Div 6

Ana M.
How Loon Got Her Necklace
A long time ago, Loon lived in the forest and her best friend was Raven. In the forest Loon was walking and she saw a wonderful necklace but then an old man grabbed the necklace and said “You can have the necklace but you must do something for me.” But the old man was really thinking to cook Loon. Then the old man realized that he had no tools to cook Loon. Loon didn’t want to do something for the old man because she didn’t want to do something dangerous but she really wanted the necklace. She was thinking and thinking and thinking and she had a clever plan. Loon went looking for her best friend Raven. Raven pretended to be Loon so she wouldn’t have to do anything dangerous. Raven did all the things that the old man wanted and the old man said “You can keep the necklace.” So Raven went to Loon and Loon was very happy because both friends worked together and got the necklace back.
By Ana M.
Division 6
Ashley C.
How Worm Got Her RingsA long time ago by the water, worm had skin. Worm wanted to move faster and faster through the soil. She saw Bird flying fast in the sky. Worm asked Bird, “How do you fly so fast? I want to know how to move so fast like you,” said Worm. Bird said, “Do you have wings to fly?” Worm said, “No,” and felt sad. Worm went to the ocean and found Eagle hunting for fish. Worm asked Eagle if she could help him move faster in the soil. So Eagle put rings in the soil and told worm to move over them. When she did, the rings went on worm and she moved faster! Worm learned a lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
By Ashley C.
Division 6
 Bonita N.
How Raccoon Got Her Three Rings on Her TailA long time ago in the deep dark forest, there was a grey Raccoon who lived near a house where there was a grandmother and her little daughter. When Raccoon was in the forest trying to find food, every piece of food was gone. When she went through the giant tree, she saw every animal had lots of food for the winter and Raccoon wasn’t happy. When Rabbit wasn’t looking, Raccoon stole three pieces of food. When Rabbit turned back, he wasn’t happy and every animal in the world saw what Raccoon did to Rabbit. Then, Raccoon was wandering in the forest again to steal more food. There was a house nearby and she went into the house and stole more food. Raccoon saw a door moving in that room. There was grandmother’s daughter. She saw Raccoon stealing lots of food so she told grandmother. Raven saw Raccoon steal lots of food so he waited until she came out. When she came out Raven used his power to put three black rings on Raccoon’s tail so Raccoon wouldn’t ever steal food again. Raccoon learned to not steal food from animals and people.
By Bonita N.
Division 6
 Brenton T.
How Wolf Got his ClawsA long time ago when wolf was at the forest, Wolf was very hungry. Every time he tried to catch food to eat he was not able to cut it open or it would run away. One day Wolf saw Rabbit and he wanted him to eat. Wolf went to catch Rabbit, but Rabbit kept slipping out of his hands. Wolf started to cry from hunger. He then found a banana to eat but he couldn’t peel it. None of his friends helped him. From a high tree Raven was watching wolf trying to get food and nobody was helping him. Raven gave claws to Wolf so he could hunt for food himself. Raven then watched Wolf hunt for Rabbit and he could do it.
By Brenton T.
Division 6
 Cade P.
How Coyote Got His Orange FurOne day long ago, there was Coyote. Coyote was 4-5 years old. Coyote lived in a forest. Coyote’s dream was to be a professional at hunting. Unfortunately he wasn’t. So Coyote thought … “so the only way to survive is to STEAL!” Coyote saw a house he went inside. Coyote stole all the food, literally gone. The man notices something. He told Raven “I hope this trap works“. It worked! So that night when coyote stole food, orange paint fell on coyote. Coyote promise he would not steal. Coyote learned don’t steal!
By Cade P.
Division 6
 Darren T.
