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Brandon L.
Frog Animals
“Samiha, time to go hunt!” Meetka yelled. “I’m coming” Samiha said back. They went far from home to start hunting for food. “Remember, don’t kill animals for fun, only food” Meetka said, but Samiha didn’t listen. They both went on hunting and came home with food for the family “Yay!” the family cheered.
They started eating all of the fish, bear, and frog meat. The whole family thanked for the good fortune they had before dinner except Samiha. “Samiha, why aren’t you thanking nature for the good fortune?” Meetka asked. “I don’t want to” Samiha replied, and they just kept eating. Once it was night, they all went to bed and had a very good sleep.
It was morning and Samiha woke up early. Samiha got all hunting tools ready and left home to the frog pond. He shot tons of frogs “Ha Ha Ha” laughed Samiha. Then, in just a blink of an eye, Samiha turned into a frog. Samiha was confused as to why he was so low on the ground.
He tried to get up but he could only go up one sun flower seed higher. Samiha looked at his reflection in the pond and screamed “Ahhh! I’m a frog!” He didn’t know how to fix this problem. Then all of the sudden, Meetka came and had a bow and arrow in his hand. Meetka started shooting and shot Samiha on the head. Samiha felt a stab of pain and right then, he promised nature that he would not kill animals for fun ever again.
The he popped back into a boy and was right behind Meetka. “Thank you for helping me learn to kill animals for necessity only” Samiha said thankfully. “You’re Welcome, Samiha” Meetka said gratefully.
By Brandon L.
Division 4
Brendan L.
Different Colour Wolves
A long time ago there was a pack of wolves. They were all black. The wolves didn’t like this because they couldn’t tell who was who. One day the wolves were eating and Raven was there and he overheard them. They were complaining about being all the same color. Raven thought they always nice to him so he is going to be nice back.
Raven said, “What colour do you want to be Dad wolf?”
He said, “Gray!” Bam! He was gray. Mom was up next and she wanted to be white. Bam! She was white.
Next up was black wolf he said he wanted to stay black, so Raven’s was done.
The next time the wolves ate they didn’t let Raven eat. Raven didn’t like that so he turned them back into all black. The wolves felt bad so they shared food with him. He turned them back. Everyone was happy.
By Brendan L.
Division 4
 Denise L.
How The Dolphin Got Its Fin
One day, far in the ocean there was a dolphin named Sea. Sea was playful like most of the dolphins. Sea went out to the ocean. Sea was going to the park. She saw other fish. Then, she saw her best friend Lolly. Lolly was a dolphin too. Lolly loved lollypops. Lolly was also going to the park. Then, the worst thing happened. They saw Whale.
Whale was a very big mammal; he was also a very big bully. When Whale saw Lolly and Sea he shouted, “Get out of my way you pests.” It was not very nice calling someone a pest. Whale was rich, very rich. Everyone was scared of Whale. Sea wasn’t scared of Whale though, she wanted him to die. Sea decided to fight Whale but Sea was very sleepy and fell asleep.
When Sea woke up she wasn’t at her house, she was at Whale’s house. Sea was very scared but she wanted to fight Whale. So Sea went into Whale’s room. In Whale’s room, Sea saw Whale. Sea charged to Whale. Whale was pulling Sea. The fight kept going on and on. Sea was pushing and Whale was pulling. Minutes later, something pointy was coming out of Sea, it was getting longer and longer. Sea got the pointy thing because Whale was pulling Sea. With the pointy thing Sea realized she could kill Whale easily. Sea charged and killed Whale!
When everyone found out about the great news, they all cheered “Yay Sea.” Sea went home to celebrate with her mom and dad. Sea’s parents were proud about the thing she did but told Sea it was a dangerous thing she did. This is how Sea the dolphin got her fin and now all dolphins have fins.
By Denise L.
Division 4
 Domenico P.
How Raven Got His Powers
Once there was a Raven. He needed to find a very valuable chest because he heard that there were powers inside this chest. For example, he could turn himself into anything like an eagle, bear, wolf, or a baby. But, there were two problems –first, he needed a map, second there was a tiger guarding it because the tiger didn’t want anybody getting the chest. Nobody had ever captured the chest because the tiger would bite their head off.
