did not know how to get home. Red Squirrel felt sorry for Pup so he decided to help her find her way home. Pup was delighted and full of thanks. As they were walking, Red Squirrel spotted the mountain and said to Pup, “You’re almost home”. Pup was so excited, she raced up the mountain. When she walked in the den she yelled, “Mother, Father I’m home”.
As Mother Wolf walked up to Pup she asked, “Where were you?” Pup replied, “I got lost and Red Squirrel helped me find my way home. Sorry Father I guess I should have listened to you”. From that day on Pup learned to always listen to her elders!
By Gabriel R.
Division 3
Gob D.
Eagle Learns To Fly
It was a warm spring day when Baby Eagle was born.
Baby Eagle was sitting on a tree branch with Father Eagle, who wanted to see if he could fly. Baby Eagle tried to fly, but instead he fell all the way down to the forest floor. Quickly Father Eagle flew and carried Baby Eagle to the nest.
When they returned, Mother Eagle had gone hunting for fish. Soon she returned with some fish for the whole family. After eating, Baby went to Father Eagle and said “Can you teach me how to fly?” Father Eagle said, “Not today but, I promise you tomorrow.” So Baby Eagle waited until the next day but Father Eagle was still busy searching for food. After a few days Baby Eagle got so mad that he said to Father Eagle “I’m mad at you!”
Suddenly Raven flew into Baby Eagle’s nest and said “Can I fly with Baby Eagle?” Mother Eagle said “Okay”, So Raven carried Baby Eagle on his back and flew on to the fir tree. Raven asked Baby Eagle, “Why did you say to your dad you’re mad at him?” Baby Eagle was quiet for a second and said that Father Eagle would not teach him how to fly. So Raven said, “I will teach you how to fly, but never get mad at Father Eagle.” Baby Eagle said” Okay.”
Raven taught Eagle how to fly but Baby Eagle found out it was very hard and said “I give up.” Raven said to Baby Eagle “Never give up.” Baby Eagle tried to fly one more time, and this time Baby Eagle got it. “Yes, now I know how to fly!” Then Baby Eagle flew back to his nest. He went over to Father Eagle and said, “I am sorry.” Father Eagle said “its okay,” and then asked “Do you want to fly together now?” Baby Eagle said “Yes!”
So from then on Father Eagle and Baby Eagle always flew around together and Baby Eagle always remembered the lesson he had learned, NEVER GIVE UP!
By Gob D.
Division 3
Gordon W.
The Greedy Bear
It was a bright, warm spring day and Bear was trudging along the dirt trail for the annual salmon run.
Once Bear reached the river, he stood at the riverbank and waited for any swimming salmon. Then finally, he saw a large school of salmon. In the excitement, he jumped to the river and grabbed the salmon one by one with his large claws. Two hours passed and by that time Bear had caught a lot of salmon.
On his way home, Bear saw Eagle on a tree limb. Eagle said to him “If you don’t share your salmon with me you will never eat salmon again!” Ignorantly, Bear continued his walk back to his den.
A year passed, and Bear had run out of salmon again. So on another spring morning, he trudged to the river again. But this time he was met with a dam blocking the flow of the river.
Bear tried breaking it by clawing the wooden dam. But it was no use. Suddenly, he heard Eagle talking to him on a tree limb, saying “I warned you. But I will give you one more chance. If you don’t share your salmon, you will never eat salmon again!”
This time Bear listened and obeyed what Eagle said. So Bear apologized to Eagle for not sharing the salmon. Hearing that, Eagle broke the dam with one thrust of his wings and the salmon broke free. Bear also apologized to the salmon for not respecting their gift of food and sharing them with others
From then on, Bear became the provider of salmon for all the animals.
By Gordon W.
Division 3
Jackie L.