How Orca Got His SpoutA long time ago there lived a really big Orca. Orca was a boy. He lived in the ocean and was crazy. Orca had no food one day. Then he saw a boat with an old man on it. He had a lot of fish so Orca wanted to steal all of the fish. The man was smart. Orca was swimming near the old man’s boat but the old man saw Orca coming really fast so the old man set a giant fish net. When Orca was near the old man put the giant fish net in the ocean and then Orca got caught. After Orca escaped he saw a Raven. Raven said, “Hey you broke an old man’s boat. This is what you get.” Then Raven put a hole in Orca’s neck. So now when Orca blows out air or water, it comes out the neck.
By Darren T.
Division 6
Elizabeth Q.
How Dolphin Got Her FinOnce in the ocean there was a dolphin who could turn into a fish, because she had magical powers. Her name was Dolphin. Dolphin was scared of the Raven because he would always take a scoop from the water when he saw a group of fish. Dolphin was afraid because she was in the group of fish. So Raven took a big scoop from the water, but Dolphin tried to turn back. She almost got eaten but was able to get away. Then Raven scratched Dolphin’s back. When Dolphin went to the mirror to see how many teeth marks she had, she saw a fin. The lesson Dolphin learned is just be yourself anyway, anywhere you are.
By Elizabeth Q.
Division 6
Ethan N.
How Chipmunk Got His Curly TailOnce upon a time there was chipmunk who lived in the forest. There was a man who lived on the beach. Beside the man’s house was a crab. Chipmunk complained to himself that he had a straight long tail. He didn’t like that because some animals had curly tails. Chipmunk tried rolling his tail up, but it didn’t work. He tried rolling it again but this time really hard, but still didn’t work. He gave up. Chipmunk took a drink from the sea. Crab suddenly came out from the sand and snapped Chipmunk’s tail. The man saw what was happening. The man came to pull Chipmunk out of Crab’s claws. Chipmunk got out and ran to Raven. Chipmunk said, “can you give me a curly tail?” Raven said, “yes”. Chipmunk learned to never give up and follow your dreams.
By Ethan N.
Division 6
Jessica C.
How Blue Jay Got Her WingsOnce in a forest there was Raven and Blue Jay. Blue Jay did not have wings. Blue Jay was a helpful bird she helped to rescue Eagle. Blue Jay wanted wings because she could not fly away from a cat or find food. When she went to go fly she fell down because she did not have wings. Blue Jay walked to the forest to find Eagle. Blue Jay asked Eagle, may you help me? Eagle took two of his own feathers and put them on Blue Jay’s back. He transformed them into wings. Blue Jay learned that being nice to others, also not to stealing will allow other people to help you.
By Jessica C.
Division 6
Jimmy N.
How Wolf Got His Fast LegsOne day Wolf was running in the forest. He lived in a cave. He always liked to run but he was always slow. Later on, Rabbit came over and stole Wolf’s fur. Then Rabbit said, “If you want your fur back, race me for it and if you win then you will get your fur back. If you lose, I get your fur forever.” Wolf said, “Yes.” Wolf was still slow. Rabbit was ready but Wolf was nervous because Wolf could lose his fur forever. Rabbit said, “Ready, set, go!” Wolf ran as fast as he could but Rabbit was faster. Wolf was slowing down and he was even more nervous. Suddenly, Wolf‘s legs turned faster and he beat Rabbit. Rabbit was sad but wolf got his fur back from Rabbit. Wolf never gave up and he learned to always try his best.
By Jimmy N.
Division 6
Joaquin P.
How Whale Got His Blow HoleOne thousand years ago, lived Whale. He lived in the ocean. Whale did not have a blow hole. He only had gills like a boring old fish. Whale could not go to the bottom of the ocean and that was Whale’s dream. Then, Raven gave Whale a blow hole and Whale was so happy, but Whale did not say thank you to Raven. Then, Raven figured out that Whale did not thank him, so he flew back to Whale and plugged up his blow hole. Then Raven said, “Whale, I will not unplug your blow home until you say thank you to me.” “Okay,” said Whale. So then Whale said, “Thank you.” Whale learned to always say thank you when someone gives you something.