An elder gave Raven a map to the cave because Raven promised that he would share the treasure but he didn’t .Raven said to the old man, “how do I get past the tiger?”
The old man told Raven just to punch the tiger in the weak spot when he was sleeping. He had to fly over a huge obstacle. It was called Mount Rock, the mountain nobody ever could climb. Raven was the only one. The cave was at the top and inside the cave was the tiger. They called him the super tiger. Raven punched him in the stomach, but he still needed ‘ mouth and got the key and with the key he opened the chest.
That’s How The Raven Got His Powers.
By Domenico P.
Division 4
 Donald L.
The Ravens Gets the Glow Balls
Once upon a time the sun fell to earth and it broke in to five pieces. One glow ball fell in the mountains, one on the beach, one in the forest, one in the desert and one in the ocean. The world became dark and all the ravens gathered in the forest to think of a plan to get back the sun. One day, a kid found a glow ball on the beach. That same day, the bear found one in the forest. The ravens heard that a bear had found a piece of the sun so the ravens told the bear ‘’that is the piece of the sun’’. They decided to work together. The next day a swimmer was in the ocean and he saw a light in the water. He kicked the ball far away. When Raven and Bear were walking the kicked ball hit Raven’s head. Now they needed three more glow balls. Next Raven’s friend Wolf gave him a ball. They heard that a little kid had one too so the ravens went to his house and stole it. They just need one more glow ball. Eagle saw Raven try to get one but Thunderbird chased Eagle away. Then Raven and his friends asked. Thunderbird said, “yes.” They looked and looked but they couldn’t tell whether it was day or night. They ended up in the desert where they saw a glowing light. They found the fifth one! They combined all five of them together and it floated up into the sky. Raven and his friends lived happily together. The End
By Donald L.
Division 4
  Eric Y.
How Eagle Got Its Curved Beak
One day there lived an eagle and his children. Eagle met a raven named Samuel. The raven named Samuel preferred the name Raven. Raven was a prankster. He loved to play pranks on people especially eagles.
The next day Raven met Eagle at the river near the forest. Raven looked at the river and saw a strong current in the river. Then Raven saw Eagle swoop down and grab all of the fish in the river. Raven looked at Eagle’s technique at catching fish. Raven wondered how Eagle could catch all of the fish. Raven then spotted a hunter and his son near a different river in the forest. So Raven decided to prank eagle for taking all the fish in the river. So Raven came up with an insane plan for his prank.
Later on, Eagle went to the river to catch more fish. The hunter was there catching fish and Raven was there waiting for Eagle with a magic potion that he was saving for a prank. Raven drank the potion and turned into an eagle too. Raven swooped down and grabbed the hunter’s son and flew away and tried to fly away. Raven went into the woods with eagle. Raven then turned into a human and grabbed eagle and the hunter’s son and gave them to the hunter. The hunter then curved the eagle’s beak for hurting his son. That’s how eagle got its curved beak.
By Eric Y.
Division 4
Farah S.
The Empty Ocean
One morning, before sunrise, Raven did a check up on the bear cubs, deer, and beaver because…
He’s the king.
Then, he wanted to watch the sunrise. What he saw was Eagle coming in with a huge net and scooping a whole bunch of fish from the ocean then flying away with his catch. This went on for days. Eventually, there was no food left for the other animals who were slowly dying from hunger.
Raven decided to set a trap for Eagle. The next the fish he ate contained a spell to turn Eagle into a fish himself. It was hard for Eagle because a lot of animals wanted to eat him. Eagle swam to the forest’s edge. He poked his head out and saw all of the animals about to die from hunger.
He realized his net was still down there capturing the fish. He quickly swam to the bottom of the ocean, grabbed a sharp clam shell and cut the net and a million fish came swimming through.
Raven turned himself into a fish and saw everything. He turned Eagle and himself back to their form.
All of the animals had a huge feast. Now Eagle helps catch fish for everyone.