How Thunderbird Saved Nature
Here is a story about how Thunderbird helped the villagers. Once Crow was flying around in the sky and there was a storm when he was flying to his nest. The storm got worse. There was terrible lightning! All of a sudden a stroke of lightning pierced Crow’s body and Crow started to fall to the ground.
Suddenly Raven appeared and used his powers to turn Crow into Thunderbird because he thought that Crow should show strength and not be so scared of anything. Then Raven decided to use his powers again to make duplicates of Thunderbirds because there were not very many of them in the world, so he kept turning the Crows into Thunderbirds.
Now with all the Thunderbirds, Raven knew they would use their magical powers so there would be lots of thunder and lightning storms. With all the storms there would be lots of rain and the villagers would have beautiful plants and trees forever!
By Jackie L.
Division 3
Jadi N.
How Mountains Got Their Curves
It was a warm spring day and Raven and his cousin Eagle were flying as fast as they could to get back to their home in the treetops, in time for lunch. As they were flying Raven looked down at the mountains and saw some hikers struggling to climb to the top of one of the mountains.
“Have you ever noticed how difficult that mountain is to climb?” said Raven to Eagle.
“Yes, I would love to make it easier for the hikers but I am too old,” said Eagle, “but you, Raven can help!”
“Maybe I will,” said Raven. “I’ll be back for supper,” Raven started swooping down to the mountain.
As Raven flew down to the mountain, he was becoming happier because he couldn’t wait to help! After all the hikers had left the mountain, Raven began his clever plan. He used his strong beak and started pecking into the edges of the mountain. Soon enough, he had already made five curves on the mountain. Raven wiped some sweat off his head and said to himself, “This is going to take longer than I thought!”
Raven kept pecking and pecking for hours at the mountain because that’s how determined he was! Soon it got darker and Raven knew that once the sun had set it would be time to go back for supper. That did not stop Raven! He started pecking faster and faster because he knew that all his hard work would pay off!
Soon the sun set and Eagle was starting to get worried so he decided to look for Raven near the mountains. “RAVEN!” Eagle shouted as loud as he could.
“OVER HERE!” yelled Raven.
“Wow!” Eagle said looking at all the curves on the mountain. “Now that you are done can we go eat dinner?” asked Eagle
“Yes I’m starving!” said Raven flying off towards his home.
“You know Raven, all your hard work really paid off!” Eagle said proudly.
“Yes! All I wanted to do was try my best and be kind to the people so they could climb the mountain easily and look at the beautiful scenery!” Raven said happily.
So that’s the story of how mountains got their curves and brought joy to the people.
By Jadi N.
Division 3
Jasper Y.
Wolverine and Wolf
One day Wolverine was playing hide and seek with his friend Wolf, when Wolf suddenly jumped out of a blackberry bush and scared Wolverine. “Don’t do that!” yelled Wolverine.
“Let’s play again,” Wolf said as he finished giggling
Wolverine said, “It’s getting late and we’re far away from home.”
“Don’t worry about it, one more game okay?” begged Wolf
“Fine!” Wolverine yelled. Wolf quickly hid in the forest and wolverine began looking for him.
“Found you!” Wolverine said excitedly. But when they looked around they noticed they were in a village! “I told you we should have gone home when we had the chance. Now we’re lost!” cried Wolverine
Wolf said, “Don’t worry our home should be that way.” He paused and said, “Or was it that way?”
“Let’s ask Bear,” said Wolverine
Wolf said “He’s too busy getting ready to hibernate
“In that case how about Osprey?” Wolverine asked as he was pointing to Osprey perching on a totem pole.
“She talks too much,” complained Wolf but they kept on walking.
Soon Wolf and Wolverine were lost in the woods. Wolverine said, “We should really ask for help.”
“No that will only waste more time. Now let’s go!” commanded Wolf.
Then they saw Osprey again perching on a tree branch. Then Osprey flew down and asked “Are you lost?”
“No we’re not!” yelled Wolf as he turned around and walked away. However Wolverine followed Osprey, so he could get back to his own den.