By Joaquin P.
Division 6
Josh M.
How Squirrel Got His Big CheeksMany years ago there was an animal called Squirrel. One day Squirrel’s friend Chipmunk said “I don’t have enough food for the winter”. Squirrel didn’t listen and then Chipmunk got mad and stole Squirrel’s food. The next day for breakfast Squirrel was looking for his food. He had no food so he called Raven and Raven used his powers to give Squirrel big cheek pouches to keep his food safe and the next time Chipmunk tries to steal Squirrel’s food, he won’t know where it is.
By Josh M.
Division 6
Justin W.
How Loon Got His NecklaceOnce a long time ago there was Raven and Loon in the forest. They were roommates, Raven made a hole in the tree. Loon made a nest in the tree. They were best friends. Loon and Raven started fighting about the piece of Salmon. They both found the piece of salmon. They both waited for their breakfast. So they both started fighting about it. Raven gave him a necklace. Raven traded Loon for a piece of salmon. Now they can split stuff and not fight about it, and they can trade.
By Justin W.
Division 6
Kam C.
How Skunk got his Horrible SmellMany years ago lived a skunk named Skunk. He lived in a forest. Skunk looked all plain and didn’t feel pretty and had no smell so he went to Raven’s house to get a wish. When Skunk was on his way to Raven’s house all of the other animals where making fun of Skunk because he didn’t have a smell and didn’t look pretty. When Skunk finely got to Raven’s house he wished for some sort of smell when Skunk got back all of the other animals ran away from him because he smelled really bad. Then Skunk realized he should have been more specific to Raven.
By Kam C.
Division 6
Kenny Z.
How Caribou Got His AntlersA long time ago in the deep forest Caribou went to a pond. Caribou had little bumps on his head. Raven saw Caribou leave. Raven went to Caribou’s house and took all the fish. While Caribou met with Deer, Raven went home with all the fish. Caribou went home and went to eat some fish, but the fish was all gone! He went to the store and he got a lot of food. He ate all the food when he got home and that is how Caribou got his antlers.
By Kenny Z.
Division 6
Logan C.
How Snail Got His ShellOnce in the forest there lived a Snail. Snail had no shell. Snail lived with Bird and Ant. One day, Snail decided he wanted more attention, so he decided to boast. Since Snail was the only scavenger, he boasted to Ant and Bird. The forest creatures didn’t like Snail’s boasting, so Bird asked Slug to come to the forest. Then Slug moved to the forest. Snail continued boasting to Bird and Ant and started boasting to Slug. When Snail finally learned that Slug was a scavenger, Snail could not go anywhere without getting teased. Even Slug teased Snail. Raven felt sorry for Snail, so he gave a shell to Snail. Snail quickly hid inside his new shell to try to hide from the teasing and shame. Snail learned you shouldn’t boast.
By Logan C.
Division 6
Marcus L.
How Beaver Got His Big TeethIn a dark forest one night, there was Beaver. Beaver liked to play and splash in the water. Beaver’s dam had no water in it. Beaver’s neighbour was blocking the water. Beaver sneaked over to his neighbour’s dam. Beaver pulled some sticks out on the side so it didn’t break the entire dam. Now he could have water in his dam. Raven flew over the dam. Raven said, “Hey you! You’re shrinking your neighbour’s dam. This is what you get for shrinking your neighbour’s dam. Now you have big teeth. So, you can’t close your mouth.” So the beaver wanted smaller teeth now.
By Marcus L.
Division 6
Matthew N.
How Fox Got His Tail Tip WhiteOne fine day, Fox wanted to whip Salmon because of Raven, Raven wanted to make Fox whip things. Fox wanted to whip Salmon near the shore. Salmon was the color white. Fox grabbed Salmon with his mouth. Then, he whipped him with his tail so he could get dizzy, but he whipped him on his tail tip. Then he had a white tail tip. Fox learned you should not hurt things.
By Matthew N.