By Farah S.
Division 4
Hana R.
How the Beaver Got His 2 Front Teeth
A long, long time ago in a faraway forest there was a little hut near a river filled with lots of salmon. And, in that hut there lived a hunter and a little boy. In the forest there were many kinds of animals like Raven, Bear, Hawk and Beaver. Beaver was making a small dam in the river so he needed to get some wood but Beaver did not have those strong teeth yet. He only had regular teeth like humans so Beaver had to look for sticks and twigs from the ground. This took a really long time for Beaver. When Beaver found enough wood to make the dam he went back to the river but the sticks and twigs that Beaver put at the edge of the river were gone. Beaver was mad. He heard laughing from the hut. It was the little boy and the hunter playing with a doll. Beaver realized that the doll was made of sticks. When Beaver went back to the forest to get some more sticks but there were no more. Beaver had to get the sticks back from the little boy and the hunter without being seen. When the little boy and the hunter fell asleep Beaver snuck into the hut and tried to take the wooden doll but the little boy woke up and when the little boy saw Beaver take the doll the little boy started to cry loudly. The hunter woke up by hearing the little boys cry. When the hunter saw Beaver he tried to grab the doll from Beaver’s teeth. The hunter pulled as hard as he could. The hunter pulled on Beaver’s teeth so hard that Beaver’s teeth grew longer and longer. When the hunter let go Beavers teeth were so long that they were sticking out in front of his bottom teeth. From that day on Beaver stopped spying on people and cut trees down with his new front teeth.
by Hana R.
Division 4
Hans P.
Hans Christian_Padua
How Raven Got Fish For First Nations
One day there was a bird named Raven. Everyday Raven prayed to get some special Powers. All the other animals had special powers, but not Raven. Raven was a little bit jealous of the other animals that had special powers.
The next morning he was up on a tree. He noticed that the First Nations people were complaining that they had no more fish to eat. There wasn`t any fish in the ocean to eat because Orca the whale wanted all the fish for himself.
Raven asked Thunderbird for some special powers so he could transform into a sea creature. Thunderbird obeyed his request. When Raven got his special powers he immediately transformed into a sea serpent . When he did, Raven tried to find Orca with his sea serpent tail. Orca tried to get away and find a hiding place. Raven was swimming so fast he didn’t see Orca, but Orca made some noise.
When Raven heard the noise he went a little bit closer and found Orca. Before Raven could hit Orca again, Orca said “okay I will share”. From then on people always had fish.
By Hans P.
Division 4
Jalen Y.
How Salmon Got Their Gills
One day Eagle woke up hungry. He went down to the river to fish; he ate one salmon after another after another until he was full… then he ate another one. He did this every day and every day Kingfisher came to find no salmon in the river. The next day Kingfisher arrived early to find out who was stealing all the salmon, he ate his share then hid in a nearby bush to watch. A minute later Eagle came and sat himself on a rock in the water. From there, he grabbed all the salmon he could and ate them all up, Eagle felt really full so…he ate another one.
Kingfisher was mad so later in the day, he went to Eagle’s hollow and said,
“Eagle, you can’t eat all the salmon in the river; it’s not fair to all other animals who also hunt salmon.”
“I can eat as many as I want of whatever I want. After all, I’m Eagle!”
Kingfisher was very mad so he went to see Thunderbird.
“Thunderbird,” said Kingfisher, “Eagle is eating all the fish in the river and he doesn’t care about all the other animals who hunt salmon.”
“I will see to that!” said Thunderbird.
He flew off in search of Eagle, he found Eagle fishing, he said,
“Eagle, you are being too greedy and all the other animals are suffering.”
Eagle grabbed a salmon and flew away, but Thunderbird caught him. Kingfisher grabbed the salmon but still, Eagle held on. When Kingfisher finally got the salmon back, there were slits on either side of salmon’s throat.
And that is how salmon got their gills.
By Jalen Y.
Division 4
 Joshua T.
