Web11 – February 24th, 2010

Sorry folks!

I am away this afternoon.

Once again, your flash site is due.

End of term is near or rather here…make sure all your assignments have been handed in to avoid getting an “I”.

I will have your preliminary marks next week just in time for you to negotiate.

I love negotiations, that is the social studies teacher in me, but you have to formulate a great argument and come with supporting evidence.

Those students that requested extra percentages owe me double so you need to be working extra hard to receive your “A’s”

For term III, we will be focusing on CMS and your respective sites. This needs to be a thorough process and steps will be provided to help you plan for effective deployment of your content as well as presentation.

If your group is already here, you need to be discussing roles and duties to help speed up the process. Also, some things to consider are:

1. Colour scheme

2. Graphics

3. Themes

4. Number of pages

5. Responsibilities

6. Media

7. Presentation

You always need an editor to ensure that your content is grammar and spell checked and as always appropriate.

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