Division 6
Mikaela R.
How Beaver Got Her TeethA long time ago, in a forest there lived Beaver, who had no teeth. Raven always teased Beaver because she could not chew. Beaver was feeling sad about the teasing so she started eating the bark on the tree to prove she could get teeth. There was a woman who saw Beaver. She thought she was sad so she cheered her on. But Raven just began to tease her a lot. Beaver thought she wouldn’t get teeth. After a while Beaver naturally got teeth so she celebrated with the woman. The lesson Beaver learned was to believe in yourself.
By Mikaela R.
Division 6
Naiha K.
How Beaver Got His Big TeethOnce upon a time there was a little girl and her grandmother.
“I want a new toy!” said the little girl.”
“Come,” said grandmother, “I would like to tell you a story.”
“But that’s not a toy,” said the little girl.
“Just sit,” said grandmother and she started to read. “Many years ago, Beaver was living in the forest…….”
Beaver was angry because he could not chop down trees with his little teeth. Then one day Beaver went to ask Raven for big teeth.
“First you have to find a way to chop down two trees with your little teeth,” said Raven.
Then Beaver went deep into the forest and found a tree that was small. Beaver
chopped it down but it was still hard. The next tree was a big oak tree. Beaver looked at the tree and then at the ground. Beaver was sad and discouraged. Then Moose came around and asked what Beaver was doing. Beaver told Moose what Raven had said. Moose volunteered to help Beaver. Moose pushed down the oak tree with his antlers.
“Thanks!” said Beaver and scurried off to Raven.
“So have you chopped down two trees?” asked Raven.
“Yes indeed!” said Beaver.
“Moose helped me a bit.”
“Well okay,” said Raven, and he granted Beaver big teeth.
Right away Beaver looked proud and pleased. With his new big teeth, Beaver built a fabulous dam.
“The lesson is,” said grandmother, “use what you already have.”
By Naiha K.
Division 6
Nylwiz D.
How Deer Got His AntlersIn the deep dark woods, there lived two animals. It was Raven and Deer. Deer wanted to be popular and noticed. One day Deer made a big lie because he wanted to be special. He told everyone that his father used to rule all the forest. Powerful Raven saw and got mad. Raven asked Deer ‘’Why did you lie?’’ Deer said ‘’I wanted to be noticed.” Raven said shall be punished.’’ Deer said What are you going to do, eat me?” Raven said “NO!” Raven put wood on Deer. It looked like big Antlers. Deer remembered what his mom told him and he learned to never lie again.
By Nylwiz D.
Division 6
Peter N.
How Caribou Got His AntlersA long time ago in the forest lived Reindeer, Beaver, and Caribou. They were all good friends. All of them were very hungry and went to the forest to eat twigs. When they got to the forest everyone but Caribou got twigs to eat. Caribou tricked his friends by telling them he would split all the twigs in half, but he took all the twigs and ate them. Reindeer and Beaver got mad because they didn’t get any twigs. They stared chasing Caribou, but Caribou ran to another place. Caribou was lost in the forest but he found another pile of twigs. He ate it all by himself. Raven flew down to Caribou and told him he was going to get antlers for stealing from his friends. “A good friend never steals or tricks their friends,” said Raven to Caribou.
By Peter N.
Division 6
Tommy R.
How Wolf Got His TailOnce upon a time Wolf lived in the woods. Wolf saw all the other wolves had beautiful bushy tails and this made him sad. Wolf couldn’t grow a tail. Wolf asked Raven for a favour. Wolf asked for a tail so, Raven gave it to him, but Wolf had to pay him back. Wolf didn’t pay Raven back, so he got really mad. Raven took Wolf’s tail back. Wolf realized he had to do a favour for Raven. On a cold day, Wolf made a warm sweater from his fur for Raven would stay warm. Raven was thankful and gave Wolf his tail back for good.
Wold learned if you want a favour, you have to pay the favour back.
By Tommy R.
Division 6