How Raven Became Black
One day near a village Raven was thinking of ways to tease the villagers. Raven was white so he could not sneak up on them without being seen. When Raven found out the village was a fishing village he transformed into a fish and let the fishermen catch him. When he was in the village house he transformed back into Raven and grabbed all the fish and flew out the smoke hole. The villagers panicked and prayed for their fish back. Raven did this over and over with the same reactions from the villagers every time.
When a family picked the fish that was Raven for dinner one night he had to transform back into Raven in front of them. The villagers panicked when Raven left with all the fish.
The wise man of the village had an idea. He took some of the black ick stuff from dead whales and covered the ground with it.
When Raven returned again they chased Raven out the door into the black ick that turned him black. Then Raven was told by the wise man that you are now black and are not welcome at our village ever again.
By Joshua T.
Division 4
 Karen L.
A Killer Whale Lost It’s Fin
One day Killer Whale lost his fin in a cave. Chicken did same magic to steal the fin because Chicken liked sharp things and pointy things. Chicken wanted to have a collection of pointy things for himself. One day Raven saw Chicken stealing Killer Whale’s fin. Raven was mad at Chicken and he turned Chicken into a pig. Chicken was sad because he was turned in to pig. Chicken said to Killer Whale, “sorry for stealing your fin”, and the Raven turned the pig back into a chicken. Chicken learned to be nice and not to steal. Stealing is bad and makes people sad.
BY Karen L.
Division 4
Katelyn Y.
Raven’s Lesson
Once upon a time in a village called F.A.V., there lived 6 galoop(galoop means groups of families) In that galoop, there was father 6, mother 6, Marky(sister), Molisso(brother) There also lived another group called 4 galoop. In that galoop, there was father 4, mother 4, Malissa(sister), Marky(brother) 6 and 4 galoops were best friends, and they treat each other like family!
There was also a lake full of salmon. The lake was called F.A.W.L.
One day both galoops didn’t have anymore water and salmon to eat and drink so, they decided to go fetch more. 6 galoop grabbed 6 buckets and 4 galoop grabbed 4 bucket. On the way there, they had to walk through a forest called F.A.S.F. and when they did, they kept thinking that something was watching them but who did? They just ignored it, but it gave them the shivers!
When they were at F.A.W.L., they got water and got as many salmon as they could. The most they got was 5 in each bucket because it was dusk and was getting dark.
They went through the forest and still, they got the shivers! Soon it was dark and they headed home for dinner. They ate dinner and left their doors and windows open.
Raven was spying on them from when they left home and went to get salmon and water. Raven was black and sneaky. He went to 6 galoop’s house and stole all of their buckets including the salmon and water inside it. He put it in 4 galoop’s house.
The next day, father and mother 6 went to 4 galoop’s house and complained that they stole it. They argued for at least 1 house. Then the kids saw Raven laughing in a bush. They followed Raven and saw that he went to an enormous tree hole. They decided to go inside to see what he was up to. When they saw the place, they were frozen for a second. The children saw his plan and it was on paper. Raven came back and wasn’t happy about finding them there. They sued Raven and told them not to do it again. 6 galoop said SORRY to 4 galoop because they were blaming them. 4 galoop gave back all the buckets that were 6 galoops. They lived happily ever after!
By Katelyn Y.
Division 4
Kathy N.
How Raven Saved Water
It was a cold day and the sun had just risen. Villagers were getting ready for a long day of work. The fruit had just ripened and Salmon needed to be smoked for a long winter ahead.
The villagers climbed up the mountain to collect water, but the river was dry. They looked around thinking they were at a different area but they soon figured out there was no more water and were in shock.
The night before a very greedy man named Tookoome had collected all the water for himself. He stored it high up on his house where only he could access it.
Days passed and everyone was thirsty. Their mouths were dry and their skin was covered in dirt and grime. There was nothing to eat, the animals had left to search for food and the plants weren’t watered.
Raven was the only one who stayed and he didn’t like it one bit. That night he planned to fly high up in the sky and push down the water from the house. Then everybody could get water.
So that night Raven flew high up in the sky but it was too dark for him to see. Raven bumped into the cloud and all of the water from the container evaporated. Rain dropped down and in a few days everybody got food and water again.