Wolverine went back home but he was very worried about wolf. Just then Wolverine saw Osprey carrying Wolf. She placed Wolf down on the wet, cold ground. Osprey said “I found him lying down under a tree hungry and cold so I decided to return him to his den.” Remember
Osprey said, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
By Jasper Y.
Division 3
Jessie W.
How Two Bears Became Friends
Spirit Bear and Elk were walking in the forest when they bumped into Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear gave Spirit Bear a glaring look. Then Grizzly Bear said “I’m better then you because I am bigger!” Spirit Bear felt very sad. Grizzly Bear glared at him again, and then walked away.
“Cheer up!” said Elk. “I bet he doesn’t mean it.” Spirit Bear didn’t cheer up. He just sat on the forest floor and thought “Does Grizzly Bear mean it? What if it’s true? Wait, just because Grizzly Bear said that, it doesn’t mean that’s its true! I should listen to myself because I am ME!” “Let’s go to the river.” said Elk. “I’m sure fishing would make you feel better.” Spirit Bear smiled because he loved fishing. He was a CHAMPION!!!
Spirit Bear and Elk found a big river and waited until they saw the biggest fish. Spirit Bear quickly ran into the river and snatched the fish out of the river in one bite. Then suddenly, Grizzly Bear came to the river and saw Spirit Bear with a big fish. He was really jealous because that was the biggest fish he had ever seen! Spirit Bear saw the jealous look Grizzly Bear had in his eyes, but surprisingly, he said “You can have half of the fish.” Grizzly Bear was shocked but then he quickly felt really bad for what he had said earlier to Spirit Bear.
“I’m sorry.” Grizzly Bear said. “I didn’t know that you would feel so bad when I said those words earlier. Will you forgive me?” Spirit Bear smiled and said “I forgive you, but don’t make the same mistake again!”
By Jessie W.
Division 3
Justin T.
How Sockeye Salmon Got Its Red Colour
It was a warm summer afternoon when Grandfather and his Granddaughter were fishing. Granddaughter asked Grandfather, “Why are Sockeye Salmon backs so red?”
Grandfather replied, “Sockeye Salmon were born very white.” Sockeye Salmon felt very sad as he wanted to have a very colorful body. The other fish were always laughing at him because he looked so white and pale.
One day when Sockeye Salmon was swimming in the river he noticed that the wind had blown some wild red strawberries onto the surface of the water. He swam to see the strawberries and ate the strawberries. The next day the back of Sockeye Salmon turned red!
Moral: You look the best when you are yourself.
By Justin T.
Division 3
Nathan C.
Once there was a wise Orca who had lived in the ocean for a long time. There was also a man who lived alone on the shore. He was an excellent fisherman and he loved eating salmon. Every day at dawn, the man went down to the ocean on his little boat to catch salmon. By late morning, he had caught a net full of salmon. He would then row back to shore and smoke the salmon on the shore. After that, the man would go into the forest and collect some gooseberries. In the evening, he would eat the gooseberries and salmon. Since he couldn’t eat all the fish, he threw it away. This angered Orca! One day, while the man was fishing again, Orca leapt out of the water and pulled the man underwater. Orca then said to the man, “You are an excellent fisherman, but you catch too many fish. You can’t even finish eating them all. Look around, what do you see?” Frightened, the man looked around. The man said, “Surely there are more fish?” “Not anymore.” Orca replied, “You have caught most of the fish!” Suddenly, the man remembered his first visit to the ocean with his grandfather. He was swimming in the ocean and he saw so many types of fish. Salmon, trout, cod, and many more. “That’s right,” said Orca, interrupting the man’s thoughts. “Now there are not many fish,” added Orca. “Nature is a circle, and if something goes wrong with the circle, the circle breaks down,” said Orca. “So, said the man, “When there are no more fish to catch, you will die because there will be no more fish for everyone to eat.” “Good,” said Orca, “You understand. I will let you go if only you catch the fish you can eat.” “I promise not to catch too many fish. I understand that my actions were wrong and I will not make the same mistake again,’’ said the man. “Good, now close your eyes, imagine your boat is near you, and remember, only take what you need,” said Orca. The man opened his eyes. He was lying on the shore. His boat was right beside him. He got to his feet, and dragged the boat with his fishing net out of the water and opened the net. He let out three quarters of his fish. Fifteen years later, the ocean was full of fish again. The man still remembers the lesson he learned that day. “Only take what you need!”