And what happened to the man? Well Tookoome swore to never be greedy again, in fact he inspired the villagers to work together and share.
By Kathy N.
Divison 4
Kenny K.
How Raven and the Animals Got the Sun Back
Once there was a dark land that had no light. In a dark forest the Kingfisher couldn’t find any food for all the animals. The animals were starving and Raven said “don’t worry, I will find some food because the Kingfisher could not do this for you.”
Then Bear said “why are you back here in the forest?”
Raven said, “Because I cannot find food.”
The Mole said “Raven is right because someone stole the sunlight away.”
“How?” said Beaver.
“I don’t know” said Bear “but I cannot see because it’s dark. Come on we must stay together and gather all the food we have.”
Then Mole and Beaver said, “Follow us. Because we saw an old man getting some water and he had a light orb on his hand. The old man got some fish and water!”
“Show me” said Raven.
“Okay”, said Mole and Beaver.
Raven said, “Bear, you must bust the door down. Kingfisher you must distract the old man”. Raven said “Mole and Beaver go distract the guards” and then Raven said, “I will take the sun back and leave.” Raven flew around in a circle and then he went up as fast as he could then he put the sun in the sky! When the old man saw the land he said it was beautiful.
By Kenny K.
Division  4
Lily C.
Raven Tricks People
Once upon a time in a little village near the shore there was a trickster named Raven. He would trick anybody he met, especially Eagle. He thought that everybody was big and clumsy, especially Eagle. One day he even tricked two cute little children into trouble. When Eagle heard about this he was really upset.
One day he met up with Raven and said, “stop tricking people.” Raven was surprised. He thought that Eagle liked it when people were tricked .Then Eagle said, “by the shore I saw lots of fish this morning.” Raven was so excited that he rushed over to the lake without thinking. There were no fish.
When Raven returned back he yelled, “you tricked me there isn’t any fish and that not nice.” “Well you have tricked lot of people too.” said Eagle. Then he realized that a lot of people’s feelings had been hurt by him. So from that day on Raven did not trick people instead he helped them.
By Lily C.
Division 4
Logen W. How Salmon Came To Be
Once, in the middle of the freezing Atlantic Ocean there was a huge gray whale. Whale wasn’t very hungry so she always ate only 1 ½ pounds of plankton at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
One day, Whale heard the other sea creatures laughing and calling her names like: pip-squeak and little fin. She wondered why the other sea creatures were laughing and calling her names. So she thought and thought and thought of all the possibilities.
Then, she looked at a big shiny clam and she saw that she was thin and a small adult. She should have eaten like the other sea creatures and eaten 3 pounds of plankton per meal. But she had to have it her way. That’s how salmon came to be.
By Logen W.
Division 4
Massimo M.
How Salmon Learned His Lesson
One day Eagle went out looking for salmon. When Eagle was looking for salmon one of the salmon made a fake salmon because he didn’t want his friends to be eaten. When Eagle saw the fake salmon he thought it was real. Eagle flew down to the water and took it. Eagle thought it tasted like seaweed. Eagle found out that the salmon was fake. Eagle was furious.
Eagle flew to Thunderbird and told him what happened. Thunderbird was angry too. The Thunderbird flew to the ocean and turned salmon into plankton. Salmon was now being chased by whales.
Later Eagle came back looking for food. Salmon saw Eagle. Salmon told Eagle he was really sorry. Eagle forgave him. Eagle called the Thunderbird and asked him if he could turn salmon back into salmon. The Thunderbird did. Eagle and salmon became friends
By Massimo M.
Division 4
Matthew Q.