By Nathan C.
Division 3
Nathan N.
Raven and the Forest
On a sunny afternoon, Raven was sitting on a tree branch near a village, spying on some greedy villagers who were chopping down more trees in the forest than needed. The other villagers were complaining for wood as the nearby forests now did not have enough trees.
Raven decided to help the village. He flew back to the forest to check how many trees were left, and not many were left. He then thought about talking with the villagers. Bear could probably help, because he knew how to talk with them. But it was winter, and Bear was hibernating. Raven would have to wake him up, so he flew to his cave, to do this.
Raven gently woke Bear up. He told Bear the situation and Bear decided to help. Bear walked out of his cave with Raven and looked around. It was so bright with the sun shining on the snow! When the two reached the village, he told the greedy villagers to use less wood. He explained that it harms the environment, destroys birds’ homes, and reduces trees for the future. But, of course, the greedy villagers did not agree.
Raven did not know what to do, and neither did Bear. Raven decided to convince them until they finally agreed, and they did. A bunch of farmers walked through the forest, dropping seeds to regrow the forest. A long time later, Raven flew through the forest, which had regrown. Raven and Bear saved the future!
By Nathan N.
Division 3
Rocco C.
Nukto and the Great Totem Pole
One day on the coast lived a boy named Nukto and his Grandfather. “Grandfather I really want to learn how to carve,” said Nukto. ”Ok let’s go,” said Grandfather. So he took Nukto to the forest to choose a special tree to cut down and carve.
They started carving and every day Grandfather taught Nukto step by step, how to carve the different animals on a Totem Pole.
One night when Grandfather was fast asleep Nukto continued to carve the Totem Pole for Grandfather.
By the morning Nukto had finish carving the whole totem pole!
In the morning Grandfather was making breakfast and Nukto said “I want to show you something.” “Okay,” said Grandfather.
When Nukto showed Grandfather what he had done Grandfather was so proud of Nukto. On the Totem Pole there was thunderbird, wolf and raven too. The colour was beautiful black and red “It’s amazing!” said Grandfather. “Thank you.” said Nukto.
So they left the Totem Pole outside for the night. The next day they carefully placed the Totem Pole in front of the house.
By Rocco. C
Division 3
Shayla N.
 Thy N.
How The Narwhal Got Its Horn
There was a Narwhal who was always clumsy when she was swimming. She would always hide in a small cave deep underwater so she wouldn`t cause problems with the other sea creatures. One day a two-headed sea serpent was looking for food deep underwater, but got lost and couldn`t find his way back home. As day turned to night the water got colder, Sea Serpent swam and rested in a small cave.
The next morning Narwhal went searching for food. Meanwhile Sea Serpent woke up and started swimming back home and bumped into Narwhal “I`m so sorry, I wasn`t looking!” Narwhal said. “No worries. I was just looking for a way back home,” Sea Serpent said calmly. “Would you like to help me?” Narwhal slowly nodded, but she didn`t look into Sea Serpent eyes because Narwhal knew that a two-headed Sea Serpent had mysterious powers. Sea Serpent said, “I live deep in the ocean, but if you help me I`ll give you a reward.” “I`m a really clumsy swimmer, but okay, I`ll help you.” Narwhal said.