Whale’s Problem
One day there was an orca named Whale. He was young and hungry. While he was swimming, Whale saw fish in a net. Whale darted at the fish in the net. But instead of eating the fish, Whale got caught by the net. The fisherman got so excited that he had a fish in his net. He pulled it out of the water and saw Whale. He thought, “I’m going to have a big dinner tonight and everyone will think I’m the best at fishing!” As he tried to pull it out, Raven saw what was happening. He knew he had to do something, so he turned himself into a raindrop and fell on the man’s head. As that happened he thought there was going to be a storm coming so he dropped the net. When he fell back he hit his head on the side of the boat. He was knocked out and the boat started tipping. When that happened Whale was free! He felt so happy but that wasn’t all. He saw legs floating in the water. He looked above the water and saw the man. Whale swam to him and brought him to a little island that had a tree. The man woke up and thought that it was helpless. So he started to lie down and close his eyes. He thought that no one would ever find him and take him home. But Whale scooped him up and took him home. When they got home the other people celebrated. The man still had some fish. They cooked it and had a good dinner.
By Matthew Q.
Division 4
Nathan C.
Turtle Lost His Shell
Long, long ago in the forest and the pond there was a turtle who didn’t like to share land. Everywhere Raven landed turtle chased raven away.
The next day…. Turtle didn’t share land again so raven used his powers and turned Turtle into a bear. His shell is now in the highest tree. Evrytime bear tried to knock the shell down raven magically moved to a nother tree. Bear was so mad that he charged at raven’s tree and charged at Ravens house.
Raven said, “If you want your shell back you have to promise to share land”. Then bear accepted so he was turned back in to a turtle
Now Raven happily sits on the ground with Turtle.
By Nathan C.
Division 4
Nathan K.
Raven Changes Loon
Once upon a time all the animals were having a great day until Loon saw Raven and shouted, “stop flying next to this river all the time because you always fly next to this one river!” Raven’s feelings were hurt. After that day Raven started playing tricks on everybody. Even the people and all of the animals and the people’s food.
Bear and Wolf came by and said, “Loon you have to say sorry to Raven so that he stops playing tricks.” Loon did not listen to a single word they said. Owl came and said, “Loon you have to say sorry to Raven. You don’t have much time, it’s going to rain soon.”
Loon still did not listen so she waited until the rain stopped. When she woke up she noticed that her voice changed into the worst sound she ever heard. She did not like that at all she was so stubborn that she didn’t want to say sorry to Raven. She really wanted her voice back but she didn’t listen to the wolf, bear or the owl. Loon went to the three animals and they all went to the village and all of the people heard Loon’s new voice and they all had never heard such a horrible voice before.
They all said, “Loon you must say sorry to Raven as quick as possible.” So she did.
She went to forest and swam as fast as possible to find Raven. Finally, she made it and she said “I’m sorry Raven” and Raven was happy, so he transformed Loon’s voice back to her normal voice again.
By Nathan K.
Division 4
Owen H.
How the Stars Got Put in Sky
Once there was an old man in the woods thinking about how plain the sky looked. As he was thinking he bumped his foot on something. It was underground so he dug. After a while he hit a bright ball. He picked it up, it burned him. He grabbed some leaves and covered the ball so it was easy to grab. He took it to a stream to cool it down. Then he started to go home.
After he got home, he hid the ball under some blankets then went to bed.
While the man was in bed Raven noticed his ball was gone. He told his friend bear. He knew what everyone’s footsteps looked like so he told his bear that he saw the old man’s footsteps so they came up to get it back.
The next morning the man was awakened by his door breaking down. The man jumped out of bed. He saw bear and Raven searching for something. The bear tackled the old man. Raven grabbed the ball and flew outside and bear ran away. The old man ran outside to watch raven .But, Raven had flown up too high and the ball exploded. The chunks became the stars and that night they gazed at them.
By Owen H.
Division 4
Patrick H.
Raven Boy
One day, there was a kid who was learning how to hunt. He kept trying and trying but he couldn’t shoot anything. A few weeks later, he finally shot down a raven. So he brought it home and cooked it. It was delicious.
The next day he went outside and shot a raven again! Except this time he killed over 20 ravens! So a flock of raven came and used their magic powers to transform the boy into a raven and flew away. The boy was now a raven!
After the flock left, Raven Boy was finding it very hard to survive. Over several days Raven Boy almost got killed many times. He knew he had done something wrong and he knew he had to apologize.