As they swam through the ocean they faced some obstacles along the way. They swam through large bunches of seaweed which they kept on getting tangled in. Next they met a whole family of jellyfish, so Sea Serpent and Narwhal swam towards the ocean surface to avoid getting stung by their tentacles. The last obstacle was really hard. They swam in a really rough part of the ocean water. The waves were very strong and so powerful that Narwhal and Sea Serpent had a hard time swimming. The water kept on splashing Narwhal and Sea Serpent, but they kept swimming and swimming until the water grew calmer.
When they got to the still water, Sea Serpent cried, “That was one of the best adventures I ever had! You showed great confidence Narwhal! You earned your reward!” Then the ocean water began splashing around Narwhal and it formed a beautiful horn on Narwhal`s head. From that day on Narwhal was not a clumsy swimmer but had great confidence in herself.
By Thy N.
Division 3
 Vincent M.
How Wolf Got His Fur
One winter day on the partly frozen river Wolf was playing chase with Salmon. Wolf was running along the side of the river where Salmon was swimming. It wasn’t snowing but the wind was blowing all over the place. Unfortunately Wolf had no fur so he was shivering.
Salmon noticed that Wolf was cold and breathing heavily so Salmon shouted out loud, ‘‘Wolf! You look very cold! You should go inside the Village Chief’s warm hut.’’ Wolf had a choice. He could freeze to death or he could listen to Salmon’s advice. He chose to go to the Village Chief’s warm hut.
When Wolf was at the door of the Village Chief’s hut, he gave the door a little shove and the door opened. Wolf went inside the hut and saw a small fire, so he went closer to it to heat his body. The Village Chief came in and said, “Hello Wolf, why are you here?” Wolf said, “I am here to ask you for fur because I don’t have any fur and I am really cold. I wish I had fur because when it is cold outside it will keep me warm.”
The Village Chief understood and said, “Now, I understand what you want Wolf. I cannot give you fur but I know an animal that can.” Then the Village Chief called Raven using a very special whistle and it worked! Raven flew from a large tree branch and said, ‘‘Hello Chief! I heard your whistle. Why did you call me?’’
“I called you here because Wolf wants fur and without it he will freeze to death in the winter,” said the Village Chief. Then Raven flapped his wings and suddenly Wolf had fur all over his body. “Thank you,” Wolf said happily. Now Wolf could play with Salmon all he wanted.
Moral: It is kind to help others.
By Vincent M.
Division 3
 William H.
 William K.
The Fish Cage
In the village next to a forest, everyone was eating fish. Each day the people kept fishing for even more fish. Sea Wolf would watch as every day the villagers kept taking his fish from the river.
However Sea Wolf was actually greedy and wanted to keep all of the delicious fish to himself, so he had a plan. He pulled down leaves and bushes and wove them into a giant cage. Then Sea Wolf took the cage and went to the river and trapped a lot of fish in it. Over the months the villagers began to starve as there were never any fish in the river! Bear heard their terrible cries and decided to help find out what was happening.
Bear travelled to the village and asked, “What is your problem?”
The villagers replied, “Someone has taken all the fish from the river!” Bear listened. Then bear started looking around the forest to see what was happening. Bear worked hard and fast. Finally he found Sea Wolf guarding a giant cage in the river full of fish. Bear sat down and thought up a brilliant plan to return the fish to the river so the villagers could start fishing again.
At night while all the villagers and Sea Wolf were sleeping, Bear quietly moved towards the cage. He finally grabbed the giant cage full of fish and took it and then released the fish back in the water so the villagers could fish again. But Bear had to do something about Sea Wolf, so he made a big cage out of branches and crept towards Sea Wolf.
Bear quickly and quietly put the cage over Sea Wolf. When Sea Wolf woke up Bear shouted, “Don’t be greedy!”
Over the months Sea Wolf started to starve. Bear thought Sea Wolf had learned his lesson, so he went back to his big cage with Sea Wolf inside and released him from the cage. Sea wolf learned his lesson and was never greedy again.
By William K.
Division 3