So Raven Boy flew and flew and flew. When he got to the raven flock he was very tired. When he found the Raven King, Raven Boy apologized for killing so many ravens. Then the king turned him back into a boy. The boy thanked the king.
When he got home, the boy saw a gigantic feast; he only ate what he needed. From that day on, the boy never killed another raven and learned his lesson about not taking more than he needed.
By Patrick H.
Division 4
Rachel Z.
How Raven Stole Music and Traditional Dances Away
One day, Raven was just napping on a tree branch. By the tree was a village. The Aboriginal people were celebrating the young daughter’s birthday. They got their instruments and got ready to do some celebrating! Everyone in the village gathered around the campfire outside of the big house they lived in.
Suddenly, Raven woke up. Raven couldn’t go back to sleep! He got very disturbed so he transformed into a little boy. Raven jumped into the water and came back out. He went to the village and everyone stared and thought that he looked so poor and lost. Everyone was worried about him they all left to get blankets and food for Raven. While they were gone, Raven used his powers to take the talents of dancing and the beautiful sounds of the instruments and put them in a box. Raven flew away and hid the box.
The Flamey butterfly saw the whole thing. When the villagers came back he was gone. They forgot about it and kept on celebrating her birthday. Later on, the dancers couldn’t dance and the instrument players had no sound from their instrument. The butterfly told them everything. Then, butterfly flew to Raven and said, “if you don’t give back their things I will burn your feathers off!” Raven was frightened and said, “but where do I sleep?” Butterfly had an idea. She said, “I will find you a perfect place to sleep but you have to say sorry and give back their stuff.” Raven agreed with her plan and did as she said.
By Rachel Z.
Division 4
Salina F.
The Greedy Man
Once upon a time there was a little girl and her grandpa. They lived in a hut beside a river in a forest. One day, while the little girl went to hunt for food, the old man went to the river and caught lots of fish. He was so excited to eat the fish he forgot about sharing with all of the animals and even his grand-daughter. He quickly shoved the salmon into his mouth and spit out the bones. That was easy because he was hungry.
The bear, hummingbird, loon and raven saw him, but the little girl did not see him doing that. Finally, the other animals told the little girl to look and the little girl was so surprised that they decided to teach him a lesson.
They waited for the old man to go to sleep and the bear took all of the fish and hid it in the forest where the old man wouldn’t look.
The next day, he went to the river, but there was no salmon anywhere. That happened for a few days.
The old man was so hungry he went to his grand-daughter to ask for help. She confessed that she and the animals were teaching him a lesson because he was so greedy.
The old man felt guilty and promised to share food from now on. They decided to forgive him and returned the food. From that day on he always shared what he had.
By Salina F.
Division 4
 Sofia G.
How Hummingbird got her Hum
Hummingbird was the most energetic little bird in all the meadow. She had shiny red and blue feathers and a long thin beak. One day, she overheard Raven boasting that he was the fastest flyer in all land. Hummingbird knew he was wrong so she challenged him to a race. ”HA! You think you can beat me?!” retorted Raven but he agreed because he wanted to win.
Humming bird’s friend, Loon, helped prepare Hummingbird, and then wished her good luck. Raven was cleaning out his nails when Hummingbird arrived. Eagle showed them the route for the race.
The race began!!! Hummingbird was flapping her wings so fast, they began to hum. Near the end of the race, Raven was so tired, that he couldn’t finish. Hummingbird, on the other hand easily raced to the finish, though her wings forever hummed when they flapped.
By Sofia G.
Division 4
 Steven C.
How Raven Got Revenge On Bear
The story started at a small lake. Raven was meeting his only sea friend Salmon. The two friends played and played until one day something changed. Raven was chatting with Salmon when they saw two glowing red eyes. Salmon quickly recognized the eyes. Bear leapt out of the bush and bit Salmon.
“Help!” cried Salmon as Bear sunk his teeth to the salmon’s skin. “Ouch” said Salmon. “Ouch!”
“This is what you get for not letting me eat you!” yelled Bear. Then, he escaped with Salmon into the dark forest.
Meanwhile Raven was thinking of how to rescue Salmon. He had an idea. A very funny one….
Raven remembered Bear had escaped into the forest. He waited until nighttime, and then went in the forest.
“This is one scary forest.” He said to himself. He was scared that Bear might jump out and eat him along with Salmon. But luckily he didn’t.
After a long time of walking in the forest, He approached a cave. He knew all bears live in caves. So Raven transformed into a rock and rolled into the cave. Raven was relieved to see that Salmon hadn’t been eaten.
Then the “rock” said “Knock knock.”
Bear said, “Who’s there?”
“Roar who? Grrrrr I’m getting out of here, this cave haunted!” said Bear.
After that Raven turned back into his normal form and rescued Salmon and escaped.
Raven released Salmon into the lake. Salmon thanked him. They stayed best friends forever.
By Steven C.
 Tiffany T.
Bears Lesson
One day Bear was sleeping in a cave. When Bear woke up he was hungry. So Bear went to the river to get some salmon. Bear got so hungry he went for more and more until Bear finally got full. There was now barely anymore salmon left. What Bear didn’t know was that Raven saw Bear eat up almost all of the salmon. Raven got so mad that he turned Bear into a salmon.
Bear didn’t feel happy. Bear only got to swim and tried to let people catch him. So Bear tried to stay close to the cave which was near the water. Raven saw what Bear was doing down there. Raven went down because Bear was calling for help.
No one could hear Bear except for Raven. Raven told himself not to help Bear because he had to learn his lesson first. Hours later, Bear swam to places over and over again. Soon Bear saw Whale. Whale was stuck under a rock. So Bear tried to help him. Raven saw Bear helping. Raven turned Bear back into a bear. Bear got Whale out.
Raven was glad that Bear helped Whale, but Raven wanted to make sure that Bear would share. So Bear and Raven were talking about it. So Bear said that he would try to share. Bear tried sharing and he liked sharing.
By Tiffany T.
Division 4
Vanessa C.
How the Eagle Knew Who He Was
Once there was an eagle. He loved his whole life- except for one thing. Eagle was jealous of his friends. He liked Loon’s beautiful singing voice, how Salmon knew how to swim, and how Beaver knew how to make dens with wood.
But, one day, Eagle came up with a plan. He called for Raven to turn him into an interesting animal. He decided on a bear so Raven turned him into one. Eagle went up to Loon, Salmon, and Beaver, and he asked them if he could play with them. Loon, Salmon, and Beaver were scared of him so they kept walking away.
Raven saw what happened and he came down and turned Eagle back into an eagle. Raven said “what you have is great, everyone has different talents.”
Loon, Salmon, and Beaver saw Eagle and they yelled to him, “Eagle, do you want to come and play with us?”
Eagle shouted back, “yes!”
Raven was very happy for Eagle. Now Eagle loved his whole life, especially this part.
Moral or lessen: accept who you are
By Vanessa C.
Division 4
Winnie C.
How Raven Freed the Sun
It was a long time ago when the Moon blocked the Sun. One day, Raven said to himself, “I don’t like the dark, I wish that the Moon could just free the Sun.” Then he had an idea! He would fly up to the Moon and tell the Moon that it’s not nice to block the Sun just so that you can have it the dark all of the time. Raven hoped that if he did that then Moon would listen.
One day he thought that it was time to have a talk with the Moon. So Raven flew up to the sky and found the Moon. He asked him, “Can you free the Sun?”
The Moon asked, “Why should I free the Sun?”
Raven said, “It’s not nice to block the Sun because you aren’t sharing the day. Why can’t you split the day in half so you and the Sun can be out equally?”
The Moon thought about that and though it would be nice to share, so the Moon freed the Sun?
They said,”let’s just split the day in half.”
The Sun said, “I will come out at day time and you come out at night time.” The Moon realized that it’s not nice to block the Sun. The Moon like coming out at night time and the Sun liked to come out during the day time. Raven finally enjoyed the day time in the Sun and enjoyed sleeping during the night.
By Winnie C.
Division 4